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  1. 2 hours ago, Scand1Fl1ck said:

    I don't know how CM calculates the running order. I believe WRC runs by championship points in reverse order, so the leader is last. I'm the leader in points but another person runs behind me? Also, I finish the last stage at Poland and Phil says something along the lines of "Congrats, we're champions." Uh, no we're not Phil the AI behind us wins.

    That still doesn't change the fact that I post a #4 time on the leaderboards out of a field of 3000 and the AI posts a #3 time... on elite.

    It's the reverse actually in the WRC, the leader always opens the road on the thursday/friday.  Then whoever is slowest from that day opens the road on Saturday.  (it's all kinds of ****, but that's another discussion)

    Also it is divided into classes, support series run after the main WR cars.

  2. 1 hour ago, virgism said:

    But it gives same value as PI calculator (~60) 🙂

    No it doesn't.  You're entering different information then.

    Please share your eye distance to screen and your screen height.

  3. On 4/22/2019 at 7:56 AM, virgism said:

    Please read it again:

    DR1 and DR2 have same FOV values - and it's a vFOV*2. PI is correct - CM confirmed that.

    With all due respect, Mike likely said that because the vFOV /camera isn't changed from DR1 to DR2 and that calculator was correct for DR1.  However how you use the value from Dr1 to DR2 has changed as you aren't entering it in a config.  So, don't hang on to what CM said, you don't really even need them as part of this conversation once you got your FOV click values as we have, because you can use geometry and physics/optical calculations to check everything.    Stop for a minute thinking of what people tell you, and use your own brain as it were to consider whether what you see in the frame of your monitor is what you would really see on the monitor if it was a physical window in your car at that distance etc.      Use your arms if you have to to touch the corners of a road in Spain at your bonnet, do the same in your car on a similar width road, is everything ligning up?  It is super easy to check as we are talking a factor of 100% error.

  4. 40 minutes ago, virgism said:

    A developer also told, that Project immersion calculator is showing correct values - and it shows 57 for me, not 29 or -5, like Andyf calculator.

    It's not showing correct values for vFOV for DR 2.0.  All you have to do is check how wide the road is on your monitor versus in your real car... its so blatantly obvious it's not funny.

  5. 1 hour ago, virgism said:

    I think calculator is wrong - in Dirt games FOV must be vFOV*2 - 82 in your case, or +5 clicks.

    In my case it shows -5 and vFOV - 29. If I set -5, i can't play - it's like slow motion movie. But if i set +1 (vFOV*2 = 60 ) - it looks perfect.


    This calc looks better: https://dinex86.github.io/FOV-Calculator/

    No - The calculator is totally right.  You are using a double FOV from what it should be with the other calculators.  If you can't play, raise it knowing it's not realistic, or upgrade your setup.

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  6. 19 hours ago, TheNorwegianPhantom said:

    oh, does the marshall have a collision box? I thought the game reset you to stationary when you are about to run him over.

    It was a joke. I don't know why you have the bug if you're sure you're not hitting anything in the timing area.


    @Pieman99  They improved the water splash effects in the patch, it's a really nice effect now.

    6 locations per championship is definitely a design choice.  I also agree it is not a good design choice though.   I want to run 2 of the same event in a custom championship in a row to make up for the super short events (12 short stages),  I just start to get into a rally at stage 10 as they're so short and it's nearly over. 😛

    They did fix a lot of smaller things in the patch, even the thing with not renaming setups when saving is welcome, showing vehicle damage on info screens, and showing the Leaderboards for career races is an awesome improvement.  Many more things were fixed/changed that aren't noted.

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  7. The differences you are seeing are from people memorizing the stages like tracks basically.  For the most part.  Also lots of those people have been attempting time trials and that gives you a boost of speed (and hence also the memorization)


    Your crew chief does tuning?  wow.  Please explain as I don't know how that works.  (the default setups are just default AFAIK) 

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  8. Just an update on this, because now I can view the Career Leaderboard.  R2 Masters: I am regularly placing top 10 or top 5 in Spain and NE stages on the leaderboards, in the wet often #1 or 2, and I am still placing around 10th versus the AI.


