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  1. You skipped over the hardcore damage option missing from career.  And really, it's hard to be objective with such a post (without a lot of work to go through all reports and actually counting and rating them).  I think this is up to Codemasters to tally and decide what is most reported, what is most valid, and what should be fixed a a result.

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  2. 23 minutes ago, richie said:

    I really struggle to understand what's the point in having a safari excursion just to boost your gamertag up on the leaderboards. Even if there was no ghost and people couldn't see your blatant cheating, it's still no achievement to be on top of the LB like that. It's just boring 😴

    I think the answer is very simple though as to what the point is: society seems to be valuing being at the top and very few people care how you got there.  So it doesn't matter to people for example watching YT vids of world record times that 90% of the time the driver would have absolutely destroyed a car in real life and probably inured themselves.  They just see the win and don't even know the risk.   And to be frank, Codemasters is playing to this exact wreckless driving trend as well, with the almost non existent damage for example in Career mode (you can plow into rock faces so hard you'd be a pancake IRL but nothing more than 10k of repairs in the game).  How lame.

  3. 6 hours ago, Reifhardt said:

    The cockpit view in the fiesta r2 has you sitting way too high. You can't see out because of the giant black sunvisor. I have moved the seat down in game as far as it will go. Can the devs put like 3 more clicks down or trim back the sun visor it's practically undriveable. I hope all the fiestas aren't like this. It's my favorite car.

    Yes, but switch to the first livery, it has a normal sun strip.

  4. I can't believe that the only person with a reasonable answer to the problem was @dgeesi0 .  You only need to add a time penalty for major infractions.  Don't destroy a car if there are no obstacles there IRL, and no need to reset a car (unless you really are super worried about people seeing your unfinished stage design).

    Anyway, in real life they now also issue penalties for such extreme cutting so it seems to make sense to add it in the game.  However, it is a lot of work to make it fair. 

    As a sidenote I've had my car reset once or twice where I was just making a turn around to get back on the road safely and easily, its an infuriating nanny system.  Let me deal with it, I have the button if I need help.   😉

    Thank you

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  5. 6 hours ago, UnderclassGDfan said:

    Why would someone from Codemasters join the conversation here?

    That would be the first time in history I would see someone from the Dev-Team explaining things on the forum.

    I would expect it, since this is their thread on their forums and their customers are having issues.  They also put out a LOT of social media stuff on how they made the game etc etc advertizing all the time, so they should now follow through with information people are asking about after release.

    I also have seen many occasions where Christina clarifies things and their devs explain stuff, most recent was FOV settings where the dev tried to clarify.

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  6. 30 minutes ago, UnderclassGDfan said:

    I think you completely don't get the point here.

    The times are not well balanced.

    If I am 5-7 seconds slower per sector in a weekly challenge against the current leader, than 15 seconds on "Pro" (3rd of 5 difficulties!!) is insane.

    Basing the AI times on a professional rally driver is also just...not right.

    They should be based on the average gamer.

    The highest difficulty should never be on WR-niveau.


    I seem to get the point as you are continuing to state opinions and expanding answers based on my reply?  I did not see you write about the weekly challenge leader until now.  If I am missing a point, perhaps it is because you aren't phrasing it very clearly?

    Now I have a better idea of what you are complaining about, but I can say with certainty that there is a chance still everything is mostly as intended, because we are missing someone from the conversation: Codemasters and their SME's.

    Edit: I think basing AI times for a game simulating professional rally driving on a professional rally driver is a good idea in principle.  However when you put a pro rally driver on the game for months, maybe those times are too fast for a game reference.

  7. 45 minutes ago, McRoessler said:

    No, I don't think everyone can become a master in 6 day's. Although I think, that if I lead every stage by 10 to 60 seconds in the league before that one should be at least competitive in Pro - but people struggle to get into the top 10...

    You may have a point there, maybe the steps up in competition are excessive.  Also I wonder if the overall times aren't based on too much repetitive driving over the same stages by Jon and others.  So compared to reality the times will be too fast.  However, if we factor in that people spend hundreds of hours in the game over time, at that point it may even out for "gaming" reasons.   It's not a simple question, do you scale it to real world levels (as in , top level is at Loeb/Ogier time) or do you scale it on gaming levels (much more diverse talent and many times more practice allowed).

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  8. 7 hours ago, McRoessler said:

    Yes I totally agree the AI is messed up too. In masters in DR1 I have no problems driving into 1st place. DR2 in Pro I struggle to get into the top 10. 
    It's a pitty - such a good game messed up with sooooo many bugs!

    But most likely the times in masters etc are not a bug...  I mean, do you think everyone playing DR2.0 can become a master rally driver in 6 days?  Fix it only if its a bug, thanks.

  9. 15 minutes ago, JorritVD said:

    So rather put this in a seperate post.

    Also, i don't like the incosistency in the numberplates, one time old style, than new style, than names on the front fender, than on the window, etc.
    My suggestion would make the style from that era, rather than an R5 car having all different styles. 

    Example of the Megane,
    - Why my name is not on the window
    - Why it not has my number (i have chosen #90)
    - Why the numberplate is down, and why not on the correct position like the WRX/ERX/ARX cars?


    Give this man a QA job 🙂

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  10. 47 minutes ago, VirtuaIceMan said:

    I drove the short Te Awanga Sprint stage (New Zealand) in the Impreza, and at a couple of points, Phil's voice got a lot louder and sounded like it was entirely centered (I'm running 5.1). It almost sounded like some clips were recorded on a different day at a different volume. Does everyone else get this?

    Yes, reported a few times, he moves to different channels on many calls.

  11. Just had the audio cut out completely mid stage.

    PC, Win 10

    Was doing Ocean Beach Sprint Reverse as part of the main Career in an R2 Fiesta.  First shakedown of the stage (first stage of event), 2nd event of championship and no restart inbetween.

    I then experienced singular loud clicking noises in the speakers every time I switched between menus once I exited the Career. (like the speakers were being held down to max + or max - voltage)


    Hope that helps.

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  12. 26 minutes ago, CatBadders said:



    This is something people need to understand - career mode is something you complete, My Team is not something you "beat" and finish. I know you aren't saying it is, but man is it getting really annoying seeing that everywhere.

    Because it is called Career somewhere in the menu  "Career Races and Challenges"   "Career Rally".    But the point is a Career is a thing in a game, and in this game too, here it is UNDER Online MyTeam thing unfortunately.

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