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  1. They use usually 85% RPM to show you the shift indication based on the 2 numbers I mentioned.  For example in SimHUB you can adjust this during driving.  In FanaLED's you can configure it with a custom car profile.

  2. 05.01.2020: Version 1.4 is out.


    • Support added for DirtFish free roam.
    • Support added for Peugeot 306 Maxi DLC car.
    • Changed: RDA now saves each new stage attempt to a new file, allowing for much easier and cleaner tracking of fastest runs.

    Special Thanks:

    • Special thanks to mrjiffy6, Malkael, Mike Dee and Cortextual for their contributions.


    16.08.2019: Good news is good news.

    Version 1.3 of RDA has been published.
    • Support added for DR 2.0 Wales Event
    • Support added for all DR 2.0 v1.7 RX Venues
    • Support added for all DR 2.0 v1.7 RX Vehicles (note “VW Polo R Supercar” is detected as the Audi Supercar)
    • Support added for DR 2.0 Ford Focus RS Rally 2001
    • Fixed fastest lap timing display when swapping RX vehicles on same RX Event

    • Support for Windows 7 and 8 is still planned.
    Special Thanks:
    • Special thanks to Malkael for collecting the data required to make this update happen.
    • Special thanks to Mike Dee and Cortextual for their previous contributions.

    02.07.2019: Even More good news Everyone

    Version 1.2 of RDA has been published.

    • Support added for DR 2.0 Sweden Rally Event (all Stage Rally Events from 1.51 now supported)
    • Support added for Lancia 037 Evo 2, Porsche 911 SC RS Group B RWD Stage Rally cars (all Stage Rally Cars from 1.51 Supported)
    • PDF now features a change-log at bottom

    • Support for RX is still planned but not scheduled, donations would speed it up. Check Discord if you wish to help with collecting data for RX RDA support.
    • Support for Windows 7 and 8 is still planned as well, but also not scheduled.



    27.05.2019: Good news Everyone

    Version 1.1 of RDA has been published.

    • Support added for all DR 2.0 v1.41 Rally cars including 2000cc.
    • Support added for Monaco and Germany Rally Events.
    • RDA now renders on top of game windows so you can use Live Performance over windowed/borderless DiRT Rally (2.0).
    • Support for RX is still planned, but donations would speed it up. Check Discord if you wish to help with collecting data for RX RDA support.
    • Support for Windows 7 and 8 is still planned as well.

    Download Version 1.1 https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/racetrack-data-acquisition-rda.26829/


    Hi all, my data logging tool that I should have released 2 months ago , has finally hit the shelves:  https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/racetrack-data-acquisition-rda.26829/

    RDA Represents several weeks of full time software development which is released to you for free but with ability to donate if you find it useful and wish to support further enhancements.

    What is RDA?
    RDA is an application that can log telemetry from DiRT Rally (all stages/courses/vehicles) and DiRT Rally 2.0 (base release Cars/Stages and may work for DLC stages) to CSV, BIN, or MoTeC LD files.

    RDA also allows you to compare instantaneous and live Delta T and Delta V if you have already completed a stage/lap in the same vehicle. Your best stage/lap is saved on completion.
    Currently the live deltas are rendered only on a secondary monitor or beside the game windowed.



    BMW E30 vs R2 Fiesta.png

    Sample Videos


    Key Performance and Features

    RDA is very light weight; written in C++17 (importantly not Java or scripts) and does not utilize any extensive libraries such as boost, .NET, QT/wx and other UI libs to keep the data logging and loading performance impact completely negligible. You should not notice even a 0.1FPS drop when logging.
    In addition to using minimalist C++17, the application logs LD data to a temporary BIN file format instead of text/XML for ultimate performance and data safety in case of a system crash.
    (Recovering such data from BIN to LD currently can only be performed by the author “bn880” due to possible licensing issues.)

    Data and Frequency Precision
    RDA uses a comprehensive algorithm to save LD logs in maximum precision for all data channels without significant processing overhead. This is unlike any previous LD file data logger for other simulations.
    The frequency of the channels is also precisely calculated and saved based on an extrapolation algorithm and full passes of the collected data points. It is however crucial that you log at less than the full sim render FPS (about 80% or less of the FPS) or that your render FPS remains constant with Vsync if you want to have precise timing in logs.

    See PDF for more features...

    Quick Start / Installation
    Extract zip
    Extract the ZIP package into a folder where you have full privileges (read/write/full control), usually this simply means NOT in ProgramFiles (x86).

