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  1. Tomekk92


    Do i get only pitcoins by buying? Or can i get it through gameplay somehow? Im already max. lvl.
  2. Tomekk92

    Tyre Temperature

    Thank you! I´m playing without assists and with a setup which i have since 2017...of course i change it a little bit to get an optimum one for each year and season. The only problem i have is the front left one. Even on the hard compound BUT in second season, which means an upgraded engine, aero and chassis. I´ve noticed that in the first season it´s fine but when you start to upgrade your car the temp. sim doesn´t fit any more. I mean it´s logical, you are faster around a track the more you upgrade your car. But i don´t like Spain and tyre temperature at all. Since 2018 i have a trauma 😄 I´ve started this race without the tyre temps sim and i can finally can drive the soft compound...I will try it next season again! I hope it works!
  3. Tomekk92

    Tyre Temperature

    Im currently in Spain, season 2 (playing 100% races on controller with 103 AI) and i have big temperature problems. I´ve had them in season 1 as well but they were manageable. But now even the hard compound is overheating after sector 1. I know on controller it´s a bit harder to manage the temperatur, than on a wheel, but im curious. Do you guys have that problems as well? What can i do better, apart from turning the temperatur simulation off? These temperatures doesn´t allow me to take a strategy with soft and sometimes even mediums... I remember on 2018 when the feature was introduced, i´ve had so much problems with the ultra and hypersofts even on the supersofts... so i turned it off. How do you guys play on a pad? With or without the tyre temperatur simulation?
  4. I have upgrades vom Renault for my Honda Engine. You know what i mean? 😄 But the skilltree from last season remained the same, so it´s kinda half half i guess. It looks different than last season.
  5. The bug isn´t resolved. I´ve choosed the Renault engine after season 1 (before i had honda) and it´s still Honda but with the Renault skill tree i think. Because im now im best with the engine and i wasn´t before with honda.
  6. Tomekk92

    Contract/Driver Market bugs

    So what now? I need to wait for a patch, right?
  7. Tomekk92

    Contract/Driver Market bugs

    So here is mine. I dont know which one you need, so i´ve attached two. savegame@profile#QKRHMYXE savegame@profile#NXDSMWW.BWW
  8. Tomekk92

    Contract/Driver Market bugs

    @BarryBL I´m on PC. So which file should i attach?
  9. Tomekk92

    Contract/Driver Market bugs

    I have the same issue. What do we do now? Waiting for a patch?