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  1. 22 minutes ago, nasoduko said:

    1.and here we call you kolobithroksila 

    Who do you call that, whatever it means?  The people who invented cars and computers?     (this is the last thing I am saying to you)

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  2. 1 hour ago, SquirrelEsquire said:


    Seriously though- Your concerns are shared with most of us. It's difficult because the majority of players don't post on the forums, and the majority of developer resources are focused towards new content and acquiring new players from that hidden majority. As a result, the voices of some people seem disproportionately louder in comparison to the general consensus.

    It's frustrating because DR 2.0 is the best Rally game out there, yet the popularity of the genre doesn't seem to justify a close relationship between players and developers. That's probably because DR 2.0 has a skeleton crew of staff working on it in comparison to titles like GRID which have such a wider appeal.

    I think we'd all like to see some more community cohesiveness when it comes to the most pressing issues that need to be addressed, then maybe the developers would take us more seriously. (Just look at the asphalt debate, it's entirely subjective and seldom ever has anything useful that developers could look into. Meanwhile the issues such as FoV and co-pilot calls; where people have gathered data & have specific implementable change requests, get eclipsed).


    2. There is a close relationship between the developer and gamers.  They post here reasonably often, they review important issues and PJ passes on most relevant things to the team(s).  And it's getting better not worse.  (have you not seen the last patch, it was addressing most things that the community told them about here?)

    3. The tarmac issue actually something they looked at even though it was subjective, and they identified factual things that could be improved and are not correct.  The way to solve the subjective opinionated problem pieces is to fall back on science/data/SME's wherever possible.  And in case of handling it can for the most part be done that way.  So that's fine, it's a matter of resource investment to get it changed.

    4. FOV changes aren't really getting eclipsed.  Co-driver calls have been addressed where the feedback has made obvious sense.  To revise ALL notes for ALL stages as some people suggest is another huge expenditure which is why it isn't happening.  This is something you can know without working inside CM.

    EDIT 5.  The only real thing you are actually complaining about is that the number of resources allocated to improving the game has been lower than you would like.  If there were 3x as many "man" hours assigned to improvements/fixes, we'd just see a lot more stuff fixed.  But anyway, the way the Steam Oculus thing was resolved says they aren't exactly a skeleton crew.


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  3. 21 minutes ago, Snakety said:

    Your RDA seems pretty cool but I can't import the logs in MoTeC. "This Version of i2 only supports Pro enabled files". Maybe, there is a version mismatch. The i2 version you suggest in the readme is not available anymore.

    Yeah, check RaceDepartment for it 🙂

  4. You can't be serious about #2.  Doing something in a production environment is not the same as you changing configs in a camera tool  with practically no QA.  You have no idea just how badly your adjustments may have been chopped up by the QA department.


     But anyway, yeah it sucks that some stuff is locked down, I definitely agree on that point.  Does it mean the game is bad or worthless, certainly not!


    On your last comment: if you don't want to pay for it, don't play it.  If you play it, you should pay it.

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  5. 49 minutes ago, nasoduko said:

    -some of them yes and they wont say it ,you must see the forest and not the tree 

    Some do but definitely not all actors who defend the game.  It's a minority of people, for the most part people who participate in testing the game get it for free.  AFAIK

    49 minutes ago, nasoduko said:

    For example I think you and watzcoc keep requesting that the dash cam can be adjusted position wise.

    -i asked for it ,but i dont care ,what i care is to unlocked the cams on locked cars so i can fix the cam i want 

    But you don't listen to logic.  That's the problem.

    -so my request for up and down option isnt logical , but flags and end and start sign that destroy your car is ?

    No, the signs are nonsense, and your request is logical.  The illogical thing is not understanding that you can't move a dashcam much while allowing head rotation as then you will get clipping which isn't accepted by QA standards.   They would have to go over each car with a fine comb and decide on the dashcam limits just like they did with (I assume) the head cam.  It's so much work for them that they most likely won't do it for DR2 for free.  But your request and the others are still here, and on other threads, so developers can see them.   Always their decision.

