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  1. 4 hours ago, JZStudios said:

    Well duh. It's marketing. The sole intention is to get it to the eyeholes of as many people as possible. No one's heard of you or the rest of the alien squad. You might be more interested in silent world record runs, but the vast majority of people are not and don't compete at that level.

    There's no need for this discussion to degenerate guys.

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  2. My2c: There just needs to be a little bit of balance with promoting the already famous (mostly 2nd/3rd grade drivers) and the really skilled first grade drivers who may not be as popular on YT.   The first is obvious, to spread viewership of the game to a larger audience.  The second however is to stay true to what the game is about and what the sport is about, and that is skill and technology.  So there are two sides to the story in a sensible world, because while CM needs to promote its product, it can't just be at the mercy of Google's algorithms and pumping out only goofy personalized material.  


    Having said that, hard to promote a video that has a low bit-rate, too many turned off graphics options, any bad language , etc etc. 


    Either way, PJ has shared a few WR's recently, so not complaining.

  3. 2 hours ago, gk9147 said:

    yes true @bn880 , i want real damage car model, hardcore mode on Dr 2.0 is bad , and how is possible to drive with very hard setup and you drive easily on off-road part ( finland australia ....) same for the brake when player drive only front brake but he have never problem with brake. exemple on PCars 2 if you drive with only front brake your car have problem ( hot brake you have bad effect on braking ...)  , if you drive with very hard setup on bumpy road you have very bad effect when you driving , if  you push your motor in max, the motor have problem ....  

    personally i want really damage for DR3 

    for info i drive in brutal  mode on PCars 2 😉

    More less yes I agree.  I think DR2 has a few of these things with hard/low suspension, but it's not extremely apparent, it just degrades the suspension faster I believe.  Meanwhile a lot of the huge jumps should do serious damage to the classic cars on landing IMHO.

    Definitely no problems with overheating brakes in DR, no issues with abusing/over revving the engine, etc as you mention.  I do hope these things are improved. (and please give us engine coolant temperature readouts 😛 )

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  4. 16 minutes ago, Gregow said:

    Maybe they don't actually like driving, or they would like it more if the physics were better? 😉


    Disagree, you're not grasping the market and people.  I love driving and handling, realism to the max including damage, broken steering, suspension bits, leaking coolant etc.  But the game would be pretty ***** if it only had sandbox mode and a timer.  The sim part is a foundation for the game, the actual game becomes the campaign, online components incl TT, customizations, achievements etc  etc.   You're looking at this from a very limited user perspective.


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  5. Exactly, you still need to have stuff to DO , and that's the Game aspect that needs to exist and be fleshed out to make even the best simulation fun to use.


    On the features:  Hopefully yeah;  there are a lot of very common requests in here (like tyre deg and management just as a small example) , and a few really good contributions on what is missing or can be improved on the physics side. 

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  6. 1 hour ago, Gregow said:

     and I've entirely stopped playing driving games without VR (like WRC 9, which I think is an otherwise excellent title, up there with DR2).

    I think this is an interesting point for developers.  I have a similar story, not about VR, but I stopped playing WRC9 almost immediately because they don't offer a narrow enough (realistic) FOV, at least on a super ultrawide monitor.   Complete deal breaker to me, and they don't even have a support forum so, hear no evil see no evil for them.


    Point is sometimes stuff that seems small, blocks certain people from using the product. (not that VR is that small 😄 )

  7. 49 minutes ago, Trenissimo77 said:

    Yes probably you are right. The meaning of my message is that I noticed on dirt rally 2.0 very poor use of feedback even if I think to have a good hardware (fanatec DD1) and a physics that need to be improved.So let’s say that physics and force feedback feeling is the top priority (from my point of view) and all other suggestions and improvements are obviously welcome and appreciated. But I don’t know how many improvements codemaster can put on future release. The more the better.

    Sure, I agree that the physics/handling/realism is top priority to me as well.  I think that quite honestly most dedicated DR2 players (and possibly most overall) want the next version to be as realistic as possible, with some options to back things off to their liking. (so for example ability to use a gearbox without a clutch, or use sequential in a car that had manual h box, or to be able to use low DOR, keyboard, etc etc etc)

    I have no doubt that this time they have the ability to flesh out a lot of the features we had in DR2.0.  And definitely hope they listen to at least the majority of the points made in this thread and prioritize it somehow.