    Setup DiRT Rally UDP
    Set up DiRT Rally UDP output to your desired unique RDA port as per the How to set up DiRT Rally and DiRT Rally 2.0 UDP ports section. (inside PDF in package)

    Run RDA
    Run ./RDA/RaceTrack Data Acquisition.exe alongside your game to capture data logs and to view live Deltas once you complete a lap/stage once. (you can make yourself a shortcut to the exe for future use)

    Live Delta viewing is shown on the RDA main panel, and requires a secondary monitor or running the game in windowed mode with RDA visible on the same monitor. See Delta T and Delta V display.

    *** NOTE *** If you try to use RDA to log cars OR stages/tracks that are not supported no files will be generated, there will be no deltas shown, and you will need to restart RDA to resume logging.

    When data logging is working and live recording a stage/lap the Record button turns red. See Figure 6 RECORD and STOP (+SAVE) Button states. (inside PDF)

    You can find your logs with the File>Open Log Folder file menu entry.

    Install MoTeC i2 Pro v1.0.21.30 (not included in this package, you need to get it yourself)
    In MoTeC i2 Pro go to "File">"Project">"Open Project..." and open the supplied project: <RDA Install dir>\MoTeC Projects\DiRT Rally\Project.mtcprj

    Open Log File in MoTeC Pro
    You can now open your recorded LD log file in MoTeC.

    As of version 1.0 detailed GPS track maps (inner/drive/outer lines) are provided for Fourketa Kourva and Waldabstieg from DR. However you can generate these GPS maps in about 15-30 minutes with the correct procedure, and any stage you have driven will always be visible as a drive line with heading anyway. See Track / stage map generation procedure.

    Final Notes/Discord
    Enjoy, and remember to join Discord https://discord.gg/GKhwAcN if you have questions/comments/suggestions, and that you can Paypal bn880@hotmail.com if you wish to support further feature enhancements. (shameless plug)


    RDA will not work in Windows 7 or 8.1 until further notice. This is due to Microsoft improperly describing their Universal Runtime to developers.

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  3. 4 hours ago, AcidSTR said:


    2. change turbo sound, it's unrealistic. Driver in cockpit... in helmet, don't hear so many details.


    annoying turbo sound, this sound is unbearable on the headphones,  or plx make option to assign a sound from other views. In DR1 everything was way, way beter,


    Eh?  What details are you talking about?  I don't hear anything special in your video other than you playing with the equalizer.  What's the problem?  Which part of the sound is the Turbo according to you?  Do you hear the turbine whine or something?

  4. 11 hours ago, Tranzitive said:

    I really don't think we did though. I played the whole of historic championship with it set to off to see if there was any difference between that and career mode and the amount of damage was substantially less with it off compared to career mode. I remember when playing the historic championship there was barely any damage at all compared to career mode, where i had to repair my car a lot at every service interval. At least that's what it seems to me. 

    Admittedly it has been a while since i played career mode so I' ll have to do some more testing to confirm. 

    It's one of those things where a slider or at least 3 options would have been useful. 

    "Damage - low, medium, high/hardcore" 

    Shouldn't have been too difficult for them to do and i'm pretty sure other rally games have implemented something like that in the past. 

    I definitely disagree with your observations.  Career mode damage in 1.3 and now with HCD OFF is very limited.

  5. 2 hours ago, GTI54 said:

    In the other games like Raceroom, Rfactor 2, Assetto Corsa..... my Fov setting is correct like Dirt 2.0 in windowed mode. So am i optimistic or is it a bug 😉

    Please provide a screen capture from the full screen vFOV 30 and windowed vFOV 30 when in the car (and specify which car it is if possible).  I also assume that by 30 vFOV you mean slider set to -5 clicks (minimum)

  6. Changing processor affinity from within the software is not actually a simple thing to do.  Specifically excluding one core.  If they really wanted to they could try using


      but that again assumes they assign specific thread(s) to a specific core.  And as you know different processors have different configurations that come into play.

  7. 15 minutes ago, GTI54 said:
    I want to point out that there is a problem with the FOV on PC. When we load the game in the windowed mode without border the FOV seems correct (30 in my case), but when we load the game in full screen mode (with the same FOV so 30) the FOV becomes even smaller and we end up with head in the windshield :)
    Could you fix the FOV in full screen Codemasters?
    Thanks for reading me

    Just so you know, at 30 degree vFOV your head in your windshield is the CORRECT view, your wrong FOV is in windowed mode.  You're a bit optimistic on your sim setup. 😉