    49 minutes ago, nasoduko said:

    and at last .i have been a surveyor on street constraction ,i have driven cars on roads you can imazine also with speed on gravel just because i could ,on situations before the tarmac condition you are crossing now with your car, also i drive on championships on other race sim games ,been a tester for laser scanned tracks on another game and been a pro. driver on tarmac here in Greece , my skin is on RaceDepartment ,


    their voices are wispers ,i want CM to hear me to change some of their mistakes but as long there are people that see the mistakes as great job ,the time will pass and you will pay for dirt 3.0


    Oh yeah, well CM hears your comments anyway, they just don't if you start to get overly offensive to people.  Generally if you get rude (or anyone does) the content of the message is ignored by most employees, other than whatever rudeness comes across. 🙂

  6. 4 hours ago, nasoduko said:

    i dont care about likes mate ,im just saying what bothers me to the game ,with my way,but on everygame there are companys sucker,s that find everything beautiful,i play 2k20 to. but i dont care ,just as many people here feels the way i do ,but they dont talk cause they dont care or know that they will be company lovers that will get the same attitude just like i do ,companys lovers that they play cool but only in here ,on real life ,they are tiny spots who think they do have a life .and get a dirt2.0 for free ,


    thats all folks ...

    you can die in peace i wont speak for this game ,but i wont buy it again also,god bless the crackers..

    I haven't read all your posts but you sound like you've been abused pretty badly by people who like the game, and I mean VERY badly.   Have you been oppressed that much from sharing your opinion on the faults in the game?   If you come across as sounding like a *****, like a few posts that I read in this thread, then I think you're getting exactly what you deserve from "company lovers" as you put it.   Most of the people you are talking to don't get the game for free, they do like the game more than the faults and respect the company that made it yes.

    Of course there are problematic sympathizers for all games, I will give you that, where they try to silence constructive feedback and use their social media status to achieve that.  I just haven't been seeing a lot of that here.   For example I think you and watzcoc keep requesting that the dash cam can be adjusted position wise.  I have told you both why this isn't (most likely) going to happen from a logical perspective, not a CM lover perspective, and not because you requested something versus someone else.  But you don't listen to logic.  That's the problem.

  7. On 9/29/2019 at 10:34 AM, Kjell007 said:

    I guess you should read my post again, then you will know whether I use a wheel or not. 😉

    Talking about the pivot etc, I really can’t tell since I don’t use chase camera, only the dashboard camera. So all my experience from both DR2.0 and Projec Cars 1 and 2 are from inside of the cars.

    So I used to say the same thing at least for R2's, but I didn't notice how much the rear tyres didn't follow the front even in situations where they definitely should have.   You really need to look at a replay to realize in some cars that the rear is drifting around unrealistically.   Still, in the car looking out it feels nifty enough for me in R2.  (I would prefer it to be fixed/improved of course)

  8. 1 hour ago, Buckwilder said:

    So would reducing the FOV serve to de-magnify things? If memory serves the dash cam in DR1 was in the same position but things were (more or less), in proper perspective.

    Reducing the FOV will magnify things in front of the camera.

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  9. That's the cockpit cam (it allows moving up/down/back/forth).  They are already restricting the FOV from being wider, and you are asking to move the camera.  It would clip all over the place in different vehicles. 


    (actually with TrackIR/VR there already is enough clipping as is when you turn your head to extremes I was checking this in cockpit view, that's where you might clip at extremes with seat fully forward.  but not visible in normal driving)

  10. On 9/25/2019 at 7:17 AM, cmMikeRobson said:

    It's not just FoV you have to consider but also potential clipping issues with the camera. You're very close to the dash and the front pillar on many cars. Increasing FoV can expose that, which is one of the reasons it isn't currently allowed. 


    @cmMikeRobson Would you guys consider enabling a certain lower range of FOV only?  From current FOV to lower FOV only.  You don't need to make any UI changes to achieve this, just min() it to the current dash FOV so it never clips. 🙂       Not pressuring, but it would be cool to at least be able to lower the FOV and that should not introduce clipping in a normal world.

