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  1. 2 hours ago, PJTierney said:

    @bn880 @StockTunesOnly You guys were chatting with a guy on Discord that had crashes on Stage Load weren't you?

    Wasn't the issue being ghost files being too large or something? I can't remember the workaround you guys suggested that seemed to help.


    @Esa Ahonen It could be the dynamic banners, but I'd like to see if this ghost workaround works first as that could be the cause here.

    browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\ <your ID #>\690790\remote and delete the @ghost files there, not the profile files.


    may be worth a shot

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  2. Hello, this may have already been suggested, but if not:  Would be great if F1 2021 was able to import controller/video and other settings as appropriate from a previous F1 version if installed (for example F1 2020 or 2019), behind a prompt or behind a dedicated option.


    Would definitely make setting up the game faster, and would leave more time for people to try the game in the free weekends etc.

    Thanks for listening

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  3. On 7/29/2021 at 6:39 PM, Von4wd said:

    Maybe I'm late on this, but I've been thinking of realistic ways to discourage corner cuts, without resets or time penalties being applied. Resets are perhaps the most annoying and immersion breaker solution possible, and a time penalty system wouldn't work in my opinion because it wouldn't be possible differentiate a driver mistake from a deliberate cut.

    That being said, I think the ideal solution would be some "soft surface" tech (or whatever you guys call it in English) as we see in games like Spintires/SnowRunner/MudRunner. It doesn't need to be as advanced as in those games, it could be a simplified version, maybe something like the snowbanks we have in Sweden, but with more drag to simulate mud. This soft surface can be placed at strategic points on the stages (like the red marks in the screenshots below), so drivers won't see this surface (which will be hidden by grass) until they try to cut through the fields and get stuck.



    I have heard they were considering this already for 2.0 internally.  And they have also heard about support for this from me and other members on a discord server.  I think its a no brainer that they need to add a bit more friction off road, but this does have to be coupled with time penalties for a smart overall solution to all the possibilities.  It is actually possible for them to determine in a very coarse way if you are just having a huge moment/crashing or are cutting.  They can analyze the time loss which you would have from a big crash and not apply a time penalty (in general).  If you have a moment and end up taking a huge cut at a very good pace, you are likely to still get a penalty, just like IRL.

  4. Yeah, obviously no one is paying you to do the research 🙂  Anything more will be welcome and toe/setup wear is another interesting topic.

    Experience suggests your views of compound wear are correct, but as mentioned, full data would provide new insights into WHEN it even makes sense to use mediums or hards.

  5. Great use case for RDA.  👍  I think this is a good scratch of the surface (with no offense intended); the real meat and what will get most people curious is going to be quantitative comparisons of compounds over several stages.  To help people make a choice on which compound to choose when.  (of course driving style may matter)


    The other thing that would be interesting is whether making setup adjustments can compensate for worn rubber or harder compounds at all. 

    Either way, keep up the analysis. 🙂


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  6. 1 hour ago, AlexSchouba said:

    Currently in Dirt2.0, in full screen with a triple screen the FOV is really too small and does not allow you to fully enjoy the game.

    I know this isn't strictly a discussion thread, but just wanted to clarify:  It looks like the max FOV you can get in the game is about 135 degrees currently with the slider at +5.  You are saying the triple setup provides more than 135 degrees?  (I think it is possible)

  7. 12 hours ago, richie said:

    I read what dgeesi0 said, I was referring to Eagleizer, who - as you say - got 'all worked up' and had to beat his time. It comes across a bit aggressive tbh, I just find that it's a shame that it has to be like this. 

    Ahh no, I was being a bit funny/dramatic. 🙂  But we know the Eagle did in history put it a lot of work for his times. (not this time for sure, but in WS etc)

  8. On 4/15/2021 at 5:39 PM, dgeesi0 said:

    haha pj quoted his own video :classic_biggrin: tempted to just go smash this slow time. but really cant be bothered. literally most of the recent videos promoted are pjs videos. ive never known a community person manager connected with a game who promotes their own stuff so much. nothing against you but you pretty slow....yet all this coverage. imagine people like me who havent played for a while can just smash the times by quite a bit and cant be bothered because we know you promoting publishing your own stuff all the time. seems odd.

    locations guides... your ten seconds off people like me without even trying...i stop doing videos because of this then he promotes his self going even slower. it makes no sense.

    Ehh, this is just a thread with a bunch of videos though DG, and PJ has a right to just post his vid here as a driver, I think it might be his first WR and he's working the RWD's quite a bit.  I see it as fair play.   If it was pinned here or in reddit, I'd definitely raise an eyebrow.   Now it seems Eagleizer got all worked up and took the WR.  😄

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  9. 9 minutes ago, JorritVD said:

    Audi S1 Quattro RX on a Rally stage 😵


    Deceptive video, on purpose. The guy is running 2x the FOV he should to try and look faster than anyone else.  Meanwhile we can do better times in Stage Rally cars on that stage, and we don't get 160k views without the deceptive FOV.

