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  1. On 3/14/2020 at 6:16 AM, UnderclassGDfan said:

    What? No, no, no.

    You will not lose your DLC you purchased of course.
    You just have nothing in your garage except the Lancia Fulvia and Opel Corsa RX with free repairs (so you can't get out of money).
    And you will not have free cars and ridiculous amount of credits at start.
    So starting career "the old way". You can buy the DLC cars with in-game credits in the car dealer then, but they are not always available, there is some kind of rotation in.

    Keep in mind, that the DLC cars you got once have "clean" car stats. Cars from the car dealer have most of the time already stats on the cars because they are used and old.
    Most of the old DLC cars you can't get with clean stats if you reset the progress or if you sell them!
    But if you don't care about stats, keep going.

    Everything said only counts for My Team-Mode.
    You have access to everything in the other game modes.

    Do you recall if this also deletes tuning set ups?  And does it by any chance delete World Records or times on leaderboards? (I mean the reset racenet data option)

  2. On 2/25/2020 at 3:18 PM, Janneman60 said:

    I very disagree the wheather physics are fine. They are way off. Driving in cockpit view and heavy rain is much to difficult and with VR you cannot see anything throughvthe side windows which is compkete unrealistic.

    The difference between cockpit view and for instance bonnet cam is with this physics so large that bonnet is the only option to go fast and that is just wrong.

    Easy fix, no more exterior cams  😄  (okay side window visibility AFAIK is useful IRL in most instances except when the drivers cover the side windows with mud, so I generally agree with this)

  3. I do recall Christina mentioned that they would check on the feedback provided and make changes as necessary.  And well I guess the changes to be made were not significant when they saw the other things to fix.  Don't think they were trying to deceive anyone.  🤗


    Please remember also that there was a lot of indecision from the community on WHAT changes should be made, if any.

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  4. All this is common sense, the problem seems to be that Codies are mostly done with changes to DR 2.0.  Hopefully they learned a LOT for DR 3.0 and what it needs (pacenote timing adjustments, editing  and even recce are some of those things)


    Don't get me wrong, I still hope they offer some fixes if possible.

  5. On 2/11/2020 at 5:50 AM, caerphoto said:

    I think you're overthinking it a bit. It doesn't need to be that complicated - if there's a proper damage model in place already, then just making the roadside extra bumpy, or extra gloopy/muddy/snowy, would be enough to discourage cuts, because of the risk of damaging the car or getting it stuck.

    This is mostly true, however for TimeTrial you need a system that discourages un-sensible cuts that is not risk based as that implies a chance you might get through fine.  You do absolutely need something that is 100% guaranteed to cause trouble. like a penalty or slowing you down.   So for the rest of the game I agree with you, but remember that TT people will take all risks until one out of every 50 runs they make it through.

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  6. Yeah I agree, but that is what they decided to do. (there would be a lot of upset DLC users back when the cars/stages came out if they didn't get them in MyTeam I guess... <shrug>)

  7. 22 minutes ago, RobC04 said:

    It seems like it is supposed to reset all progress, but it doesn't work. I've tried a couple time and my progress remains intact. I wish they would fix this.

    So apparently this is intended as you paid real money for the DLC stuff so they grant you the cars and the DLC credits.    IMO it's overall also an issue that you can only have this one MyTeam career.  I'd like to start a few and one from a big fat zero.

  8. 2 hours ago, XenialJ said:

    My number 1 all time pet peeve in DR2 is the way the interface obfuscates simple information so much. In particular you *very often* have to select something and wait for a whole loading screen just to get information, such as weeklies and monthlies. 

    Even worse, there are many situations where you don't know if selecting something will take you to a service area, or to a starting line, and if it's the starting line you are forced to race lest you blow your event's progress. There should never, ever, be a situation where the player can't tell whether or not they're about to be forced to sit through a stage but in DR2 this situation occurs often. 


    Hear hear, this is true.  I had the same issue in eSports qualifiers with the UI being guesswork.

