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  1. I did the USA event yesterday and compared logs for each stage, no change in R2 that I could see beyond speed difference between wet or dry stages.  PC, fanatec wheel.

    Grip doesn't seem better, there are ways to be faster but it has nothing to do with changed source code just driving style.


    Will report on Poland when it comes up in my Career.

  2. 19 minutes ago, J89 said:

    In this forum, maybe, but others have noticed.

    There are too many codemaster fanboys here

    I hope you aren't referencing me, I totally objectively reviewed data for the R2 class to investigate.  If it showed a difference I'd be the first one to say it.

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    4 minutes ago, teknoid85 said:

    did someone see hayden's head  shake for-and backwards like a brainless zombie????  🤔 i didn't.............


    Yes his head is shaking a lot even over the smaller bumps, and it would show you a lot more if he did something like El Rodeo rough jumps if the camera was actually pointing internally at that time.

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  4. 2 minutes ago, J89 said:

    Actually, grip hasn't changed much, but car handling is easier than before update.

    The car does not go sideways in the same way after the update and turns more easily. Braking is also easier.

    Like arcade games.

    No, it isn't.  There is no change in Spain, I just told you that there is no way to be faster (with the same driving style/skill).  If i have to I can also reveiw detailed data logs for oversteer and compare, but the times specifically show it is the same and I feel it is the same (in Spain at least)

  5. It makes a significant difference, I've been watching acceleration deltas on a little telemetry and dash app that i made and between a stage 2 and 5 R2 FWD there is a huge difference in acceleration.  At times you can be going 5-10km/h faster purely on accel.

  6. 2 hours ago, teknoid85 said:

    i have softened all to maximum and set the slider all way right,  it's still not realistic from a point of driver view.  if i use interor view (dashboard/cockpit) it's supposed to have a  "point of driver view"  and not from a stupid camera

    What does that even mean, what's wrong with you?  Everything in a simulation is a camera, this one is attached to the drivers head/eyes.  You are ignoring blatant facts and holes in your request.  Explain to people perhaps in technical terms what you want to SEE in terms of your cockpit, and your outside world when the car is dipping back and forth by 30 degrees in Argentina.  Maybe then I can take you seriously.

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  7. 1 hour ago, bbbwww said:


    W T F    do you care??

    Let people get these simple features if it makes the game better for them! If there's already a slider, it obviously doesn't work effectively enough, so it could be just adjusted a little more by COdies.

    And in DR1 in the VR settings you could just eliminate head shake completely to eliminate motion sickness. Which was great!!

    Let people be bn880, would you????

    That's fine and I agree with giving people options (excluding some e sports stuff to balance competition), but why make a dishonest poll?  If he worded it like you did it would already be an improvement. And if you look back in the Bug report thread for 1.1 I was already contemplating if perhaps this wouldn't be a wise thing to do but he DOWN VOTED it .   So whatever BLA BLA buddy.  You don't have the facts and are having trouble processing what I am saying.

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  8. So far I have tested Spain in the R2, same setup, and it is 100% identical on the live delta t and delta v and stage times reflect this.  The only differences come when I make a mistake or take some turns better.  So acceleration is 100% the same and grip appears to be the same as well. 

    - R2, Spain, No change

    I probably won't have time to test gravel today, maybe tomorrow.

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  9. 4 minutes ago, doyaneedthis said:

    well thats weird i was just looking into stuttering issues and it seems a fix is disabling certain usb devices and your little program is excellent for that, 2 birds with one stone.




    Haha, yep, I told you it's a great tool. 😄  I find it extremely helpful for debugging all kinds of issues as well.

  10. Well in a simulation every view is a camera view, metaphorically and literally.  The developers HAVE ALREADY taken the shaking issue into account and that is why the head shaking called "Camera Shake" is compensating for the movement of the car with respect to the ground/horizon as to stabilize the image.  This compensation is activated MOST at 100% (right on the slider not left).


    What you are ARGUING for is what the developers have already achieved with Camera Shake at 100%.  What you WANT is PERFECT image stabilization with FAKE position of the cockpit on top of that. 