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  11. 18 minutes ago, Flens07 said:

    I´m not sure if it is a analog-handbrake because there is no slider to see it. Hope someone could tell us about that!

    It is it's just too sensitive for most people's preference.  And you still can't really adjust it to make it much less sensitive.    Hopefully Codies will look at that for 1.10  (slider would help a lot yes)

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  12. Saturation setting is not good; you can adjust from 80% saturation (previous) to a theoretical 150% however at above 100% you can't launch your vehicle.  So you are limited to adjust up to 100% saturation.

    At 100% you get lockups on tarmac at about 20% pull range.  Can't adjust it to lock at say half pull or 75% pull.


    There is also no Input Reporting slider for the HB like for clutch/brake/throttle, so you can't see the results easily.


    Deadzone adjustment is very important though!


    Verdict: I say improved by 25% and with deadzone (which is very important) but overall NO BUENO 👎

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  13. Very few people like the cuts, the consensus appears to be that people would prefer they didn't exist or that the extreme ones would be penalized.  For now though it is what it is and it's important not to A) Call people cheaters if it's not an exploit and B) not to over estimate the benefit of most cuts, as then you're lying at minimum to yourself.

    For me the worst thing about the cuts is that it requires time/research to find them.   In some cases it also adds a chaos over skill component.

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  14. 1 hour ago, AlexMolnar said:

    Hi. I wonder if somebody could help me. I have an issue with Dirt Rally 2.0. I did a rallycross world series time 3.15.4, but there was a connection problem with racenet(33a14c9d....) which mean I can not see my time on the Leaderboard. I did a rally run after without time but this Time I can see my result on rally Leaderboard. What is the problem? Thank you for your help.

    You need to post a new topic in the technical support section of the forum, not in here for sure.

  15. 18 minutes ago, MEEKYx said:

    I did test It and Do what he did in the cuts I beat him time in trail so with out those cuts I got 4.02 with the cuts 3.52.

    Then you arent driving the roads properly.  Simple as that.  The guys that know how to drive at the very top gain 2s on those cuts.  Also, beating him in TT doesnt mean you would beat him on the WC stage, most people lost 2s between TT with degradation to the WC.   


    Edit: dont see your 3:52 on the LB

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  16. 16 minutes ago, MEEKYx said:

    The one acorss the tree was 5sec the one before thar was 2sec and the one at the end was 3secs There for its almost 10secs with out big cuts. That stage all in was 15secs with cuts. So if half of the 100 on the LBS do that then then your dropping 50%.

    For Micky's run first cut skipping the tree is about 1s if you hit it right, being generous it's 1.5s.   Second cut is approximately 0s (the long one)., being generous it's 0.5s.  So it's 2s when being generous.  No other cuts.     Why don't you actually test your times with and without these 2 cuts a few dozen times and tell me you gained 10s or 15s 😉   There were 3 beneficial cuts that Micky didn't take, which could add another 3s.  Tops 5s with extra cuts that Micky and many others didn't use anyway.

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  17. 1 hour ago, MEEKYx said:


    The Point is 70% have Cuts about 30 to 40 secs on I have only done 2 stages and if there never take the cuts I would be top 5 maybe after stage 3 that, xD

    Absolutely not, most cuts are less than 3s.  VERY few cuts give you anything close to 10s.   Combined some stages might have 20s in cuts but that is very rare.    You would not climb from top 100 to top 10 if the cuts were removed, don't fool yourself.


    Edit: If you must know, the cuts that Micky took in Kopina were worth about 2 seconds in total.  (I know this for SURE, I have analyzed it with RDA telemetry and I was competing)

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  18. The rules were made clear on the forum at least, in the linked thread, that cutting is allowed.  The hope is that this will be fixed for the next time the eSports round is held.


    Am 100% Sure if People did not Cut I would be sitting in the top 50s, Why can there not follow there ghost in e-sports and remove them from the stage as DNF.

    And what difference does that *really* make though.  Unless you can at least be first in one or first in a set overall, you don't have all that much to brag about.  MAYBE if you come in 2nd or 3rd.    But anyway, the point is as I stated above, cutting is 100% permitted at the moment.