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  1. Disappointing that P1 Championship prize has been expanded but nothing for the other spots. I guess the winner really does take it all.
  2. Yea, I ended up 16th after 2 issues but still P8 in championship which could end in P9 to P7 easily in Wales My run of SS12 which was very good with P9 stage time: You can see a bad line at the end of the big fast downhill left (after fast section, near 50s) where it tightens, had to use extra road and hit some posts to open it instead. Should have had a wider entry there to open up the 3/4 left tightens. Otherwise it was quite good with just a wiggle on a landing 🙂 Love this competition, but together with also having other responsibilities, the 1 week events real
  3. My run in the final stage SS12 of New England, safe run as I had 1.8s to spare from my PB to move into 6th spot! Windshield damage is the standard clubs bug, I had no real damage after SS11
  4. It was over before you got settled, commiserations.
  5. There seems to be something very fishy with the results posted by @oliversolberg01 on twitter for the results in Greece where Oliver is listed in P10 for championship standings. https://gyazo.com/673813ad930e6f5553063939e34c71f8 The club results are here: https://dirtrally2.com/clubs/club/253326/standings/current https://gyazo.com/13db9dfd179395d21832f2c992bdecbc Where I am listed in P10. And here: https://gyazo.com/464c7cd4e3e87a7e48145f4208deaee7 Where Oliver is 67th Oliver only scored 778 points in Greece, meaning he basically retired. Ho
  6. Just did 1.5 hours of career, was solid and fast (much faster than usual).
  7. This may not be seen as a bug, but I think it's severe enough to put here: The pacenotes in Scotland are quite problematic in practice, especially with faster cars. Here are the issues: Many calls to not cut or for tight corners come completely too late in faster cars. Many good cuts are not called, many "don't cut"s are not called either (for example for logs either on exits or inside open corners) Because the final lines with cuts are not considered for the corners they are often called way too severe.
  8. Easy fix, no more exterior cams 😄 (okay side window visibility AFAIK is useful IRL in most instances except when the drivers cover the side windows with mud, so I generally agree with this)
  9. This is mostly true, however for TimeTrial you need a system that discourages un-sensible cuts that is not risk based as that implies a chance you might get through fine. You do absolutely need something that is 100% guaranteed to cause trouble. like a penalty or slowing you down. So for the rest of the game I agree with you, but remember that TT people will take all risks until one out of every 50 runs they make it through.
  10. Hear hear, this is true. I had the same issue in eSports qualifiers with the UI being guesswork.
  11. Adding a few more things that I missed, they've been on my mind for a long time and also many have been included in my points Based DR 2.0 Steam review: - (not sure if mentioned yet) Complete offline career with all bells and whistles beside the online one, ideally ability to create several offline careers. - Add ability to have more than 12 stages per championship event, and more than 6 events in a championship. - Introduce power steering failure (optional feature with injury/damage warning that must be accepted) - Rutts that show clearer lines made by professionals, sometimes it l
  12. Agree with the initial list totally. Adding a few more that I noticed. Option to disable clutch nanny - to permit stalls and usage of clutch in sequential cars. Currently there is a computer saving you from using the clutch as an assist and you can't turn it off. Jump physics revision - to consider spinning masses on the vehicle, and changes of rates of spin and how they should affect the vehicle mid air. Tyre allocation, and utilization revision - ability to check tyres at end of each stage and swap them between corners. Ability to pull out your rear spare(s)
  13. " You don’t need the locking screw if you are using the quick release so you can just pop the rims off and on as needed. " That's not true, the locking screw should be tightened pretty hard to prevent the rim from moving on the contacts/shaft. You can damage your wheel and base over time by not keeping the screw tight when using substantial FFB forces.
  14. I think your method is a bit lacking. Rain introduces other computational heavy algorithms , namely reflections and the rain particles. This is not a conclusive performance comparison and you guess wrong.
  15. Well that is odd, because if you do tune some of the effects in the different events you can get rid of a lot of the fog, and not have performance issues. If anything the effect seems to hide some LOD transitions, but at a price that should really be deemed too high. I do call some ******** on what you've been told in it being related to performance, in the sense that running without the fog there isn't really decreased performance ,but maybe something isn't as polished and appears so without it. In any case, as I said, a lot of this smoke can be mitigated by turning down settings.
  16. Oh yeah, for the player for sure.
  17. You mean a countdown timer that shows when the next car is starting @Riggs? Or what exactly do you want this timer to show? Current driver's stage time? A whole timing table would be welcome with current driver's elapsed time as well technically.
  18. That's funny, because most people who watched the DR2 Stage Rally finals enjoyed the one by one passes through the stage, like super specials. What I would definitely do is have the drivers in a mini screen on there all the time, and one window showing the previous competitors watching as well (same as WRC+ really)
  19. Just forwarding some feedback here we generated in the DiRTy Discord, posting here so that more people from the company can review some of the discussions and suggestions by the community. Yeah Sorry it's long, I already trimmed off some irrelevant things. 3:19 PM]Rainbow/Maxiem: Your addition was needed imo @bn880 Especially the cuts though. Really hurt the image of the event. (on cuts) : 5:11 PM]RSR SereneLogic: The way I know some league fix this, is by having the top 5 send in video recordings [5:12 PM]bn880: yep, and codies have the recordings automagically [5:12 PM]RSR Sere
  20. I couldn't disagree more on this point, go the opposite with cumulative only but organize it so that people can properly track the times. Again, the current format is anti rally and note only that Qualifiers are the largest part of the event.
  21. One possible format for Rally qualifiers would be a kind of extended/slowed monthly (championship) with a specific series like R5. Everyone can enter and everyone is in when they start, and after certain weeks / events a number of participants makes it through to the next stages or event depending on points. Calendar of events and conditions should be published on day 1. As well as equipment that will be used in the finals. This is just a very quick suggestion, and I would need more time to come up with more comprehensive suggestions as I don't organize clubs and don't have tha
  22. Totally agree with SereneLogic. And I would like to add some things that were missed from a fan perspective, and as someone who also spent days practicing for the qualifiers: In the open Qualifiers; Codies would announce which series of days would be the next qualifier out of 8 total. However they would never write on the websites or on "paper" what hours they would open and close. This was not entirely professional and kind of tripped me up once personally. Second: The degradation levels of the stages were not published to everyone, so there people who sent slower or alrea
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