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  1. Hehe, It seems like this is probably the best system, as long as there is a process people understand and can follow. (at least until AI is crazy good to judge such things)
  2. Racenet: "I'm sorry to inform you that you drove at ludicrous speed and your time has been rejected by the system."
  3. ^ What I find really astonishing is that CM has some decent rally drivers testing their stages and cars. So why not put in a hard limit on stage times that are obviously out of physical possibilities and send anything under that up for a rare human review? Like you know, nobody can do a certain stage 1 or 2 minutes faster than a really good run by an experienced professional. At least this would cut out half the BS times.
  4. Oh no.... well I guess Racenet can be removed from SP Campaign now 😛
  5. Seems that this thread has turned into a skins/liveries topic only though (and well yes I know why). Maybe better to rename it to clarify? If there is a mod it will be a very unique situation compared to all the liveries. 🔮
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