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  1. 5 minutes ago, somethingthing said:

    "As for the spare wheel, its not clear if it adds any weight actually in the game, certainly not apparent for acceleration, it does affect physics for sure but its likely not "actual" physics.  So it seems to be a bit of a patchwork/abstraction and not relying purely on adding a mass object at position xyz."

    Seems like guesswork to me.

    I was trying to go easy on you.  As you said this  " Do the wheel affect the actual physics on the car and not only the weight? "   which is an assumption that is basically the reverse of the reality of the implementation.  You can check yourself by analyzing some data logs, I've done that so I know.   Some people can also feel the difference with extra tyres, but I haven't heard of a top driver tell me yet the acceleration or top speed is affected from their feeling.


    40 minutes ago, somethingthing said:

    Do the wheel affect the actual physics on the car and not only the weight?

    As for the spare wheel, its not clear if it adds any weight actually in the game, certainly not apparent for acceleration, it does affect physics for sure but its likely not "actual" physics.  So it seems to be a bit of a patchwork/abstraction and not relying purely on adding a mass object at position xyz.


    1 hour ago, sixtyfour said:

    Evaluating cars/tracks performance and the driving experience, I'd hint the coders
    at room to improve and refine the game's quality (Rally, Gravel) by reconsidering:


    I will agree on the pacenotes and having to memorize the stages entirely.  the rest not so much.  The "magnetisms" are the basics of rallying; you drift wide off line, and you get sucked inside if you don't get your turn in correct at low speed or you drop some speed and grip up at the rear.


  3. 1 hour ago, RacingJunkie76 said:

    Thanks. This means I can practice longer before racing. After racing late in New Zealand in the RWD event, I could swear that the roads were more rough.. Must have imagined that....

    Be careful, lots of people got caught out with this in the last DWS and this one, the degradation is not easy to set up in practice for some events like NZ, and is completely different to what some people assume and practice. (much deeper ruts).    The way that the top guys get around this is they get others from their team to check out the conditions.  The game or DWS needs work on this for esports.

  4. 2 hours ago, PJTierney said:

    It's pretty wild to think a car like this is allowed to just hop on the road and head to the supermarket:


    Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC - Wikipedia

    😄  Depends where you'd drive it, a lot of people would make noise complaints as these things really are excessively loud.  So in some cities you'd get the cops or bylaw harassing you because of complaints.  So putting on a muffler somewhere would be a good idea, even for yourself.  Other than that might be ok. (remember not enough heat for winter, and no AC for the summer)

  5. 2 hours ago, gk9147 said:

    i m agree with no cheating race but how is possible because codemasters authorized different setup for controllers and steering wheel ( i no talk for car setup ), because if you change the saturation and linearity  of your wheel or your controllers the car is not same 

    This is largely independent of this input logic as the recorded data can be in the internal sim format used.  And specific datagrams/packets can be saved for pad/keyboard if required.  It's still an input that the game uses so it's an input it can record and play back in the format it desires.

  6. Anticheat Stage Verifier - (especially for eSports)

    I would like to suggest an automated system that can verify a specific run in an esports event as being either valid or suspicious to some level.  The way it can work is to log both the game inputs and the vehicle position/attitude etc (outputs)  each frame when people are doing esports events (or other events). Then when an organizer wishes to verify that no cheating took place in that run , they can execute the Stage Verifier which will: in the background play back the inputs/outputs as required and using the exact same setup/car/stage/weather/tyres see if the result is as expected.  If the vehicle deviates too much from the expected path/velocity based on the built in physics/dynamics then flag the times where this occurred and let the organizer play back the video with a report of the deviation to judge if it is cheating.  Essentially use the game's own simulation to check whether it would consider a specific "advanced ghost recording" as accurate.

    To put some icing on this you could draw on the stage the path that the recorded vehicle took, versus what the inputs would make the car do in an un-hacked/un-compromised game session.   And more icing would be a graph area showing what the ghost did and what it should have done with those inputs.


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  7. It's not really true that you can't livestream those events.  You can just pick an event or stages that you live stream for the finals.  It can all be done, just a little bit of planning.

    I wouldn't over think the marketing/finances of this personally as you're speculating a lot an worrying about things that is frankly their concern.  Rally is supposed to be rally not F1 one shot qualifyings.

