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  1. Just had the audio cut out completely mid stage.

    PC, Win 10

    Was doing Ocean Beach Sprint Reverse as part of the main Career in an R2 Fiesta.  First shakedown of the stage (first stage of event), 2nd event of championship and no restart inbetween.

    I then experienced singular loud clicking noises in the speakers every time I switched between menus once I exited the Career. (like the speakers were being held down to max + or max - voltage)


    Hope that helps.

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  2. This may be reported already(I am so blind, @SharkyOB reported this just above), but at least here is a video:

    Fiesta R2 sun visor vs seat position is un-drivable  (Stock Light BLue livery that came with game)



    And a followup to another bug I reported or commented on:  The darkness level in some shaded sections, in dusk/dawn, and night is all fine as soon as I adjusted my gamma to 1.3 and raised up the monitor brightness a tiny bit.  It is much more dynamic than most games and I love that aspect. (you need to adjust gamma till you just barely see the first square's contrast)

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  3. 17 minutes ago, rob55 said:

    XBOX ONE HANDBRAKE ISSUE: I drive this game with a Fanatec CSW 2.5 setup, including the Fanatec Handbrake. When using the handbrake, I get the strong feeling that the handbrake in Dirt Rally 2.0 is just a simple digital on/off switch unlike in DR1 ? Not exactly what I expect from a rally game that wants to be recognized as a real simulator. I truly hope that this will be corrected in the next patch.

    Yes, see the previous post , it isn't fully digital but effectively


  4. Yes, and so apparently there is a very tiny area of movement that gives a bit of analog action:


    There is an analog range but it's concentrated at the first 5% of the movement of the HB.  Definitely a problem.   For example I have 1cm of play on the Fanatec HB to get any kind of analog action, out of 12cm.  So just as you barely put any force on the lever, you already get a lock.  Therefore essentially the request remains to fix it.


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  5. Just putting in my vote/voice for easy fix bug reports which you may have already seen:

    1. The handbrake is a digital on/off switch unlike in DR1, even if you map an analog HB axis in game and it shows as such, the force on the wheels is 100% as soon as you move it a tiny bit.

    2. Phil's voice coming out on the wrong audio channel for some calls.  So if you have Phil on center channel with a headset for example, you wont hear some calls in the headest (say in spain there are many), but instead in the left/right speakers.

    3. Hardcore damage not available in My Team/career. (yeah even if it would increase daily stuff difficulty, Career players who would use the option don't care)   To many users this being unavailable is a blatant bug and a let down.

    4. Manual Wipers intermittently turn on without user interaciton.  This is actually a regression for me from DR1 as this was not occurring on my PC in DR1.

  6. Just now, SonnyPrince said:


    Yes, and I didn't bash your suggestion or you.  And I said it may be a good idea to make that an option to users.  You are becoming rude to people who have not done anything to you.  Your suggestion also asks for a CHANGE of a system that others like, this is why you are getting opinions.  People are worried that things will change for the worse in their opinion.  If you asked for an OPTION then it would be a slightly different discussion.

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  7. I agree with AustinB on this one for the most part.  In reality tuning a car (for some single non expert) is a huge PITA.  You need to keep good data, and do a lot of research.  Testing time is limited as it's expensive, it's basically limited in the professional series as well to limit the cost of the sport.  Shakedowns are a bit short I will give you that, but you get 10 attempts.  The fact that you pay to repair your car after shakedown disasters is marvelous and immersive (to me and I am sure many).  If it's a career/campaign/championship, honestly, you need to treat your car like an egg as you're the team owner too and are paying the bills.  if you don't want to deal with the challenges of running a rallying career you basically can freeplay  etc.    (not sure if a custom career can resolve this, I suppose giving players an option to configure this aspect would be good for custom careers/championships)


    That's my personal view on this, I am not bashing anyone over theirs and yes I know it can be frustrating.  

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  8. It seems that the analog HB feature from DR1 was removed for DR2.0 for some reason, it is now binary/digital on/off.  Maybe Jon doesn't use his handbrake this way but especially on FWD rally cars you would use the HB in an analog manner to vary the rear under rotation to induce oversteer or just a bit of turn in.  This is especially true on very low traction surfaces like snow.


    Please bring it back.

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  9. 1 hour ago, Porkhammer said:

    Not just me. I can think of quite a few drivers that had their times quarantined for a daily stage that I had to email Darren about. He always reinstated them for us.

    I miss that man.

    Hehe, It seems like this is probably the best system, as long as there is a process people understand and can follow.  (at least until AI is crazy good to judge such things)