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  8. 1 hour ago, Trenissimo77 said:

    All other improvements are just details. I loved dirt rally 2.0 and only thinking to have a new one in the future with more realistic dynamics and physics of cars and with realistic force feedback it's just amazing. 

    I was with you until you said this bit.  It's discounting the importance of gameplay and also thousands of players and that's not really kosher.  The fact is that it needs to be a sim but also needs a lot of feature improvements and fixes.  The first post in this topic has the list of features people have requested/suggested and if they ignore 99% of that and hit only physics, well, that's going to lead to very poor reception and client dis-satisfaction.

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  9. Ehhh, I doubt Micky or the like would be slower on a properly set up Fanatec 2.5 CSW.  As long as they get used to it.  True that the wheel has more weight, but at those low DOR and with the proper drift mode setting it doesn't matter.  But sure, it won't make them faster in DR.  


    Edit: When I try I am floating around ~P6-8 versus the very fastest boys; and I am quite sure it's not because I use a Fanatec, I can see my mistakes, and I use a higher DOR.

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  10. On 12/22/2020 at 7:00 PM, dgeesi0 said:

    its great to see ross has posted. hope its genuine. if you think logically why would you change a winning recipe ? it makes no sense. the problem often is money. we will see how legit things turn out later on.


    often after big companies get took over there is a clearing out. restructure.

    Correct, if they're smart they'll keep things mostly as is and only try to help with some injection of funds to expand features/team.  However; what happens with investors often is that they want a specific  growth rate year over year from every venture. (or bi yearly)  This, if it happens, could start to trigger counter productive changes.   I am quite sure DR3 will be fine.  I am more concerned for down the road.

  11. 25.12.2020:  Version 1.7 is out.
    • Support added for DR 2.0 Ford Fiesta R5 MKII
    • Support added for DR 2.0 Peugeot 206 Rally
    • Support added for DR 2.0 Subaru Impreza S4 Rally
    • Support added for DR 2.0 Subaru Impreza (2001)
    • Support added for DR 2.0 Seat Ibiza Kitcar
    • Support added for DR 2.0 Volkswagen Golf Kitcar

    That should be all the vehicles and stages/tracks in DR2.0 to date.


    Merry Christmas/Happy Festivus

  12. Technically in DR2 it seems cars often right themselves when they shouldn't already 🙂  I personally think stuff like this will actually be improved for next project 👍  EA or not.

  13. 2 hours ago, stcooza said:


    as for rally, In future I would like to see the pacenotes take its role in esports competition, I mean by that is to set rules that makes the participants drivers need to prepare their pacenotes before the race rather than the current TT practices method. That also will give the participants teams more objects and tasks to achieve with their drivers.

    Wouldn't that be lovely!  Hopefully DR3 will at least have some pacenote editor.   But to prevent hammering it would be hard, one solution is to release special stages just for the competition, not cheap.   And I think dynamic stage generation (ala MyStage) has been said as not in the works for next Rally game.

  14. I'm driving with a Fanatec CSW 2.5, it has a belt, it's perfectly fine for DR2.0 and I am sure if I was a better driver I could win esports with it.  Came in 7th in Sol WC with the thing, without silly mistakes could be maybe 5th or 4th  (hard to say).   Relatively easy to set WR times and fight at esports level with the wheel just up to the driver and practice.


    Direct drive is slightly better feedback, for rally don't need it TBH.

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  15. 5 hours ago, Gregow said:

    Not to say that Monte Carlo is realistic but it's an old myth that you shouldn't spin your tires on ice. That's in fact exactly what you should do, especially with AWD or RWD (FWD is trickier as you understeer a lot). Sure, you need momentum as well but if you don't spin the wheels you're not going to generate much force to push the car anywhere. 

    I used to work at an airport many years ago. We were driving trucks, lorries and different machinery with trailers and heavily loaded wagons every day. In winter you always got stuck. Not like once in a while, but all the time every day. The old wisdom of feathering the throttle just doesn't work, at all. What you do is you floor it and when you get a little movement going you let up, so you rock back and forth - getting a little momentum going - while digging the wheels down until you find enough grip. 

    Having driven on frozen lakes and many winters with a RWD car you pretty much find a sweet spot where you get the most speed, going comfortably sideways. 

    Though I suppose patches of black ice on tarmac, like some places in Monte Carlo, would be more like "keep it steady and pray". 

