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  1. Conditions: "Mid Day Forest Fire"
  2. If you are on PC You can use https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/racetrack-data-acquisition-rda.26829/ And analyze the logs in MoTeC. there you can see if slow/fast bump is making a difference if you repeat your tests.
  3. Way too much blueish fog/haze/smog in Finland (all the videos uploaded) for some reason. Here is the still video pic from the Codies blog for Finland which looks GOOD: And here is the reality in the game, and the fog seems to be there all the time for some reason: The same problem exists in Germany. Can we please have clear vision at a distance in both events?
  4. Yes this is obviously a compromise and workaround, not a fix. They should basically make it clear with all the options maxed out.
  5. It seems that turning off some of the advanced graphics settings near the bottom, especially bloom etc reduces the haze effect significantly. For example here are pictures I have from Germany (as I don't have Fin yet), with Ultra everything, and then Low/Off almost everything. Ultra Low Plus turning off TAA can help this a lot as well, I just haven't done it in the screenshots. (I keep it on as I like to remove some of the pixelation) Anyway, hope this helps some with Finland as well.
  6. bn880

    More realistic gearbox simulation

    Yes absolutely this is true. But by the way, if you enable "clutch override" assist, you can clutch kick. But I agree that A) Sequential cars are shifting too slow and costing you time. B) dogboxes should be shiftable without clutch and C) that you should have a mode without automatic clutch help (clutch nanny, another thread is already present for this)
  7. @richie if you stop he will stop now too. (it's a reaction to comments you made earlier) I just want the game to be fixed as there is no way I am going to buy this DLC ever if it stays like this. And I can't recommend it to anyone I know as is.
  8. @richie now is seriously a good time to stop trolling. Because that's all you are doing. You've said you prefer it this way, but most people don't and it's not usual/realistic for the location, so please try and act like a grownup.
  9. Maybe that's true, I don't really play RX currently so I can't relate and comment on that. (it's a bit of a different topic to the Finland Stage Rally haze topic though for sure 🙂 )
  10. Okay, well extremely unrealistic is true. Visibility most of the time there is like 40Km. Tragic relating to the implementation of fog strictly, and in terms of someone sitting there and adding this much fog IMO it's a tragically bad decision and shows some lack of visual QA. Someone should have said "hey, I can't really see at 200m in Finland during mid day, please fix this"
  11. Got anything better to say, like contrary evidence?
  12. If your observation skills are weak don't blame others. You have been presented the evidence several times in the form of photos. There is not much else to say, its extremely unrealistic, very obvious, and that's that.
  13. Fog in the game COULD be cool, it it's not currently. The current implementation is tragic.
  14. I believe we only get 8 setup slots per car per surface type (gravel/tarmac/snow). Which is actually grossly insufficient. One should be able to save at least 2-3 setups per car, per venue. (wet, dry, WIP) It just makes it difficult to keep track of changes/setups as you would do in reality and would like to do in the game/sim. So how about just letting us save a very large number of setups, is there some reason why this is restricted, it's pretty much free in the code isn't it? Thanks.
  15. The reported speeds are a bit off BTW. (faster than they were during the crash)
  16. I agree, the blue fog needs to go away. I'm actually not going to buy Finland DLC if the fog is there, not interested in driving with that all the time. (my little nano protest against massive unrealism)
  17. Yeah maybe, I thought maybe it also helps with FPS as it allows culling trees earlier (potentially). But either way, it's bad.
  18. I think you're wrong though. The more hardcore fan base are the ones who stick around to provide positive and negative feedback. And so that is a large influence for how the develper adjusts things going forward as it's info they can use to improve the product and deliver future stuff. Yes the other people matter as they also provide feedback en masse in Steam etc where specific things are mentioned over and over very briefly but as a collective. They watch this too. But yeah, the point is that the hardcore fans do get listened to because they're more knowledgeable on the game, the issues, and they report issues more precisely and less offensively as well. (most of the time)
  19. bn880

    Leaderboards option on Main Menu

    Wait what, I'm not even top 10 on Jezioro Luke R2?! *** is going on.
  20. Can you explain what this tool is for or what it does please?
  21. bn880

    1.10 and analog Handbrake

    Just tried that in the R2, and there is definitely an analog range there as well. It's just lower grip than Spain. 150% sat and 5% DZ. Of course it would be better to have a proper adjustment on the force of the brake, so we could have more control. But it's not a requirement that an analog HB only locks at 95% pull.
  22. bn880

    1.10 and analog Handbrake

    I'm using a Fanatec V1.5, it's not good at all due to mechanical design problems, essentially it's junk after 200h of rallying. I have heard everyone who bought the $100 China HB is happy, and to me the mechanical and electronic design looks very good with HAL sensor and not a Potentiometer, and a steel axle, unlike the fanatec one.
  23. bn880

    1.10 and analog Handbrake

    The person who asked a different question cares, and possibly others, I just answered the question. The rest I just am not getting into, it's another subject.
  24. bn880

    1.10 and analog Handbrake

    AFAIK: There was a big simulation model change and input code change, and the result is this. But anyway, it's not bad now, in my tests so far.
  25. bn880

    1.10 and analog Handbrake

    Which car and which location? I will give it a shot later today.