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  1. 5 minutes ago, Riggs said:

    It's already separated. In Freeplay you have everything a career mode has. You can make your own championship, or just play a stage, full list of cars unlocked and upgraded, multiplayer lobbies, everything. I don't see what's the grasp here. For those who enjoy a full immersed career mode, it makes sense having a money system and progression, just like in real life. Life is a grind.

    And it should indeed have hardcore damage turned on to make it even more realistic and difficult. But I believe they are turning that on eSports entries.

    Well you are actually proving my point:  I don't want to MAKE a custom championship.  I WANT to have progression, money system, team, the grind AND real hardcore damage and without having to custom build this or fake it which is the only way to get that with Freeplay right?

    So your last sentence basically acknowledges the problem but diminishes it's importance.  My point is exactly that it is more important to many people than eSports.  Not to mention that eSports have a perverted amount of arcade stuff already so the  (not 100% hardcore) hardcore damage should/could be turned on.

  2. 4 minutes ago, Voidhawk said:

    Career mode is already a grind with buying cars, staff, upgrades, repairs. Do you really want to be in a position where you are at an unfair disadvantage for the online events because all your money has gone into hardcore repair costs.

    The answer is yes.  😄

    (To clarify, a career and MyTeam should be available to use only for single player if someone desires.  And that should not require building and configuring the entire thing or faking it so that it doesnt affect your multiplayer (online) experience.  I focus mostly on offline stuff and that's what a career should be first, any MP stuff IMO is 2nd priority. (so the two should be possible to separate) )

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  3. (Approaching this is like a support group ala AAA):

    Hi, my name is bn880.  The first things that I noticed which are welcome improvements (more will come later )

    1. It is possible to assign more menu options and more menu options are auto assigned to various wheels/controllers.  This is really good to avoid having to use the mouse on something like a Fanatec setup for example.  (and the menus are just easier to navigate with a controller of your choice)

    2. Stopping by the marshal at the end of a stage is very welcome, makes you accountable for what happens after the timing beacon.

    3. Hardcore damage (where available) is a step up in realism.

    4. The game seems reasonably well optimized, it's not much more demanding than DR1 even though the fidelity is increased.

    5. UDP output is still present (yay)


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  4. On 2/25/2019 at 6:49 AM, RodgerDavies said:

    My biggest concern with it at the moment is that it doesn't seem to incorporate all the new updates - especially hardcore damage mode - and I am worried that DLC content (stages) won't be incorporated into the mode, seeing as we've had no word whatsoever about how DLC content will be useable yet.

    The lack of hardcore damage in the career is.. totally astounding to me.  That is one of the main reasons for hardcore damage as it affects repair costs.  If the repair system is a problem there should be a version of the career aimed at hardcore damage to somehow make it realistic.

  5. I agree with AustinB on this one for the most part.  In reality tuning a car (for some single non expert) is a huge PITA.  You need to keep good data, and do a lot of research.  Testing time is limited as it's expensive, it's basically limited in the professional series as well to limit the cost of the sport.  Shakedowns are a bit short I will give you that, but you get 10 attempts.  The fact that you pay to repair your car after shakedown disasters is marvelous and immersive (to me and I am sure many).  If it's a career/campaign/championship, honestly, you need to treat your car like an egg as you're the team owner too and are paying the bills.  if you don't want to deal with the challenges of running a rallying career you basically can freeplay  etc.    (not sure if a custom career can resolve this, I suppose giving players an option to configure this aspect would be good for custom careers/championships)


    That's my personal view on this, I am not bashing anyone over theirs and yes I know it can be frustrating.  

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  6. I think because most FFB has been overdone in many games, and this is a big step in the other direction and towards realism for a modern rally car,  but I really have to say what I am feeling now seems a little bit too lacking.  (I mean, even if you take a regular road car on the limit you can tell there is a little bit of a difference)

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  7. It seems that the analog HB feature from DR1 was removed for DR2.0 for some reason, it is now binary/digital on/off.  Maybe Jon doesn't use his handbrake this way but especially on FWD rally cars you would use the HB in an analog manner to vary the rear under rotation to induce oversteer or just a bit of turn in.  This is especially true on very low traction surfaces like snow.


    Please bring it back.

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  8. Hello, the hardcore damage is a welcome improvement over standard (even if still lacking for snapping steering arms, control arms etc).  However it is not possible to turn on Hardcore damage everywhere throughout the sim.   Can we have a GLOBAL hardcore damage setting or something please that would remain on in careers, freeplay etc?


    Thank you

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  9. 2 hours ago, dgeesi0 said:

    the problem is who says what is right or wrong or...if people have installed wheels correctly or have other issues effecting the outcome of ffb. there are many variables . most wheels ffb are fine.

    Possibly true, I'm with a Fanatec CSW 2.5 here and there is something a little bit off with lack of feedback if I am quite honest. (I guess one expects a bit more feel from all the weight transfer etc) Hitting stuff though provides excellent feel 😄

  10. 2 hours ago, Grumps82 said:

    Ok. I've been testing some more setting and specifically on Tarmac.

    While using the settings from my guide above "ffb_force" in the XML file. 


    You can improve the feeling on tarmac by manually increasing the Self Aligning Torque (SAT) until it 'feels right'.

    The amount you increase it is dependent on a few variables but it definitely makes a difference.

    I'm wondering if there is a bug / glitch somewhere, so when you drive on tarmac the SAT value decreases or something (in the code, not in the game menu).



    I had a quick go at tarmac without your fix and yes something is slightly off with the self aligning torque (and lack of feedback from suspension movement).  On tarmac your SAT or forces in general should be larger than on gravel, specifically due to the increased grip and lower tyre sidewalls.  I guess this is a little broken or reversed.

    On default settings without a fix the SAT on Fanatec CSW 2.5 is too strong and yet bland, it's like you are just fighting it for no reason. 

  11. Przemek I think you may find that each engine's physics implementation is vastly different and they already spent a lot of man hours developing theirs and testing it. So what you created would most likely take Codies an entire overhaul of their physics engine to integrate and the game is already out on the market.  Maybe they can find some useful algorithm here or there though who knows.  I'm just saying don't hold your breath.

  12. 4 minutes ago, chukonu said:

    I never played DR1 or D4 with a wheel, but I used to play it with a gamepad. In DR1 with the gamepad, it would vibrate a lot of the time for example when locking up bumping over the surface. This sensation got lost in D4 and hasn't returned in DR2 with my wheel.

    This may be true, but that isn't a really realistic feature that hasn't returned.  It's an aide to make up for the fact that you aren't in a physical car.   Anyway I do respect everyone who complains that a feature is removed from any software, so I don't want to appear one sided here.  Before removing, put it in as an option if possible.

  13. 10 minutes ago, Decks said:

    How about if we compare it to the past 2 Dirt games? AS its a huge step down from both of them. 

    The problem could be they had too much FFB force. I can tell you for example that DR1 with a Fanatec CSW2.5 is several times too powerful FFB compared to a real car when we're talking about non-major impacts.  You literally can injure yourself if you spend enough time at the wheel at 100% settings in DR1 + Fanatec (depending on your seating position too).  It's not like this at all in reality as another user stated above.  Nobody wants to put more force on the driver than necessary in a modern rally car and they also don't want to require large amounts of energy/force from the driver as they'd just tire out.  They get as little force back to them as possible while still being able to have full control and sufficient feeling.

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