  9. Adding a few more things that I missed, they've been on my mind for a long time and also many have been included in my points Based DR 2.0 Steam review:

    - (not sure if mentioned yet) Complete offline career with all bells and whistles beside the online one, ideally ability to create several offline careers.
    - Add ability to have more than 12 stages per championship event, and more than 6 events in a championship.
    - Introduce power steering failure (optional feature with injury/damage warning that must be accepted)
    - Rutts that show clearer lines made by professionals, sometimes it looks like there are 50 different lines all over the place.
    - UDP output that includes ID's for cars and tracks, as well as manifold pressure info, coolant temperature, and tyre/brake info.  All necessities for proper data display and logging.
    - Ability to create Events/Championships/Clubs/Compeititions based on cherry picking vehicle classes and individual vehicles for them.  For example to be able to throw some 2WD compeititions together.
    - Snow and mud/terrain realism:  ability to get stuck in snow banks and precarious ditches, with all vehicles including R5.  Just like real life.
    - Force Clutch Override on, and remove the option.  Makes no sense to have this option, and especially as an assist.  It's an anti assist if anything.
    - Add more setup saving slots. Only 8 setups can be saved per car per surface type. Grossly insufficient.
    - Please fix the cut areas somehow, progressive penalties based on distance / time and a gradient of drag off the road would be welcome.  Resets only in emergencies (going off the map)
    - Inconsistent and late pace notes.  Number one there needs to be a method to advance the pacenote calls even more.  Two - if possible then from within the car during the ride a button to slow or speed up the co driver.  Lastly correct some of the incorrect calls.
    - Finland clear/day stages are covered with thick forest fire smoke limiting visibiliy.  Photo realistic rendering is very important to a sim, and I hope this is addressed in rev 3.
    - Montecarlo ice sections need to be more slippy if it's meant to be proper ice sections with winter tyres (not studded).
    - "wash" mode on windshield wipers (would be nice to wash away some of the late stage grime etc).
    - Feature to render and simulate pulled up rocks on the stages, which can cause punctures/damage.


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  10. Let us know if you find a decent workaround (like buying several of the same R5 car and not using them or something) or another reset option (which I guess won't work).   I also was planning on starting from scratch when I get the time, without resets except for 1 recce per stage.

  11. Agree with the initial list totally.

    Adding a few more that I noticed.


    • Option to disable clutch nanny - to permit stalls and usage of clutch in sequential cars.  Currently there is a computer saving you from using the clutch as an assist and you can't turn it off.
    • Jump physics revision - to consider spinning masses on the vehicle, and changes of rates of spin and how they should affect the vehicle mid air.
    • Tyre allocation, and utilization revision - ability to check tyres at end of each stage and swap them between corners.  Ability to pull out your rear spare(s) and throw them on the car.  Along with longer rally events the soft tyre would actually wear out more and people could use mediums / hards.  To be honest we need a much better visual representation of the tyres, ideally while on the car to be able to judge the wear.
    • Improvements in handling simulation on gravel when extreme (TT pace) driving takes place;
      • there are exploits especially with riding at full lock (much worse on tarmac)
      • exploit with being able to change steering too quickly left/right to full lock to be physically possible IRL (promoting and rewarding extremely low DOR settings for unimaginably fast large movements of the steering.  For example you get rewarded for 180DOR)
      • exploit where locking up wheels or pinning throttle does not lose you time in many situations where you should (most problematic on tarmac but issue is there on gravel IMO as well)
      • performance overall on gravel is too good for many vehicles, I have not checked if it's a power issue, or just overall too much grip
    • Downshifting Exploit -  You can down shift way too fast , which won't even blow up an engine or gearbox with the over rev, but will add additional braking performance and won't even lock all your wheels and send you anywhere.  This is one of the worst offenders at the top levels and eSports I think.
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  12. " You don’t need the locking screw if you are using the quick release so you can just pop the rims off and on as needed. "  That's not true, the locking screw should be tightened pretty hard to prevent the rim from moving on the contacts/shaft.  You can damage your wheel and base over time by not keeping the screw tight when using substantial FFB forces.