    There I said it, now you have the truth

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  11. Just now, doyaneedthis said:

    I seem to remember this trick wasn't there something in system 32 you rename.

    No no, I mean, find yourself any simple executable to run that doesnt eat virtually any resources (unfortunately notepad.exe doesn't seem to work in win10) and rename it.  All that matters is that something named drt.exe is running.

    I use a wonderful utility called USBDeview that I renamed. 🙂



  12. 2 hours ago, doyaneedthis said:

    I was wondering if anybody has managed to get Fanaleds working on 2.0

    Yes they work fine you just need to trick Fanaleds

    Rename a simple exe to drt.exe and run it to let fanaleds think DR1 is running.

  13. 22 hours ago, ShodanCat said:

    In other racing sims like Project Cars 2, Assetto Corsa, etc, there is a slider you can adjust that affects how much the driver's "head" (camera) matches the angle of the car vs the horizon. So in Pcars 2 if you set it to 75%, then the camera stays 75% locked to the car and 25% locked to the horizon. 0% would be totally locked to the horizon with no up/down movement at all, 100% is totally locked to the car as if it was a GoPro bolted to the dashboard.

    This would be a nice additional option to have and I believe it's what you ( @teknoid85 ) are looking for.

    @ShodanCat this is actually basically what DR 2.0 has,  the maximum camera shake setting locks it almost fully to the horizon,  it's not 100% locked because that's utter BS and it doesnt happen even  IRL.  At 0% camera shake it is 100%  locked to car chassis.

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  14. I don't need to be invited, I have a right to post here to let people know just how absurd this is.


    Where is the third option:  I want a realistic visual from the driver's eyes simulating the brain's image stabilization more than is currently done?

    Or fourth:  Please increase the image stabilization even more, even if it's not realistic it is a needed feature for the sim for people to have more options.

    grow up!

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  15. This poll is outright laughable.  It is written in a biased format , like a rigged poll.  You should be ashamed of yourself @teknoid85  .    If you want to hear people's opinions you have to present honest questions so that they can give you honest responses.  You clearly are incapable of processing the truth and scientific information.  As I know (having worked in the simulation industry for years) that when I presented a real question of balance in simulation to the head shaking you immediately disagreed with my totally reasonable and open minded approach.

    Please stop setting people back, don't be so dishonest.


    @ChristinaMcI hope you can see just how simplistic and dishonest this poll is and ignore the results.  The problem is obviously more complex than this user makes it out to be.

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  16. Well, maybe I can put some of this to rest tomorrow:  I have very precise logs of my laps in an R2 FWD for all the stages from 1.1 (from the little software that I have yet to release), and since i saw this thread i will keep an eye on whether either cornering or acceleration has changed at all in that class.  It would show me visually as a delta d&t even if there was a 1% difference in any of the aspects.  Hope to provide feedback later tomorrow.

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  17. On 3/17/2019 at 7:22 PM, Riggs said:

    After some hours of gameplay, I would like to suggest that the soft tyre should wear faster. I think the soft tyre atm is a little bit too durable (can take 2 long stages and only be on Used state). Right now there's no point in using the Hard compound and I barely use the Medium now.

    Softs should only be usable for like 1 long stage before getting to the Worn state where it starts to slip really bad. Either that, or make the wear proportional to the number of stages in between services. I'm using the scenario: Service, Stage, Stage, Service.

    Yeah, IMO the real solution is to re-format the championship format to proper lengths.  Then the tyre wear might be a proper "game" factor.  Tyre allocation is also not fully implemented and could be a proper fun game factor if the championships were of correct length/distance (even if they are custom championships)

  18. Well not true, actually for live display/dash there is a tool for this already and it is called SimHUB, however it does not allow you to overlay in full screen mode and that's the only difference. You need to either have it on a side monitor or have your game in windowed (possibly borderless if you go that far) mode.

    You can see some of it here, you can just edit the dash panel to your desire: 

    Anyway, that's certainly an improvement if you can overlay in full screen, but also the real deal for setups is in reviewing data logs after a run, which is something I need to release which fully supports MoTeC exporting.  (nearly done, just plugging in some DR 2.0 tracks/vehicles as I go)