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  1. The AI times in R2 ARE quite messed up,  Marynka. I can do a 4:15 with a few tiny errors in the dry, that's 11th world time. but that's not good for Masters Career AI, they do the same time in the wet, with full degradation:

    Humans Dry no deg


    AI Wet full deg back of field



    Video of the Dry stage for reference


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  2. On 3/28/2019 at 5:09 AM, dreampage said:

    How come there is one AI that completes the rally (6 stages) 1 minute 20 seconds faster than any other AI cars? How can it be so much faster when it's only "Clubman" difficulty? I would agree I must be a noob if every AI was faster than me but you can see I completed the rally quite well, I beat all of them (I won 3 stages out of 6) but yet that one AI is ridiculously faster than all the others. Like that S. Bernard was from another tier completely. This is what makes Career mode so hard to enjoy.

    Oh, I think they did pretty well on that aspect; because often you're in lower levels up against "up and coming talent", and yeah they're fast but next season they usually are already in a higher level and not there to challenge you anymore.  This can happen in real life too where a driver is just so much better but he won't stay there long.

  3. I am resorting to restarting my wet stages until I can minimize the time loss in R2 FWD career.  It's really not a good experience as I am pretty hardcore (tm) and would prefer to do no restarts as I was able to do until I got into elite.   Frankly without restarts with these AI times especially in the wet, I'd probably struggle for 2 years to get into Masters. 😄

  4. 16 minutes ago, CodingRacer said:

    Well I guess it makes sense, it an already finished product so the will just probably release the remaining DLCs and minor bug fixes. It's a shame as my connection often works in 56kb mode, I guess I will pass this time, see you in the next Dirt edition guys!

    Right, IMO this is the kind of reason why (especially big) businesses should pay more attention and NOT ever consider things to exclude customers when they don't really need to.  It is a similar deal with retailers or car parts dealers who stop carrying products because a smaller number of people require them, even though when they do it's quite critical and it is fully in the domain of the retailer.  You basically develop a reputation this way, and collectively life becomes harder for everyone in society due to this.  At the end of the day most of this is driven by greed, even if I am not specifically saying this is the case for Codemasters.   my2c

  5. Well not true, actually for live display/dash there is a tool for this already and it is called SimHUB, however it does not allow you to overlay in full screen mode and that's the only difference. You need to either have it on a side monitor or have your game in windowed (possibly borderless if you go that far) mode.

    You can see some of it here, you can just edit the dash panel to your desire: 

    Anyway, that's certainly an improvement if you can overlay in full screen, but also the real deal for setups is in reviewing data logs after a run, which is something I need to release which fully supports MoTeC exporting.  (nearly done, just plugging in some DR 2.0 tracks/vehicles as I go)

  6. I believe we only get 8 setup slots per car per surface type (gravel/tarmac/snow). Which is actually grossly insufficient.  One should be able to save at least 2-3 setups per car, per venue. (wet, dry, WIP)

    It just makes it difficult to keep track of changes/setups as you would do in reality and would like to do in the game/sim.

    So how about just letting us save a very large number of setups, is there some reason why this is restricted, it's pretty much free in the code isn't it?



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  7. Just now, SonnyPrince said:


    Yes, and I didn't bash your suggestion or you.  And I said it may be a good idea to make that an option to users.  You are becoming rude to people who have not done anything to you.  Your suggestion also asks for a CHANGE of a system that others like, this is why you are getting opinions.  People are worried that things will change for the worse in their opinion.  If you asked for an OPTION then it would be a slightly different discussion.

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  8. I agree with AustinB on this one for the most part.  In reality tuning a car (for some single non expert) is a huge PITA.  You need to keep good data, and do a lot of research.  Testing time is limited as it's expensive, it's basically limited in the professional series as well to limit the cost of the sport.  Shakedowns are a bit short I will give you that, but you get 10 attempts.  The fact that you pay to repair your car after shakedown disasters is marvelous and immersive (to me and I am sure many).  If it's a career/campaign/championship, honestly, you need to treat your car like an egg as you're the team owner too and are paying the bills.  if you don't want to deal with the challenges of running a rallying career you basically can freeplay  etc.    (not sure if a custom career can resolve this, I suppose giving players an option to configure this aspect would be good for custom careers/championships)


    That's my personal view on this, I am not bashing anyone over theirs and yes I know it can be frustrating.  

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  9. 1 hour ago, Porkhammer said:

    Not just me. I can think of quite a few drivers that had their times quarantined for a daily stage that I had to email Darren about. He always reinstated them for us.

    I miss that man.

    Hehe, It seems like this is probably the best system, as long as there is a process people understand and can follow.  (at least until AI is crazy good to judge such things)

  10. ^ What I find really astonishing is that CM has some decent rally drivers testing their stages and cars.  So why not put in a hard limit on stage times that are obviously out of physical possibilities and send anything under that up for a rare human review?  Like you know, nobody can do a certain stage 1 or 2 minutes faster than a really good run by an experienced professional.  At least this would cut out half the BS times.

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  11. 13 minutes ago, MTOJay said:

    so they really did that....

    for the love of god allow people to drive a single player career in offline mode. who makes such decisions and thinks they are good? i dont get it. there have to be meetings and multiple people sitting in a room talking about it. and in the end they come to the conclusion that it is the right idea. 


    IKR!   Usually (not always) this is a top down driven meeting, so someone at CEO/CTO level will be making this call.  Just FYI. (I've been in such meetings at another company where 70% of the participants can be baffled but see the short term financial aim, the other 30% are yes men[or women] hired to agree).

  12. Having to be connected to the internet at all times and using the game UI like a web page waiting for the server is really not acceptable at all times.  I understand if there is an ONLINE campaign and OFFLINE campaign mode though or something if absolutely necessary.  Thanks for listening to your users Codies.