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  1. Przemek I think you may find that each engine's physics implementation is vastly different and they already spent a lot of man hours developing theirs and testing it. So what you created would most likely take Codies an entire overhaul of their physics engine to integrate and the game is already out on the market.  Maybe they can find some useful algorithm here or there though who knows.  I'm just saying don't hold your breath.

  2. 4 minutes ago, chukonu said:

    I never played DR1 or D4 with a wheel, but I used to play it with a gamepad. In DR1 with the gamepad, it would vibrate a lot of the time for example when locking up bumping over the surface. This sensation got lost in D4 and hasn't returned in DR2 with my wheel.

    This may be true, but that isn't a really realistic feature that hasn't returned.  It's an aide to make up for the fact that you aren't in a physical car.   Anyway I do respect everyone who complains that a feature is removed from any software, so I don't want to appear one sided here.  Before removing, put it in as an option if possible.

  3. 10 minutes ago, Decks said:

    How about if we compare it to the past 2 Dirt games? AS its a huge step down from both of them. 

    The problem could be they had too much FFB force. I can tell you for example that DR1 with a Fanatec CSW2.5 is several times too powerful FFB compared to a real car when we're talking about non-major impacts.  You literally can injure yourself if you spend enough time at the wheel at 100% settings in DR1 + Fanatec (depending on your seating position too).  It's not like this at all in reality as another user stated above.  Nobody wants to put more force on the driver than necessary in a modern rally car and they also don't want to require large amounts of energy/force from the driver as they'd just tire out.  They get as little force back to them as possible while still being able to have full control and sufficient feeling.

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  4. 1 hour ago, Porkhammer said:

    Not just me. I can think of quite a few drivers that had their times quarantined for a daily stage that I had to email Darren about. He always reinstated them for us.

    I miss that man.

    Hehe, It seems like this is probably the best system, as long as there is a process people understand and can follow.  (at least until AI is crazy good to judge such things)

  5. 2 minutes ago, mumblesh said:

    Dear lord! Now someone is telling us that this single person may have ears that filter Phil Mills voice so it no longer resembles clear English, and that sound is not the problem for someone with a hearing difficulty? Now you are just being pedantic.

    This suggests then that to solve the problem all Codemasters has to do is find a person who speaks English at the correct tone and frequency for this one individual. Namely an American accent in this case, preferably from the same state of America this guy lives in. Cos damn, there's a heck of a lot of US accents that may have pronunciation that is not only incomprehensible to someone somewhere, but might be at a frequency some person can't hear.

    Then after that we can move onto Spanish.... 

    Now even I'm done! This is trolling, plain and simple.

    Pedantic, obviously your life experiences must be limited to not see the possibilities.  You come across as ignorant with such statements.  I guess everyone in the world is the same with the same body and no injuries, same experiences... okaaay.

  6. I don't think I'm over reacting.  I'm trying to keep the bashing of people to a minimum as it is just much more rewarding to be part of a community that is reasonably respectful to each other.  I mean I am not assuming he has hearing damage, I am saying it is a (good) possibility.  My own issues are too minor to be of actual concern for the co driver.

    Yeah it can be considered strange to get a refund for that, but you know there are thousands of customers.  Everyone has a different demand and need.  Also if a feature is removed (and not explicitly disclosed before hand) between versions I think it is fair to get a refund (early) as well.

    Edit: I guess we can leave it at that.  🙂

  7. ^ What I find really astonishing is that CM has some decent rally drivers testing their stages and cars.  So why not put in a hard limit on stage times that are obviously out of physical possibilities and send anything under that up for a rare human review?  Like you know, nobody can do a certain stage 1 or 2 minutes faster than a really good run by an experienced professional.  At least this would cut out half the BS times.

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  8. 1 hour ago, mumblesh said:

    If you have hearing difficulty, then sound is a problem in general. Not Phil Mills.

    This is actually absolutely not true.  People with different hearing difficulties just have MORE issues hearing certain tones and voices and anything that makes it more challenging like a specific accent or lack of volume makes it worse.  Why do people on the internet always assume they know everything?  Look at rallying, how good are all of you at it compared to Ogier or Loeb and how much did you need to learn and practice to get to a reasonable level, equally do you think you are at least as good as an ENT or some medical researcher?  Don't over simplify things you don't fully understand.  The worst thing on gaming forums are fanboys who step in and silence negative feedback or requests they just don't care about.  Don't be one of those sad people.  It's  not like it's 200 people requesting Codemasters waste their time on making 100 new liveries.  Let it be...

  9. Well this is really unfortunate.  What you guys may have failed to notice is DirtTrash is signing with -SemperFi which if legit could be a very good reason to have hearing damage if he was ever deployed with the USMC or prior with the Army.   In any case it's not an insult to Phil if one person out of 1000 or whatever the odds are can't understand his pace notes with default settings.  I have some light tinnitus myself from an unfortunate blast and know at least how it can feel.  Basically it is FIRST harder to understand speech over other noise, rally car environment will qualify as such noise. 


    Just saying, no need to freak out on the guy because he has a serious problem with a feature, who knows the guy may even be hearing impaired or with a disability.  You know not everyone wants to open up with their life story and list of disabilities to provide feedback or have a request.   If you just don't see the need for some feature you don't really need to reply/support it, there is no need to bash someone to the ground, they're not even insulting you.  🚓

    my 20c 🙂                 @DirtTrash, I hope you don't let the comments from other gamers stop you from enjoying the game some day.

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  10. Are you joking?  Best rally driver?  Even she doesn't think that, not even close.

    For example she's been put on a genuine F1 sim which is more of her specialty and she learned just at what level the top level drivers are.  Rovenperra for example at 18 years old would SOOOO destroy her in a rally.  🙂   So I am not saying she is bad, just putting things in perspective.

  11. If you have trouble understanding the co-driver try outputting him to a separate channel perhaps (center) like in DR 1.0.  Put him on your headset and put the engine/game sounds on speakers.  That makes it more realistic and much easier to hear pace notes.

    Edit: I do have to agree that your original post is a bit unclear that you are after different voices.  Now THAT could be a DLC once a female voice is in there free.  Just saying, not requesting.