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    How do engine upgrades work?

    @ZbP I would agree with you, but the Power curve is faster for users/drivers than Torque curve. Definitely we do need the power curves or equations to pick proper shift points.
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    DiRTy Gossip

    On PC yes.
  3. bn880

    DiRTy Gossip

    Close one, I also had one yesterday, was so excited I started looking for my horn, but couldn't find it and crashed!
  4. Perhaps you bought them used?
  5. I also get this in a monthly event (haven't tried others). No indication of overall rally time either.
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    They use usually 85% RPM to show you the shift indication based on the 2 numbers I mentioned. For example in SimHUB you can adjust this during driving. In FanaLED's you can configure it with a custom car profile.
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    Dirt Rally sends information on maximum RPM and current RPM. Nothing else for shifting.
  8. NOTICE: RDA will not work in Windows 7 or 8.1 until further notice. This is due to Microsoft improperly describing their Universal Runtime to developers. Significant time will need to be invested to adjust the project to support 7/8.1 and I can not guarantee when I will do this. Though any donations may speed that up.
  9. Hi, please head over to the discord for RDA (it's linked above and in the documentation) there is a new EXE to try to work around this.
  10. @PetSild what version of windows are you on exactly? you can run winver.exe for the info.
  11. Nice collection on car data there thanks. I found it interesting that some WRC drivers may have already tried lower than 540 degs. I would imagine it would help on gravel and snow stages.
  12. lets add some sanity to this thread: the earth is flat, nobody landed on the moon, and best of all torque is more important than power!
  13. Yes, but the amount of energy required to trigger it was different.
  14. The data is unlocked later with season pass or DLC
  15. Eh? What details are you talking about? I don't hear anything special in your video other than you playing with the equalizer. What's the problem? Which part of the sound is the Turbo according to you? Do you hear the turbine whine or something?
  16. I definitely disagree with your observations. Career mode damage in 1.3 and now with HCD OFF is very limited.
  17. Fanatec Porsche RSR wheel is now showing the rev lights in reverse (right to left) since 1.4 update. Meaning from highest blue rev light at Low RPM to lowest red rev light at High RPM. It was fine in 1.3.
  18. There are 2 damage modes, HCD on or off. Previously we had it off. No change has been made to that just an option added.
  19. Please provide a screen capture from the full screen vFOV 30 and windowed vFOV 30 when in the car (and specify which car it is if possible). I also assume that by 30 vFOV you mean slider set to -5 clicks (minimum)
  20. educated guess: not easy at all , I put more info on the thread (pun intended)
  21. bn880

    Long Loading Screen [FIXED]

    Changing processor affinity from within the software is not actually a simple thing to do. Specifically excluding one core. If they really wanted to they could try using std::SetThreadIdealProcessor() but that again assumes they assign specific thread(s) to a specific core. And as you know different processors have different configurations that come into play.
  22. I don't believe it. This is amazing news!
  23. Thank you Thank you Thank you!
  24. Just so you know, at 30 degree vFOV your head in your windshield is the CORRECT view, your wrong FOV is in windowed mode. You're a bit optimistic on your sim setup. 😉