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  1. 1 hour ago, MikeyFM said:

    And how on earth is it even possible, was the game playtested at all before release?

    Well yes they tested it, the issue is that they used the fastest Virtual Rally driver to test it! (Jon) 😛  (I thought it was kinda funny, it's Monday, give me a break)

  2. 1 hour ago, Pieman99 said:

     Is there any update on the unexpected events no longer occurring? Is it still one of the things that hasn’t been mentioned by Christina?

    I’m on ps4 and heavily play the career and haven’t experienced a drone or retired car for about 2 months i’d say now. Not life or death but it’s a cool feature that adds to the immersion and i want it back. 

    I'm on PC and the unexpected events have also stopped for me a few weeks ago.  A little sad for immersion but I do have to say for me it's not a very critical thing compared to the others.

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  3. 10 hours ago, Riggs said:

    As far as I know that's what Clutch Override does. I always leave it "ON" though, because my clutch pedal is a bit buggy. Many people don't have the clutch pedal so there would be no means for them to sim the clutch. It would be simplier to just let the engine die if you try starting in 3rd-6th gear. It doesn't have to be 100% simulated via the clutch.

    Hi, no, clutch override allows you to use the clutch to take the car out of "drive" and raise the RPM's.  (clutch kick)  It won't allow your car to stall and launch normally.  It doesnt matter that many people do not have a clutch pedal, it matters that many do and it should be an option for realism.

  4. 1 hour ago, Riggs said:

    By the way, I'm reporting this one as a bug: You shouldn't be able to start a stage in any gear above 2nd. The engine should die if you try to do so. Some people abuse this to get a faster start without wheelspin. I would even say restricting it to 1st gear.

    There should be something done about over-reving when you decrease gears too fast, let's say from 6th to 2nd (example). If you're flatout at 6th gear and just switch to 2nd constantly over-reving either make the engine blow causing terminal damage or just make sure the engine gets well damaged for the service. This can also be abused to get faster braking.

    Hear hear,  maybe not strictly a bug but having an option to disable the clutch anti stall (basically auto clutch) that's currently in the game  would be an important step towards realism.


    Over revving on downshifts is definitely IMHO a bug that it doesn't ever do any serious engine damage. (that I have noticed)

  5. 29 minutes ago, Laserjones said:

    If one first needs to understand FFB in order to enjoy it, this is already proof that the FFB does not fulfill its primary job: approximating the intuitive feeling of actually driving a car. If FFB was done well, you would feel at home immediately.

    I actually disagree with this.  We are missing G forces and so the FFB won't be natural and will always be a bit of an art and not an exact science and will never be natural.  Simple as that.  ignore facts at your own peril.  (the fact is that in real life you drive according to vision and G force feel more than wheel feedback.  in rallying wheel feedback is almost entirely useless besides the caster effect and hitting nasty nasty bumps)

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  6. 16 minutes ago, SimFunny said:


    Just wondering who were those interviewed peoples who had those opinions what is missing or what is not 🤔
    Sounds like investigation is done and now just code changes to game?
    It would be nice to hear what kind of improvements they ended up.

    I definitely disagree with it being nice to hear more details on what changes they have.  Too much time taken away from development which is WIP.  We got enough detail now to wait for the release of the changes.

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  7. They don't do much damage in the game though, and the hit isn't that large.  This was discussed in the Discord preciously as well and the conclusion was that things are good enough.  I haven't ran into one of those myself but if they don't fold down VERY easily (which I assume they do not as they have to contend with wind) they could damage plastic bumpers and trim.

  8. @afahoy You are right about AC being too harsh off road if you consider / compare to a modern rally car with its own power steering.  AC started off as a hardcore tarmac sim and some of those tarmac cars have several times more resistance due to weak power steering or lack there of.  Specifically most of the top track race cars have pretty much opposite PS to a rally car on gravel etc.   So that's the difference.   Even rally drivers will have some subjective feedback on force feedback but at least overall they will be closer to the facts than someone who assumes rallying is just track racing off road.

    my2c anyway

  9. 59 minutes ago, nasoduko said:

    google translator in greek language sucks my friend ,that why everyone speaks english ,cause is an easy language ,if you could only see the meaning you wrote in english ,and what the translator is saying ahahhahha

    this one goes on facebook ,and you can give me 5 or permantly posting restrictions  ,so make codemasters happy by sucking their balls ,and watch the 1234 pages with complains about the game 

    Geez man, this is not about a translator.  What you posted in the first post is just incorrect punctuation, incorrect citation or quoting, and poor grammar (that bit is translation).  If you found something on Facebook, why don't you also share the link where you found it and properly quote the post?  People are assuming as did I that those are your words. 