    The science for this is pretty clear for a uniform ice surface under rubber tyres.  And that is that you get very slightly more friction if you don't completely spin the tyres on ice but stay close to the optimal slip ratio.


    another reference under braking (similar to rally cars accelerating)  https://gyazo.com/e9af34c279668f4f7dca113b9e480104

    However in reality several factors come into play, in most situations in the following order:

    1. The surface will likely not be perfectly smooth hard ice.

    2. The surface will likely not be uniform and icy under every wheel.

    3. With a partially locked differential (s) the above 2 are bigger factors.


    While driving a regular road car with an open diff, onto a small patch of ice you will be best served not to completely floor it, especially FWD, the story changes with partially locking diffs and varying road surfaces under each wheel.

    What is true however; is that the ice in Monte is not slippery enough by a long shot, I think I've mentioned this in the past and it should be corrected/improved if it should be realistic.


    Edit: If you look at all the slip ratio studies and charts, it is clear that the only place where significant slip ratio is helpful is on very loose surfaces like gravel or loose snow.  Otherwise you always lose grip if you exceed your optimal ratio.  So the initial post was basically correct, especially for older historics with open diffs, and 2wd if the wheels are on pure ice.

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  16. I think this is a good reference vid for developers working on the DR3 damage model https://www.reddit.com/r/dirtgame/comments/k8ztmw/surprisingly_i_was_able_to_shave_off_a_second/ that car should be smashed at the front left (suspension, cooling package etc) and be unable to continue. There are dozens of similar collisions where the car just barrel rolls instead of getting it's suspension and body trashed.


    Then again there are a few spots occasionally on relatively smooth roads that have random collisions as if you drove into a hinckelstein , those are some kinds of bugs.

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  17. What I really hope here, and would like to point out is that the next game (tm) should take into account some of the needs for a more RALLY focused esports competition.  Honestly the perfect execution is the real sport of WRC/ERC.  The closer the esport is to that, the more enjoyable it will be for the competitors and ultimately the audience as well.    One of the main factors is to NOT eliminate people from the competition if at all possible.  You can select a group of individuals from the top to cover and invite, but you should have a system where nobody is cut unless they crash out or give up.  Another factor is not to force the competitors to drive every class of vehicle on the block.  A real rally competition is done in one class, (with options to be in another lower class).


    So far for me Solberg World cup was the best execution of what a competition in DR2 should be, but it's FAR from perfect due to some limitations.

    To show just how unpleasant it is to take part in the WS, I wasn't even trying to qualify this year due to the lack of rally spirit in the competition (not that I would beat the top 3 drivers anyway but that's besides the point). 



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  18. 5 minutes ago, somethingthing said:

    "As for the spare wheel, its not clear if it adds any weight actually in the game, certainly not apparent for acceleration, it does affect physics for sure but its likely not "actual" physics.  So it seems to be a bit of a patchwork/abstraction and not relying purely on adding a mass object at position xyz."

    Seems like guesswork to me.

    I was trying to go easy on you.  As you said this  " Do the wheel affect the actual physics on the car and not only the weight? "   which is an assumption that is basically the reverse of the reality of the implementation.  You can check yourself by analyzing some data logs, I've done that so I know.   Some people can also feel the difference with extra tyres, but I haven't heard of a top driver tell me yet the acceleration or top speed is affected from their feeling.


    40 minutes ago, somethingthing said:

    Do the wheel affect the actual physics on the car and not only the weight?

    As for the spare wheel, its not clear if it adds any weight actually in the game, certainly not apparent for acceleration, it does affect physics for sure but its likely not "actual" physics.  So it seems to be a bit of a patchwork/abstraction and not relying purely on adding a mass object at position xyz.


    1 hour ago, sixtyfour said:

    Evaluating cars/tracks performance and the driving experience, I'd hint the coders
    at room to improve and refine the game's quality (Rally, Gravel) by reconsidering:


    I will agree on the pacenotes and having to memorize the stages entirely.  the rest not so much.  The "magnetisms" are the basics of rallying; you drift wide off line, and you get sucked inside if you don't get your turn in correct at low speed or you drop some speed and grip up at the rear.


  20. 1 hour ago, RacingJunkie76 said:

    Thanks. This means I can practice longer before racing. After racing late in New Zealand in the RWD event, I could swear that the roads were more rough.. Must have imagined that....

    Be careful, lots of people got caught out with this in the last DWS and this one, the degradation is not easy to set up in practice for some events like NZ, and is completely different to what some people assume and practice. (much deeper ruts).    The way that the top guys get around this is they get others from their team to check out the conditions.  The game or DWS needs work on this for esports.