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  1. 39 minutes ago, JesseDeya said:

    It's a valid request, but it it did not poll as high as you claim. It was 8th out of 13 options on RallyStu2's poll, and did not get bumped with issues being fix - not a single issue above 13th was rectified in patch 1.3.          No single list can be completely comprehensive, but I think you specific issue is adequately represented by "enhanced difficulty options" so feel free to use that to add your vote.


    You are forgetting the reddit vote:




    I consider the Audio issue something not really necessary to count because it is always being looked at and WAS supposed to be fixed.  So I count that as positoin 5 and position 7 for hardcore damage.

    And no, you're out of your mind if you think that "enhanced difficulty options" means hardcore damage IN career.  You basically just skipped over a major gripe for many people there.

  2. Interestingly some users are reporting (now) that the leaderboard is accepting new times. it may be specific to the vehicle, or stage, or cuts.  or maybe the issue is just now fixed, they did mention Racenet issues due to patch.   So lets see how that bug #39 develops.  I will post here if I see my times posted or not in the future.




    Edit: So, my championship got reset, and now my TT times are showing up on the leaderboard. This must have been the cause of the leaderboard times not showing up , some kind of discrepancy due to the patch. All good now

    •  The Leaderboard is now available from Career mode (Great news!)
    • BUG The Leaderboard, even in TT isn't accepting new times (very bad news)  

    The Personal Best time is updated as you can see there with 3:45.519, but it won't get posted on the Leaderboard.  Same thing happens for Career leaderboard.


    Edit: So, my championship got reset, and now my TT times are showing up on the leaderboard. This must have been the cause of the leaderboard times not showing up , some kind of discrepancy due to the patch. All good now

  3. 19 minutes ago, SkiddyMcCrash said:

    It will be the same reason we didn't have hardcore damage in D:R, licencing. Some car makers don't want their cars to be smashed up in games, no matter how much we want it.

    Actually no.  This is only restricted Career mode, we already have this damage outside career mode, also in career mode you can cause this very serious damage as well just with more force/hits.   Also , not the best thread to discuss this.

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  4. Why isn't hardcore damage in career an option though?  In other polls it is on 5th spot, and much higher when you consider already fixed items  "Additional customisation options in career (hardcore damage etc)"  it definitely needs to be added or the poll is just going to be skewed quite a bit.    Edit: And yeah while you can claim fully customizable career would contain that, it's not explicitly true and it may NOT. Also full customization unlike hardcore damage is a lot more effort and therefore a mostly different request to the developer.

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  5. Just to be clear, it's all sequential.  The only difference is they have a push/pull or dual action lever that drives the floor mounted shift mechanism.  (the floor mounted lever is not what makes a transmission sequential or not, lets be clear)

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  6. Some stages I use my handbrake constantly, by accident, because it's acting up a little and DR 2.0 treats it as almost digital 😛    (great place for a rant right?)

    Otherwise, of course the HB can be faster or slower depending on a huge set of conditions, so you need to play around with it.  VERY often I find thought that whether I use the HB or other methods the resulting time through a corner is identical.  So it's very surprising.

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  7. 8 hours ago, F2CMaDMaXX said:

    Hope we can get a calc that gives the vFoV setting for DR2, for now, that project immersion site seems to give a good number even though it's doubling it for DR.

    Well that's exactly what it is, it's just doubling it.  So you have a calculator basically on the immersion site, use any other game that has vFOV like Assetto Corsa and you have the right answer that's not doubled.   Then you can use the -5 / +3 table someone posted above to know how many clicks up or down from center you need to adjust (hint, almost everyone needs to do some negative clicks, and most people need to go to smallest FOV possible)

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  8. 5 hours ago, Rallystu2 said:

    And I agree (and have stated) that attempting to impose rules ,however honest the intention, was a bad move.