  10. On 4/13/2021 at 10:00 AM, Bullpupguy said:

    I think it would be relatively simple if the notes exist in real life, why not have the co-driver actually turn the pages. It can be an infinite book and the notes can be blown up to be larger so the lower resolution vr headsets can still clearly see and read them.

    Or like an app on the phone where you could take a picture of your own pacenotes and load them into the game to change the pages at your own discretion. Just have the page change mapped to a single button but you could hold the notepad as close to you as needed with the vr controllers.

    I just feel like it would be cool to have a legit co-driver mode so you could meet across the country and they could have a similar experience as the driver.

    I don't disagree that it would be cool for a dedicated co-driver mode.

  11. 10 minutes ago, Bullpupguy said:

    Do you agree with the added co-driver mode? I think that is a pretty logical step going forward.

    A dedicated codriver mode has been suggested here somewhere, who knows if it will happen (likely not for 3.0).  But your ask for rendering actual notes on the notepad in VR as well, I think that's really far fetched.  That sounds like something for a 4.0 if it ever happens.

  12. 4 hours ago, JorritVD said:

    Funny post from a younger Craig Breen using CMR


    😄 Guy was making his own notes way back then already!   Meanwhile, I'm still making notes for DR2.0  (trollface)


    Edit: yeah seen the Spain comparison vid(s) a long time ago, and yes, I think everyone especially CM now knows the handling needs correction.  So we're beating a bit of a dead horse on that one.

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  13. Just now, merseyxshore said:

    A decent fix would be to have multi-class events, but allow event creators to specify exactly which cars go into which class. The faster cars in H2 could mix it up with the slower cars from H3. The 6R4 could be matched up with any number of 4WD cars. The 90s Group A cars might be good up against the RGT cars. Could even let the event creator name the classes themselves. I’m copyrighting ‘RWD Deathtrap Class’

    That's exactly it, imagine creating a custom challenge class in your club for say all kinds of 2WD vehicles, so both RWD and FWD.  Would be kinda neat I think.  (just one example, but that is a real life scenario as well)

  14. It has become apparent to me after using the Delta in JRC that the front diff in the game should not be a LSD.  The Delta had an open front diff, which online sources confirm as do homologation papers.

    So the diff should have a setting range from 0.0 to 0.0 😄

    Perhaps in DR3.0


    Obviously some other cars are similarly affected in terms of not even having a LSD.


  15. 1 hour ago, Mike Dee said:

    so I think focusing on completely leveling the playing field with ballasts/restrictors only solves a very narrow channel of the problem


    I agree with most of your post, and yes the ballast or restrictor would be very specific and have a narrow but perhaps necessary application.   Overall I believe in the last couple days, we are all in agreement except perhaps DG.  (class freedom/black/white list solves most issues, resolve narrow remaining issues with other means)


    @dgeesi0 I think making the times artificially close is not much better than artificially identical for the sake of this argument.  It is Ok only in very specific scenarios in my opinion.  I wouldn't want to see the cars permanently affected like this.   no offense, and I realize you have a right to your POV.

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  16. Having car X vs car Y struggle in another location doesn't solve the "balance" issue per say, and is another layer of complexity that existed to an extent IRL.  The reason is not every rally/run consists of multiple events that would balance things.  Also things did not completely balance out IRL with dominant cars between events either.   So I think sticking with the black/white list solution, and if time permits a ballast/restrictor solution for eSports to better show off the game is probably the way to go.   I disagree with DG on forcing vehicles to do basically the same times overall, unless it's a specific option chosen for a championship or eSports event. 

    Even now in the car restricted dailies the problem of dominance magically disappears, that's white listing at play.  I'm quite sure if there was a way to black/white list we wouldn't only get Citroen 2000CC and Lancia Delta club events, but instead the slower cars would get used.

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  17. 30 minutes ago, Exasperated said:

    If the field of view math says that you should have your screen 62cm away from your head at the minimum available field of view available in game then why are you sat with your head 78 cm away from the screen , surely the answer is that you need to move the screen closer to you by changing the way you have your screen positioned , perhaps making/ buying a stand or whatever so that it can sit closer to you. or is there something that I am not understanding. Regards.

    Sometimes moving closer to the monitor is quite expensive and time consuming.  (literally some people don't have the spare money or time)  I think this is why this member is asking for even more adjustment.  I have to note though that DR2 has at least a decent amount of adjustment for FOV on PC.  Most larger monitors can be set up correctly at -5 setting.    On the other hand I find in a game like WRC 9 there is absolutely no way to get a real FOV even at lowest setting.  *(just putting things in perspective, pun intended)

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