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  1. 12 hours ago, dgeesi0 said:

    its the fairest way to see whos the quickest. all on same set ups becomes all about driving skill. thats why its done.

    There is a clear logical flaw with this, and it's that the best overall drivers may NOT make it past the early stages due to having different rules between initial qualifiers/quarters and the finals.

    Setup is part of real rally, it's part of the game as well.  It is a skill and talent people have spent time developing.  It also changes in some cases completely how you drive a car.  And a person may be top notch (best in the world) when they have a car set up, but may not be in the 99.9% when their setup is fecked up.  And there is no real reason other than this artificial nonsense in the rules to drive a car without setup!  Unless you are driving some old mini in the 70's or something that didn't have much you could set.

    You can't get your way around this argument, and everyone else who advocates for no setup qualifiers either.  You can skip over this important fact, and make assumptions that luck will get the best drivers in, but you don't know that with absolute certainty, and it could trip up the very best.


    Basically, the rules in the final should be applied from day 1 IF some basic minimum equipment that people have permits it.  So this is why chase cams should be disallowed, massive cutting should be disallowed (as it's BS honestly), and technically driving with controllers and keyboards should be disallowed, disabling grass should be disallowed, disabling FFB should be disallowed for qualifiers.  To re-iterate, because you're giving a chance for people who can't (more likely can't) function in a realistic competition/final to take the spots of people who can.

    To add to that, you are also opening the door to people who haven't the slightest about setups to get in and take spots in the semis/final.  Why?  Are they going to catch up in that time?  Maybe, but why punish people who have already invested time in learning the craft?

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  2. Yeah I will confirm Mike does his runs stock to get WR's, you can check this in his live streams if you watch them.


    I also can get a 3:52... stock in Kopina with the VW no less which seems slower. 


    However, yeah, I think setups should be allowed for eSports, from day 1.  It's a skill and talent, part of the game.  The only negative of setups in PL is that you go insanely fast with them.  The current top speeds are more sensible.

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  3. 2 hours ago, MaXyMsrpl said:

    again: it's not about difficulty . If you know development (other than 'garage' one) you should know how much resources it costs and in case of console applications, it must be reviewed before published.

    If they have a business/release plan, support other games at the same time, it's obvious it cannot be released in a day or weak.


    And you know what... it's amazing how many unfair cut opportunities have been unveiled just before the event.

    I know, but they had weeks (really months) of warning, I listed most of the cuts a long time ago and reported them.  (and other people did similar things here and there)

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  4. 1 minute ago, MaXyMsrpl said:

    you 100% missed the point or don't understand the development process. 

    Anyway I haven't say it's not fixable. But it might be not enough time or other resources to fix it in time.

    That is what you said, but maybe you meant something else.  I know the dev process quite well which is why I am telling you this is fixable, it's also not extremely difficult to patch up a single stage.  It's obviously more work to patch up all the places in all locations, however, this should have been part of QA/Dev from day 1 of the content projects.

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  5. So a few more questions, some cuts, some wides:

    Wide 1:  4 wheels off road allowed?



    Wide 2: 4 wheels off road allowed?



    Cut 5: 4 wheels off road allowed?


    Cut 6: allowed?


    Cut 7: allowed?



    Also if a cut is not allowed, are you imposing a 10s/5s time penalty or DQing a run?

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  6. the entire Geufron Forest stage has the pacenotes coming out on side channels and nothing on center channel in 5.1 - completely reversed to what it should be and makes any headset / amp used for codriver there useless [exception is the 5-1 countdown]


    Steam version.

    Not reporting many other details as they seem irrelevant in this case, other stages work fine with a few bad calls on wrong channels as reported before.

  7. Thanks for at least being respectful.    I still think improvements are being made, sadly the VR issue was a big hit to resources I think unfortunately.


    I'm not even close to giving up on the game due to a few issues compared to hundreds of good things about it!

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  8. On 8/21/2019 at 5:29 PM, E69Korrea said:

    I think I found the problem... My problem was my 5.1 system sound. All the speakers are working fine, but I don't know why Dirt2 send the co-driver to the central speaker.

    So, the "patch" is change my system sound from 5.1 to 4.0. Now the co-drivers sound is ok... I lost the bass system, but dirt2 is more important.


    It's done this way to allow people to put on a separate amp on the center channel (in part) or to connect headphones for co-driver.  Also AFAIK because it just makes sense for codriver to be on center speaker.


    It's a very useful feature.

  9. Regression: Fanatec wheels keep showing the RPM/Shift LED's in reverse since 1.4 or 1.5.  NOT a Firmware issue. This happens without updating your Fanatec FW< and also apps like Fanaleds still work with the wheel correctly.


    Edit: I just noticed another user reported this for CSL Elite, it also has some upvotes it seems.

  10. Please expand the UDP packet to include: 


    • Turbo pressure/vacuum
    • Engine temperature

    I mention these things because even when you want to make a custom dash, you can't get these values and are forced to used the OSD (which isn't cool for more hardcore stuff)


    • Car ID number - This would help to ID the car properly for UDP apps.¬† currently ~4-5¬† cars can not be distinguished with hacks due to this missing number.
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