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  10. I think the OP meant: Read and whine...


    Edit: People have been complaining about lack of updates and "secrecy", now Codies have come back with a more open book, and what; in return you get this really mindless kind of thread?  Ugh, come on people, put yourselves into other people's shoes at least a little bit.

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  11. Why wait for that?  The chances that the codriver will have this totally resolved in all your spots are low.  Post the bug fully if you have it.  my2c.

    There are a lot of different priorities for fixes and improvements and waiting is a baad idea.

  12. 12 hours ago, Pistro said:

    I'm on Steam. From my experience it's not tied to a particular location, weather conditions or a car. Here's a video of it happening (it's not mine):


    Hi, that's a video of when it already happened.  They're looking or a video of the bug starting.

    But at least you can hear the maximum voltage on the speakers when you start/stop the sound, identical to when you use the menus in the game when the sound cuts out:


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  13. On 4/15/2019 at 12:20 PM, ianism said:

    by the way, adding LOL at the end of every comment doesn't make you funny 


    No, but adding a meme definitely does:




    Reposting as that post was deleted without real reason.  If this post is deleted than the above from Ianism should be as well.

    Edit: not sure who swore in the other posts that were deleted, pretty sure it wasn't me.

  14. 2 hours ago, ChristinaMc said:

    Hi all, I just wanted to quickly chime in here say this poll's been really interesting, and we've had a meeting about some of the things specifically mentioned in it earlier today. Although it's a small sample size, and we also hold a lot of other data which we're using to inform stuff decision-making too, to see our most avid players' desires has been really valuable to us. Right now we're running out of time to squeeze additional things into 1.4, but for 1.5 and beyond we'll see what we can do priority-wise to address those top bugbears. 

    @ChristinaMc Please don't forget the previous polls, they include some items not listed in this poll  https://www.strawpoll.me/17740794/r


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  15. 16 hours ago, JZStudios said:

    If Assetto Corsa has the best tarmac physics and FFB, then why is there any wheel vibration and bumps on tarmac? :classic_huh:

    I thought the wheel doing anything at all was unrealistic?

    Partly because there is more FFB expected on skinny tires, and they may wish to run different steering racks in the cars too for tarmac. (they can actually decide on the force and FFB IRL too)

  16. 2 hours ago, Scand1Fl1ck said:

    I don't know how CM calculates the running order. I believe WRC runs by championship points in reverse order, so the leader is last. I'm the leader in points but another person runs behind me? Also, I finish the last stage at Poland and Phil says something along the lines of "Congrats, we're champions." Uh, no we're not Phil the AI behind us wins.

    That still doesn't change the fact that I post a #4 time on the leaderboards out of a field of 3000 and the AI posts a #3 time... on elite.

    It's the reverse actually in the WRC, the leader always opens the road on the thursday/friday.  Then whoever is slowest from that day opens the road on Saturday.  (it's all kinds of ****, but that's another discussion)

    Also it is divided into classes, support series run after the main WR cars.

  17. 1 hour ago, virgism said:

    But it gives same value as PI calculator (~60) 🙂

    No it doesn't.  You're entering different information then.

    Please share your eye distance to screen and your screen height.

  18. On 4/22/2019 at 7:56 AM, virgism said:

    Please read it again:

    DR1 and DR2 have same FOV values - and it's a vFOV*2. PI is correct - CM confirmed that.

    With all due respect, Mike likely said that because the vFOV /camera isn't changed from DR1 to DR2 and that calculator was correct for DR1.  However how you use the value from Dr1 to DR2 has changed as you aren't entering it in a config.  So, don't hang on to what CM said, you don't really even need them as part of this conversation once you got your FOV click values as we have, because you can use geometry and physics/optical calculations to check everything.    Stop for a minute thinking of what people tell you, and use your own brain as it were to consider whether what you see in the frame of your monitor is what you would really see on the monitor if it was a physical window in your car at that distance etc.      Use your arms if you have to to touch the corners of a road in Spain at your bonnet, do the same in your car on a similar width road, is everything ligning up?  It is super easy to check as we are talking a factor of 100% error.