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  1. 48 minutes ago, Riggs said:

    One thing I noticed on this "no grip" bug, at least one mine, is that the wheels don't spin at all. It's as something has been disconnected from the clutch. If it was simply no grip, whenever I'd accelerate the wheels should try to spin or at least the chassis make some kind of force movement but it doesn't.

    I had this a few times but it was my handbrake sending in like 1% to 5% signal at the start line.

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  2. 18 hours ago, TheNorwegianPhantom said:

    hmm, seems like there is mechanical damage is working then. I personally think that durability is a bit high on the car after crashes, and those part failures should occur after one or two crashes, and not after what I assume is many crashes across multiple stages. But I dunno, maybe I'm just to good at keeping my car in running order at the service areas to notice any part failures.

    A BIT high?  It's about 10x too high in Career mode. 🙂  And yes, this has been complained about several times but it's some kind of messed up logic that Codemasters has for forcing this.   Every developer/programmer in the world, no matter how otherwise competent and brilliant has a few really stupid points of view, and this seems to be one of theirs.  limit damage heavily.

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  3. 2 hours ago, Didd31 said:

    If the car jumps, the driver too, if the car jumps too much it is that its dampers are badly adjusted.

    There are no racing games with this much shake. because there no racing games with as many bumps as the Argentina rally.


    Now, I am not against some additional image stabilization (increasing the slider range to the right) as a kind of assist, but I think overall it's not terrible.  You're mostly just in a rally car in argentina. (except you don't have the g forces to help your brain/body)

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  4. 23 minutes ago, Riggs said:

    An interesting fact is that there's a "no grip" bug which prevents the car from accelerating and/or levitating since launch, but after v1.2 its rate of occurrence has increased a lot. This grip bug could also be occurring with opposite effects for some people, causing the car to grip more than it's supposed to, giving it extra grip and therefore resulting in faster times. The effects are inconsistent between reports, and this could be just another one.



    Extremely unlikely, the no grip bug seems to act like some object under it, the inverse would mean you are planted/weighed down to the ground, and most likely your acceleration would suffer from that as well.  You'd be bottoming out and could visually see the car being low on the suspension.  Also AFAIK the "no grip" bug seems to be mostly from a stage start, pretty extreme and intermittent/rare. So yeah, I doubt this one user has a super grip bug on almost all the time.

  5. 11 hours ago, J89 said:

    I still can't understand how you don't notice that better grip and easy handling.

    I just tried Poland Marynka at R5 Skoda Fabia and I broke my record in 8s, the game is not enjoyable or challenging, like before the update.


    People don't notice it because it literally doesn't exist.  I believe 8s is VERY easy to shave off if you've only done a stage a few times and are not even close to the limits yet.  I keep shaving off 5 to 10s per stage every time I have a cleaner run.  It's quite literally called learning.

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  6. 8 hours ago, afahoy said:

    You keep saying “they” as if all YouTubers are the same. This is rather unfair to the good ones, as they did indeed, and still do in some cases, talk about the issues you claim they didn’t focus enough (for who?) on.

    Well if you have a link to a video or reference where they (any reviewer/previewer) actually warned people about this stuff (always online SP, digital handbrake, wetness, nights, no hardcore dmg in career etc) before the release I'd be curious to see who was so prudent.

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  7. 1 hour ago, BloodCat said:

    Yeah, I think this is about all the unexpected things we can expect. :classic_cool: And those DNFed cars are always so neatly parked that I don't know why marshals even bother signalling us about that.

    True true, but once I had a car parked on the outside left hander of the village in Spain and I was just a bit fast in there, did a Rovenperra right into his arse. 😄  Love those kinds of things, which is why I would really enjoy more mechanical failures that act like real life.

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  8. 1 hour ago, ianism said:

    fair point about reviewing data, but frankly if there is a noticable difference, even a small one, you would expect the best drivers to notice it first, right? and some of those guys are really, really good.

    as for not giving fair warning, they all voiced concerns about lack of content and racenet issues. the third main problem, ffb, is less likely to be noticed as they're more likely to have higher end wheels which apparently aren't affected

    They didn't focus on the problems enough and/or didn't make the points clear, they didn't appear to sink in with anyone before the release.  Also for example the arcade damage in Career mode (especially not being able to use hardcore damage), all the night and wet stages, etc. were not mentioned.  It's when you give an executive summary at the end of a review ( or conclusion) that you should bring the pros/cons of your findings to light in the correct balance.    There were some insane things missed IMO.  And while maybe they experienced them, they didn't raise them as real issues which IMO if they did their job 100% they should have.     As for the best drivers,  well maybe I don't even know, but I do know in terms of hot lapping the best guys are in the DR Discord chat and they also don't see a handling diff.  I also agree that (for the most part) the fastest guys would notice a change.  HOWEVER, there is a fact that the fastest drivers use totally different technique to the really slow drivers that complain about handling.  So it might not even be noticed. (not trying to feed the conspiracy, just saying)

  9. 5 hours ago, ianism said:

    guess we can close this thread lol.

    still never was any video evidence anything changed. all the youtubers i follow (SuperGT, Jimmy Broadbent etc) never noticed anything, and they really are expert drivers

    SAME!! I'd never driven that class before, even. finished 3:30 down, but then i checked the leaderboards and was in the top 50%! seems like most of us just completely suck, which is encouraging in a strange way.

    but yeah, wow, the RWD cars seem much harder if you don't have a wheel (or maybe those guys just really are that good?). especially the ones with higher power-to-weight ratios, like the Stratos, which coincidentally I also folded around pretty much every object in Poland in a Daily event last week.

