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  1. I know 🙂, but it is something different to the past games, that´s what i meant. Playing since 2014...
  2. I feel it too. I dont know how people can not feel it. It is the AI, which is incredibly quick out of corners and in quick corners. Looking forward to get this patched.
  3. I hope you are right! 😄
  4. The cars are quicker than in rl and the qualifying times are very quick, so it is indeed not realistic but normal ingame, i would guess. I hope they patch the pace from the cars a little. We just need to wait for patches.
  5. Sure, if the car is developed to max i think yes. If not, no? 😄 Mabye on 110 AI?
  6. But nobody complains about the sausage kerbs. It is obvious that you don´t can take the sausage kerbs without any consequences, but the sbinnala kerbs are these kind of "hey, i can surely take them normally, they aren´t too high and look like alle the other ones i am driving on" and then you just spin. Im not saying kerbs should have the same amount of grip like the track, but please stop making SOME of them oily or whatever.
  7. They are unpredictable, thats true. I really dont know why they need to be like ice. I love the way the made in F1 2020 but this is a step backwards. It´s even worse than F1 2019 i belive. 40h played and i don´t know how to learn more about these kerbs. Sometimes i can take them, sometimes not. Ride high to max, but its still dangerous to take them! Sure you can argue don´t take the kerbs, but it doesn´t seem right. Maybe make an option to deactivate this? Make it realistic, not unnecessary hard. Sbinnala all the time!
  8. This isn´t only about to suck. It is very unpredictable. Especially the curbs and high speed corners.
  9. So what now? I need to wait for a patch, right?
  10. So here is mine. I dont know which one you need, so i´ve attached two. savegame@profile#QKRHMYXE savegame@profile#NXDSMWW.BWW
  11. @BarryBL I´m on PC. So which file should i attach?
  12. I have the same issue. What do we do now? Waiting for a patch?
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