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  13. 7 hours ago, Tigron said:

    I would not say that there is no fog in rain. It is approximately the same amount of fog we had before in dusk, wet conditions. It is less visible, because it is blue and everything in such conditions disappear in blue haze. And yes, it affects performance. FPS on my toaster drops to 38 almost through all the stage. It only happened before in Poland in some very special places.

    I guess the reason for this is how modern graphics is made.


    I think your method is a bit lacking. Rain introduces other computational heavy algorithms , namely reflections and the rain particles.  This is not a conclusive performance comparison and you guess wrong.

  14. On 1/9/2020 at 4:02 AM, PJTierney said:

    Hello everyone, asked around and got some info on the "fog" effect seen in some locations (most notably Finland).


    • This visual effect in particular is by design and set as such for performance reasons.
    • We do not plan to change this in a future update.
    • We are however adding the ability to select Rain when taking part in Events at Finland. This will come in Version 1.12.

    Well that is odd, because if you do tune some of the effects in the different events you can get rid of a lot of the fog, and not have performance issues.  If anything the effect seems to hide some LOD transitions, but at a price that should really be deemed too high.   I do call some ******** on what you've been told in it being related to performance, in the sense that running without the fog there isn't really decreased performance ,but maybe something isn't as polished and appears so without it.  In any case, as I said, a lot of this smoke can be mitigated by turning down settings.

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  15. Well that's up to the developer as to how many accessibility options they want to add.  Especially important to note is that checking stats in this forum for how often something is mentioned is basically the opposite of proper polling/statistical data.  There are going to be many multiples of "this one user" who don't even play the game (due to the issue) or aren't on the forum that have these issues.  You just can't get a realistic picture on the forum unless it's something massively obvious like when we had Oculus + Steam VR issues etc.

  16. 14 hours ago, SRD_SimVansevenant said:

    This is clearly an example of a feature which is barely asked for and thus isn't anywhere to be found on the priority list of the devs which is clearly the correct move. There are other, more important issues and features that are worth their time, money and effort.

    I, personally, drive at an extremely high level and have several WR's using the cockpit cam. That does not prevent you from competing at a high level or anything of the sort. You also quit after playing just a few minutes. How do you expect to get used to it if you only play a few minutes?

    My advice to you is, drive for a decent amount of time, adjust the camera settings to what comes closest to your preference and start by driving on roads like Spain to start off with and then build up towards the bumpiest of stages like those in Argentina.

    It's a medical condition that affects a lower percentage of the population than VR sickness.  It just depends if Codies want to make the game even more accessible.   The way you talk about it is like its something that the affected person should suck up, because you think you did.  That's how it comes across.   There are people with genuine issues with motion sickness even in 2D.  It doesn't mean Codies are obligated by law to provide a solution for them.   In any case, I think the point of humanity overall is that you don't gang up on the people with medical issues or also disabilities, but you come together to help them.  So lets try not just saying "you're an outlier".  as that's also how other forms of discrimination rear their heads.


    Edit: Also please note that I'm not saying this is a disability, because it's not.  It just wasn't part of human evolution where you'd artificially zip around without moving.

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  17. 2 hours ago, virgism said:

    For me in VR - Lock horizon off - instant nausea. No such problem in 2D

    I actually find it less nauseating.  I've been driving also with TrackIR for months and that has no lock to horizon, VERY comfortable for me so I think that's why it carries over to VR.  Everyone's different it seems.   With lock to horizon in VR I get super sick.

  18. 3 hours ago, orangejuiced83 said:

    I bought the trackir 5 thinking to bypass the "lock" problem (considering that in vr the lock is fully functional) but I found, in spite of myself, that the problem persists even with this peripheral installed. Codemasters, you are unique for your works left in half.

    Oh yeah, TrackIR won't really create a lock to horizon for you, but with max head shake enabled it can help.  But I agree, it's there for VR so I guess it should be possible to enable it without, however as an assist as I think I mentioned before.  because a lot of people who don't even get sick will just use it as an advantage in competition.