  8. 19 minutes ago, SereneLogic said:

    I do agree that a full championship would be preferably to get as close to reality as possible. However I am afraid that this would cost too many resources than the current esports scene on DiRT Rally 2.0 is worth. That's where my ideas come in, which pitch formats to get it inching towards reality whilst still being affordable in the resource department. With that we can then grow our esports scene, which the aforementioned formats do support and promote, to the point where such a full-blown championship series would be possible.

    Disagree, what I am saying is run it like a rally or number of rallies.  Stop knocking people out.  I dont see how this is massively expensive.

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  9. I just think the rally competition should be following a lifelike rally championship format similar to Solberg World Cup that we had a few months ago.  Where nobody is excluded from participating, but you can cover those who rise to the top naturally on live Airings towards the end of the competition.   This way you'd have thousands of people driving, not getting fully cut until the end, and having to be consistent.

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  10. 4 minutes ago, PJTierney said:

    And if you're Captain Casual like me? 🙂 

    Work on making the softs last, but yeah, still use softs and do your best, will be faster.   If you just wanted to be safe you would have to go with hards , but it would cost you a lot!

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  11. 3 hours ago, PJTierney said:

    The general consensus seems to be that if there's 25km between Service Areas you go Medium, and anything below that is Softs.

    Oliver stacked the 4 "parent" Stages together, which was nearly 50km of continuous running.

    It's not about a consensus.  All the guys at the top as far as I am aware were using softs because they out perform the mediums and degrade at just very very slightly earlier than the mediums (to worn level). (The top 0.1% decide here, who are a very small minority)    Overall the softs were faster on those 4 stages if you drove at near WR pace.     The tyre tests that people have done on the forum here were not accurate to what was happening when testing the tyres in the wales stages. (most likely inconsistent drivers, not using data analysis to check themselves either)

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  12. On 6/14/2020 at 9:29 PM, roth8588 said:

    That was insane! I wonder how many people just bolted on softs without seeing the lack of service areas in between any of those four stages.

    Probably many, however softs may not have been a bad choice.  🤔

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  13. My SS12,  just trying to get to the end to keep my position in the championship

    Which ended up being a surprising P7


    I really lost some pace after SS2 where I had a very unexpected moment pretty much on a line that I always take, which shot me into a log pile and over it, off the track.  My car nor I were not the same after 😄  Also the degradation in SS12 was a bit of a shocker, hence why I also eased off another ~10s there.


    It was a very tough Cup, busy time, unfamiliar events... so glad to at least get a great result from it. 🙂

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  14. ^ Not bad for going in relatively cold to the stages without that many hours in DR2!


    Meanwhile I just finished, provisional P5 in wales, P7 likely and P8 in championship should be secure    AW  YISS!

    Really took it steady in SS12 ... had nothing to gain by pushing there 😉

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  15. Yea, I ended up 16th after 2 issues but still P8 in championship which could end in P9 to P7 easily in Wales

    My run of SS12 which was very good with P9 stage time: 

     You can see a bad line at the end of the big fast downhill left (after fast section, near 50s) where it tightens, had to use extra road and hit some posts to open it instead.  Should have had a wider entry there to open up the 3/4 left tightens.  Otherwise it was quite good with just a wiggle on a landing 🙂

    Love this competition, but together with also having other responsibilities, the 1 week events really beat me up physically  😄

  16. My run in the final stage  SS12 of New England, safe run as I had 1.8s to spare from my PB to move into 6th spot!  Windshield damage is the standard clubs bug, I had no real damage after SS11


  17. There seems to be something very fishy with the results posted by @oliversolberg01 on twitter for the results in Greece where Oliver is listed in P10 for championship standings.


    The club results are here:



    Where I am listed in P10.  

    And here:


    Where Oliver is 67th

    Oliver only scored 778 points in Greece, meaning he basically retired.  How can he still be in P10, he didn't win a single stage in Greece either?

    Here are the stage wins in Greece this week 


    Last week's standings are here:

    Oliver was listed in 8th pos in the champ after Sweden, which matched the club:



    So where is Oliver getting the extra 57 spots and 2600 points to be ahead of me? (he is now 67th in the Club after Greece)

    The Twitter post is clearly Fake News! (real fake news)


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