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  1. Well not true, actually for live display/dash there is a tool for this already and it is called SimHUB, however it does not allow you to overlay in full screen mode and that's the only difference. You need to either have it on a side monitor or have your game in windowed (possibly borderless if you go that far) mode.

    You can see some of it here, you can just edit the dash panel to your desire: 

    Anyway, that's certainly an improvement if you can overlay in full screen, but also the real deal for setups is in reviewing data logs after a run, which is something I need to release which fully supports MoTeC exporting.  (nearly done, just plugging in some DR 2.0 tracks/vehicles as I go)

  2. Look at all the body roll here  at 2:04 for example 

    And there have been times where i even rolled over from the body roll under high G and being possibly in some ruts.  So yeah, its FULLY there but the guy's head (Camera Shake) compensates for it.

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  3. On 3/12/2019 at 8:52 AM, bn880 said:

    Might be, I haven't really looked into it in extreme detail. So far it seemed to be more less shaking with the car chassis and not more.  I guess the problem is also we are sitting on immobile chairs and not in the car to compensate, so I guess there has to be some UNrealism for that reason to mitigate some shake as an option.

    Aha so yes, Codies already mitigated this fact and that is what "Camera Shake" does , actually enabling Camera Shake clearly moves the camera with a virtual driver's head and mitigates most of the shaking even in Argentina.  NICE JOB CODIES!   Maybe some people just had this off as the name is a bit ambiguous, it sounds like it does the opposite to people.

    0:00 No Head Shake 1:20 Maximum Head Shake

      So anyway IMO there is no bug, just unclear feature name and no tooltip.  It could be called "Head Camera Shake" and tooltip needs to exist.

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  4. On 3/2/2019 at 3:28 AM, eScourge said:


    Difficulty levels in Career mode need to be addressed,

    In Elite difficulty The AI speeds are currently FASTER then the current world record holder for the particular stage I checked, please see images attached.

    The world record itself I would say is questionable. The closest next time is 24 sec slower.

    There is a massive leap in the AI speed between Pro difficulty and Elite,  in Pro I was challenged but able to place first in most stages, however in Elite difficulty trying my hardest i cannot seem to place in the top 20.  Lord knows what Master difficulty would be like!






    I just wanted to second (or 100) this, in R2 Elite level, in Poland the AI are monsters about 10s ahead of a really good run on a stage with decent setup.   I don't think there is more than one or two drivers that can maybe make it into the Masters in R2?  And I consider myself a little bit of a FWD specialist...

    Edit: In New Zealand the AI seem more managable and well, at least I can beat them in R2 so not sure if they are too fast or too slow there.

    Edit2: In most of the other venues the AI is brutal again in Elite, they seem to do top 20 world record times pretty consistently.  I'm pretty sure this isn't a good thing, it will probably limit the number of people who can get to Masters without serious restarts to 50 in the world.  Since it's a sim that number should probably be higher.  IMO at least 500 people should be able to get into masters in the world with practice, if not more over longer periods of time.    Just my  2c

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  5. 2 minutes ago, Eagleizer said:

    Please stop discussing stuff in the bug report thread. Make a thread

    and just post a link here, or simply use PM.  Only post problems and

    solutions as there are lots of us following this thread. We don't want

    to get notified about new posts here, only to read silly discussions...


    As for the "bobbing":



    Set camera shake to 100%. This will stabilize the horizon more than when set to 0%. 

    It mostly affects HeadCam, so if you drive in BonnetCam view, it will only help a tiny bit.



    Prey that Codies will add "Lock Screen to Horizon" in all views so we all can enjoy what

    VR and TrackIR users enjoys in DR1.  


    Cheers 🙂

    Says the guy who is discussing things in the bug report thread.  You don't make the rules and certainly are not qualified to judge what is a relevant contribution and what isn't so mind your own business sir.