    I've driven the Alpine and the Ascona a bit and they weren't too bad with some practice.

    This is a funny post, those youtubers would detect small changes in handling? HAH ,.  please.  😛   Im the one posting here actually reviewing data logs and telling you what I see.  There is a difference between extroverted entertainers on YT and technical people, and also expert drivers in general.  Just saying.  Generally once people on YT start to get many thousands of views and followers they lose focus, and feed the crowd.  Don't expect breakthroughs from them.  Its like we got almost 0 warning from them when they previewed/reviewed the games early, utterly useless bunch of people when its time to voice something that isn't popular and against their market share.

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  10. I suspect the same thing, other than a few people who may have some linearity settings reset due to update.  At least in my experience so far it's VERY clear nothing significant has changed, not significant enough at least to detect with detailed data logging 😛   I also tried a stage of Poland just now and again things appear the same, only improvements are where I am driving better due to time at the wheel.

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  11. I did the USA event yesterday and compared logs for each stage, no change in R2 that I could see beyond speed difference between wet or dry stages.  PC, fanatec wheel.

    Grip doesn't seem better, there are ways to be faster but it has nothing to do with changed source code just driving style.


    Will report on Poland when it comes up in my Career.

  12. 19 minutes ago, J89 said:

    In this forum, maybe, but others have noticed.

    There are too many codemaster fanboys here

    I hope you aren't referencing me, I totally objectively reviewed data for the R2 class to investigate.  If it showed a difference I'd be the first one to say it.

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    4 minutes ago, teknoid85 said:

    did someone see hayden's head  shake for-and backwards like a brainless zombie????  🤔 i didn't.............


    Yes his head is shaking a lot even over the smaller bumps, and it would show you a lot more if he did something like El Rodeo rough jumps if the camera was actually pointing internally at that time.

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  14. 2 minutes ago, J89 said:

    Actually, grip hasn't changed much, but car handling is easier than before update.

    The car does not go sideways in the same way after the update and turns more easily. Braking is also easier.

    Like arcade games.

    No, it isn't.  There is no change in Spain, I just told you that there is no way to be faster (with the same driving style/skill).  If i have to I can also reveiw detailed data logs for oversteer and compare, but the times specifically show it is the same and I feel it is the same (in Spain at least)

  15. It makes a significant difference, I've been watching acceleration deltas on a little telemetry and dash app that i made and between a stage 2 and 5 R2 FWD there is a huge difference in acceleration.  At times you can be going 5-10km/h faster purely on accel.

  16. 2 hours ago, teknoid85 said:

    i have softened all to maximum and set the slider all way right,  it's still not realistic from a point of driver view.  if i use interor view (dashboard/cockpit) it's supposed to have a  "point of driver view"  and not from a stupid camera

    What does that even mean, what's wrong with you?  Everything in a simulation is a camera, this one is attached to the drivers head/eyes.  You are ignoring blatant facts and holes in your request.  Explain to people perhaps in technical terms what you want to SEE in terms of your cockpit, and your outside world when the car is dipping back and forth by 30 degrees in Argentina.  Maybe then I can take you seriously.

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  17. 1 hour ago, bbbwww said:


    W T F    do you care??

    Let people get these simple features if it makes the game better for them! If there's already a slider, it obviously doesn't work effectively enough, so it could be just adjusted a little more by COdies.

    And in DR1 in the VR settings you could just eliminate head shake completely to eliminate motion sickness. Which was great!!

    Let people be bn880, would you????

    That's fine and I agree with giving people options (excluding some e sports stuff to balance competition), but why make a dishonest poll?  If he worded it like you did it would already be an improvement. And if you look back in the Bug report thread for 1.1 I was already contemplating if perhaps this wouldn't be a wise thing to do but he DOWN VOTED it .   So whatever BLA BLA buddy.  You don't have the facts and are having trouble processing what I am saying.

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  18. So far I have tested Spain in the R2, same setup, and it is 100% identical on the live delta t and delta v and stage times reflect this.  The only differences come when I make a mistake or take some turns better.  So acceleration is 100% the same and grip appears to be the same as well. 

    - R2, Spain, No change

    I probably won't have time to test gravel today, maybe tomorrow.

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  19. 4 minutes ago, doyaneedthis said:

    well thats weird i was just looking into stuttering issues and it seems a fix is disabling certain usb devices and your little program is excellent for that, 2 birds with one stone.




    Haha, yep, I told you it's a great tool. 😄  I find it extremely helpful for debugging all kinds of issues as well.