    Edit: To clarify, on the human Career Leader boards the people at the top 10 usually are not the same people, it's a huge inconsistency.  Versus the Ai where the top 3 at an even are generally the top 3 in most stages.  So while I am about 5 places average higher or more versus the humans, the AI are also much more consistent.  So this is a problem .  I think this requires strict world record times on all stages of the Masters championship, and those times are not Rally times, those are Time Trial times.

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  9. 46 minutes ago, JesseDeya said:

    I'm on PC so this doesn't affect me per se, but my understanding is that most console users want the ability to REDUCE FoV, to correct for cockpit view when close to the TV.

    Given that can only improve performance is it not possible to implement sooner rather than later?

    That's not true, reducing the FOV may actually reduce performance depending on the LOD system of the sim.  It really may be extra work to reconfigure everything.   As an example at least on PC when I use a proper FOV of 30 degs (which is proper for most home setups) already you can see there is a LOD restriciton in place and the road looks blurred too early. They should bump that up, but not sure what the performance impact would be.

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  10. 1 hour ago, nbates66 said:

    The handbrake is analog, it doesn't appear to bind as an axis but it definitely behaves as one, I plugged in and tested with a Logitech Joystick to confirm this.

    It definitely does not behave as proper analog, at least not before 1.3.  There are numerous threads about it, the analog range is only the first 5 or 10% of movement which is usually just play/slack on most HB/s.  


  11. What a real piece of work you are,  "this poll is not for you".   Sure, two paying members and large community contributors are not to take your improperly designed poll because they want it to be a properly designed poll.  Do it right or don't do it at all.

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  12. 39 minutes ago, JesseDeya said:

    It's a valid request, but it it did not poll as high as you claim. It was 8th out of 13 options on RallyStu2's poll, and did not get bumped with issues being fix - not a single issue above 13th was rectified in patch 1.3.          No single list can be completely comprehensive, but I think you specific issue is adequately represented by "enhanced difficulty options" so feel free to use that to add your vote.


    You are forgetting the reddit vote:




    I consider the Audio issue something not really necessary to count because it is always being looked at and WAS supposed to be fixed.  So I count that as positoin 5 and position 7 for hardcore damage.

    And no, you're out of your mind if you think that "enhanced difficulty options" means hardcore damage IN career.  You basically just skipped over a major gripe for many people there.

  13. Interestingly some users are reporting (now) that the leaderboard is accepting new times. it may be specific to the vehicle, or stage, or cuts.  or maybe the issue is just now fixed, they did mention Racenet issues due to patch.   So lets see how that bug #39 develops.  I will post here if I see my times posted or not in the future.




    Edit: So, my championship got reset, and now my TT times are showing up on the leaderboard. This must have been the cause of the leaderboard times not showing up , some kind of discrepancy due to the patch. All good now

    •  The Leaderboard is now available from Career mode (Great news!)
    • BUG The Leaderboard, even in TT isn't accepting new times (very bad news)  

    The Personal Best time is updated as you can see there with 3:45.519, but it won't get posted on the Leaderboard.  Same thing happens for Career leaderboard.


    Edit: So, my championship got reset, and now my TT times are showing up on the leaderboard. This must have been the cause of the leaderboard times not showing up , some kind of discrepancy due to the patch. All good now

  14. 19 minutes ago, SkiddyMcCrash said:

    It will be the same reason we didn't have hardcore damage in D:R, licencing. Some car makers don't want their cars to be smashed up in games, no matter how much we want it.

    Actually no.  This is only restricted Career mode, we already have this damage outside career mode, also in career mode you can cause this very serious damage as well just with more force/hits.   Also , not the best thread to discuss this.

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