    But there is an implied rule on most forum threads anyway, in that they have to within reason stay on some kind of topic (most threads, and the bounds are loosely regulated).  So I kind of disagree that it was a bad move, I think it was fair to create a thread for voicing opinions but not for attacking each other's opinions specifically in long discussions.  As long as this is stated outright it doesn't seem overly totalitarian to me.   my2c

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  9. Another example of crazy R2 AI times, this is Masters level.


    masters AI dry, ~130th on the road  (degraded)


    Humans, dry, ideal degradation



    So they are beating the Human world record done in ideal conditions by 7 seconds in Australia.  And they do this with degradation, and worn tyres.


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  10. 3 hours ago, SimFunny said:

    Yes it really seems to work with PC at drivers seat, however I think it´s not work properly with PS4 or what do you think? At least camera movement to compensate shaking should be bigger.
    Here´s video (seat is moved to front so it looks almost same as dashboard but it´s from drivers seat, that´s why cyckled those at start):


    Yes for sure in that video the compensation/shake is much less than in my video.   I think mine was El Rodeo and for sure it was R2 Fiesta.  You could try to see if it compensates more there and in the Fiesta. (it could be car specific i am thinking)

  11. 3 hours ago, Rallystu2 said:

    The next thing to work out is just what certain fixes everybody can agree on. 

    That's Easy: Nobody can agree on certain fixes, so we just need to take the collated data + "other" stuff written out and deliver that eventually.   It's not like people here will actually agree on details of HOW to fix certain things IMO. you'd need many more polls, and a democracy isn't always best for actual technical designs  hehe

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  12. 15 minutes ago, JesseDeya said:

    Lol, put the bourbon down bn880, you're drunk 🙂

    I want to love CMs as much as the next sim racing fan, but it's a pretty abusive one-way relationship right now, ie: we give them money and support one way, and they abuse it.

    You know they released the game right? Like, actually released it and sold it to people and everything. It's supposed to work already.

    Oh so you are relegating to childish comments.  I'm anything but drunk I assure you.

    Yeah yeah I know they got paid for the game and at a good price point too, but the body of work users got is there, they are providing fixes over time. (they have already patched up a few times)

    There wasn't extensive deception on their part IMO, yes the game was not released as bug free as it could have been, and yes the online racenet thing (that also limits career options) is annoying.  But , either way being unreasonable now doesn't even solve anything!  I'm not really sure what you think you will achieve by being obnoxious to them if they are saying they're working on stuff.  (nothing but a bad rep for yourself I gather)

    Their statements that say that a lot of users like the FFB are just them highlighting to us that the issue is not simple to "fix" to please everyone.  And yeah, I buy that, because having a basic understanding of physics and software engineering as well as driving I know this all adds up factually.


    So, no cherry for you ;  your timeline of NOW just isn't going to happen, even if in a perfect world the FFB should have been a bit better on release. 


  13. Okay, so lets go one by one:



    " How do you or any of us know how well they are addressing it? They haven't said anything of substance on the issue in five weeks. "

    How do you know they are NOT addressing it.  Their statements are actually of substance.  You are assuming they are basically lying.  You can't call them out on that until you see the results or PROOF correct?  Can you imagine, if they came out several times and said what they did about looking into it, and then doing nothing.  THAT would be extreme negative publicity.  I doubt they are planning on that.

    It's the same argument as you have with religious people: "how do you explain this perfect creation, or whatever..." you have to compare the proof that you have, to the proof that you THINK might exist 😉

    You have one thing going for your argument and one thing only, that some previous title(s) of CM were not updated/fixed.  That is IT.


    " Stockholm syndrome 101. Wait a few MONTHS? "

    Yep, months!  I say this because I actually worked in a sim dev environment for nearly over a decade and understand that you can't scale core dev people working on a single tech that much, that they are often experts on other things and need to leave some time for that, and that FFB is not a simple 0/1 thing to solve.  It's not a trivial problem, each vehicle has different PS, you have many inputs, many different controllers, and everyone wants different things from FFB.  So it has nothing to do with S.S. 101.  I've just been in the thick of things to understand both the dynamics and the complexity of technology.


    And no, I am not paid by CM and am only a mild fanboy 😉  (hey they are the only ones making a serious push for a realistic rally game, you have to show some respect!)


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