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  6. It doesn't matter, they will use other stands if they have no choice, even if you turn blue in the face.  Otherwise they have to put wheels under the car or use the floor jack.  Lastly this is an extremely nitpicky request.  You may be right that they should use the pin stands, but whatever else is thrown around on the side is irrelevant.  Maybe it's for putting equipment on, maybe it's for a historical car, who the hell cares?  (and I am VERY sympathetic to most requests people make, this is only partly a valid request)

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  7. Well, it is true that one should lower the FOV to drive with even a 30" display. (if you want 1:1 correlation to reality)


    I do say that RBR update is looking great, but yes, hoping very much that DR 2.0 will be fixed up properly.  Again it is not too far away from a really good rally sim, a few fixes, a few changes. (IMO anyway)

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  8. If the correct stands are used for the class of car, why do you bother talking about extra stands on the side?  You think they are not allowed to have other equipment around for whatever reason?   Just sounds too OCD to me.  I mean, do you ever see an R5 car lifted on regular stands?   And what if they need to service the pin stand mount points after a crash, they will need some other stand in place or something under the wheels.

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  9. On 3/7/2019 at 12:47 PM, VaeliusNoctu said:

    I can understand. But most players are tired of spending 80% + their time in rain and night levels.
    Developers can add a custom Mode to the Career mode, which worked well in Dirt Rally 1 as well.
    In addition, most Players have in the game Latest two weeks so much money that they do not need it anymore.
    As long as it's optional, it does not hurt anyone, but enriches the game.

    Yes and some of us are tired of the arcade damage in MyTeam.   (yes I sound like a broken record, broken by the lack of damage)

  10. I believe we only get 8 setup slots per car per surface type (gravel/tarmac/snow). Which is actually grossly insufficient.  One should be able to save at least 2-3 setups per car, per venue. (wet, dry, WIP)

    It just makes it difficult to keep track of changes/setups as you would do in reality and would like to do in the game/sim.

    So how about just letting us save a very large number of setups, is there some reason why this is restricted, it's pretty much free in the code isn't it?



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  11. 1 hour ago, SquadBruce said:

    The roads are probably that bumpy but the difference in real life is that your eyes can adjust whereas in game you are just looking at a bouncy screen. 

    So yeah it is unrealistic in that respect. As said soften the suspension and the spring rate and move camera shake down to 50. It won't solve the problem but it's a lot better.

    Yes that was exactly what I was saying in my last post.   So there should be a little bit of unrealistic countering to the fact that we are not in a motion sim.

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  12. 9 minutes ago, teknoid85 said:

    yes,and you have to soften suspension of course,  but  the visual shaking effect on those stages is not real, it's bullsh** 😉   and the fact that the  shakingeffectgslider don't work is even worse

    Might be, I haven't really looked into it in extreme detail. So far it seemed to be more less shaking with the car chassis and not more.  I guess the problem is also we are sitting on immobile chairs and not in the car to compensate, so I guess there has to be some UNrealism for that reason to mitigate some shake as an option.

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  13. 2 hours ago, doyaneedthis said:

    Please fix the anti shake Argentina has been rendered almost useless you cant see where you are going.

    Hmm, I thought the cure for that is suspension adjustment, higher framerate, and lowering camera shake if needed in Preferences?  I mean, you are supposed to shake like crazy on some roads AFAIK.

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  14. Yep, I'm not sure how this was rationalized.  I guess having some variation makes it interesting but this is complete overkill. 🙂  Hey Codies, why not transfer the extreme weather frequency into the damage simulation instead, and then you will have it right. 🙂

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  15. On 3/10/2019 at 7:55 AM, WoodAx said:

    Hello, why on Xbox One, in cockpit view, the hands of the driver are in 30fps while the steering wheel and the environment are in 60fps? It's really weird like effect, is an update planned about that ?

    I can answer that: for performance reasons.  Consoles struggle to run such high fidelity scenes.  What's more important, the driving or the icing? 🙂

  16. On 3/8/2019 at 1:41 PM, Fjacobsen said:

    I´m divided about the Racenet thing, cause many other games I play require internet connection to be played, but I think that singleplayer shouldn´t require an active connection. 

    Then why are you divided?  It is single player.  And how many games delete your progress in case of a failed internet connection, or stop you playing SP mid game when your internet cuts out?  It's a VERY clear cut case.

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