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  1. Thecomet811

    Dirt Rally Versions

    Well I have Dirt 3 and I got it for my PC. I later got an xbox 360 and I was wondering if this game would come to xbox 360, ps3, ps4, etc...
  2. Thecomet811

    Dirt 3 Refund

    Thanks for replying at least you helped :) 
  3. Thecomet811

    Dirt 3 Refund

    I bought it from Amazon though as a disk
  4. Thecomet811

    Dirt 3 Refund

    I was wondering if I could get a refund, because my copy of Dirt 3 Complete Edition for the PC became useless because of GFWL problems within 2-3 months of me starting it up. I started it up around February 21, 2014 so could I still get a refund?
  5. Thecomet811

    Cant play dirt 3 because of windows live

    The same thing happens to me but instead of saying the code has been used it just says that the password is incorrect which isn't true because I had just changed the password for my GFWL account
  6. I was wondering where I could find Dirt 3 Complete Edition Xbox 360 New? Please help
  7. Thecomet811

    Grid Autosport

    I was just wondering if you could play Demo Derby in singleplayer.             In other words, do I need to play multiplayer to play Demo Derby