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  1. Well but isn't the problem with this IP that basically BI has "taken" it to make the successful ArmA series which is a continuation, except by name? CM would have to break through another decade of development that is A3 (and probably work on the next gen).
  2. Also breaking news, guy making his first setup for the GTI finishes the stage and sets an accidental WR 😄
  3. Did you move any cables around etc? He's most likely just playing on the "center" speaker (output port) still.
  4. I heard that some might be avail soon. 😉
  5. Platform: Steam Country: Canaduh Place where error was encountered: Game Load Kind of error: "The Server refused your connection attempt..."
  6. Maybe this is slightly off tangent but related; the game would definitely benefit from some much deeper freedoms like a scripting language and some kind of mod ability. I mean, even if it is to do something like make a more concrete measurement of your suspension in action or ground clearance of different parts of the car in different conditions, measuring performance of the car or tyres, check the collision geo that is causing issues on a stage etc etc. Many many things could be done if there was freedom to interact with the engine and the models, but it's obviously the thing that is avoide
  7. Same thing here. Remember you got antilag going on and all that jazz. it's a bit too sensitive still in Neutral yes. However when you pop into something like a kit car, without a turbo, it is definitely revving too high at very low throttle inputs. So yeah, it's a bit of a bug in the functionality in the game IMO. They should take a look at this sometime perhaps. Edit: I always find it a royal PITA to tune my shift indicators between cars, and I think this explains why as well 🙂
  8. This is pretty realistic looking from the video. Also turbocharged cars can be buggers like that when the boost kicks in even at part throttle, depends on engine mappings. I will try it later here to see if I have the same situation here but I am quite confident I do. And yes, you can hit the rev limiter in real cars at part throttle.
  9. Set the saturation to the maximum in calibration. Also set a small deadzone (like 10%). And you will have something much closer to analog. (I use a special hall sensor kit in my Fanatec as well that makes the entire HB more progressive and non linear, that helps too)
  10. Hi, yes that's basically because the Fanatec HB has a potentiometer problem that creates noise when not pulled over time, it will get worse. There is an aftermarket hall sensor kit that can usually be purchased to get rid of this issue, I'm not going to link it but I am sure you can find it out there in the wild when you need it.
  11. This is possible but quite time consuming in a PC app called Dirty Pacenotes. I use it for any stage where I want repeated pace just to overwrite the game notes. You can add your own samples there.
  12. Yeah I see very few people commenting that they want WIDER stages. As a matter of fact so far I have only seen 2, and those were on this forum. Better drivers have all asked for locations with narrower roads. AFAIK also Finland stages have been artificially widened. DR series is not meant to be forced easy on people, that's the Dirt franchise. Either way, I'd bet Codies dont have plans to make new events with artificially widened roads. They're very likely to stick to realistic rally things as almost all feedback they are getting that I have seen is asking for things to be more real.
  13. Nobody has actually told us plebs, but the speculation is end of this year or Q1 next.
  14. There's no need for this discussion to degenerate guys.
  15. My2c: There just needs to be a little bit of balance with promoting the already famous (mostly 2nd/3rd grade drivers) and the really skilled first grade drivers who may not be as popular on YT. The first is obvious, to spread viewership of the game to a larger audience. The second however is to stay true to what the game is about and what the sport is about, and that is skill and technology. So there are two sides to the story in a sensible world, because while CM needs to promote its product, it can't just be at the mercy of Google's algorithms and pumping out only goofy personalized mate
  16. More less yes I agree. I think DR2 has a few of these things with hard/low suspension, but it's not extremely apparent, it just degrades the suspension faster I believe. Meanwhile a lot of the huge jumps should do serious damage to the classic cars on landing IMHO. Definitely no problems with overheating brakes in DR, no issues with abusing/over revving the engine, etc as you mention. I do hope these things are improved. (and please give us engine coolant temperature readouts 😛 )
  17. Disagree, you're not grasping the market and people. I love driving and handling, realism to the max including damage, broken steering, suspension bits, leaking coolant etc. But the game would be pretty ***** if it only had sandbox mode and a timer. The sim part is a foundation for the game, the actual game becomes the campaign, online components incl TT, customizations, achievements etc etc. You're looking at this from a very limited user perspective.
  18. Exactly, you still need to have stuff to DO , and that's the Game aspect that needs to exist and be fleshed out to make even the best simulation fun to use. On the features: Hopefully yeah; there are a lot of very common requests in here (like tyre deg and management just as a small example) , and a few really good contributions on what is missing or can be improved on the physics side.
  19. I think this is an interesting point for developers. I have a similar story, not about VR, but I stopped playing WRC9 almost immediately because they don't offer a narrow enough (realistic) FOV, at least on a super ultrawide monitor. Complete deal breaker to me, and they don't even have a support forum so, hear no evil see no evil for them. Point is sometimes stuff that seems small, blocks certain people from using the product. (not that VR is that small 😄 )
  20. Are you saying you CAN assign your controls, and that next time they are reset, and you need to assign them again?
  21. Sure, I agree that the physics/handling/realism is top priority to me as well. I think that quite honestly most dedicated DR2 players (and possibly most overall) want the next version to be as realistic as possible, with some options to back things off to their liking. (so for example ability to use a gearbox without a clutch, or use sequential in a car that had manual h box, or to be able to use low DOR, keyboard, etc etc etc) I have no doubt that this time they have the ability to flesh out a lot of the features we had in DR2.0. And definitely hope they listen to at least the majority
  22. I was with you until you said this bit. It's discounting the importance of gameplay and also thousands of players and that's not really kosher. The fact is that it needs to be a sim but also needs a lot of feature improvements and fixes. The first post in this topic has the list of features people have requested/suggested and if they ignore 99% of that and hit only physics, well, that's going to lead to very poor reception and client dis-satisfaction.
  23. Ehhh, I doubt Micky or the like would be slower on a properly set up Fanatec 2.5 CSW. As long as they get used to it. True that the wheel has more weight, but at those low DOR and with the proper drift mode setting it doesn't matter. But sure, it won't make them faster in DR. Edit: When I try I am floating around ~P6-8 versus the very fastest boys; and I am quite sure it's not because I use a Fanatec, I can see my mistakes, and I use a higher DOR.
  24. Correct, if they're smart they'll keep things mostly as is and only try to help with some injection of funds to expand features/team. However; what happens with investors often is that they want a specific growth rate year over year from every venture. (or bi yearly) This, if it happens, could start to trigger counter productive changes. I am quite sure DR3 will be fine. I am more concerned for down the road.
  25. To sum up my thoughts: You can use a G29 wheel, or some decent belt , or even DD wheel to be fast (won't change your pace that much either way). But you should try to get a loadcell brake pedal. It's possible to be fast without it, but a properly set up loadcell just makes you more consistent especially before you have completely hammered a stage to memory.
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