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  1. This bug has been addressed during beta testing as well. And apparently it is "by design". ERS can only changed during qualifying by manually change ERS through MFD with arrows and not with shortcut. Absolutely ridiculous if you ask me, but they have used the argument it is not much trouble to just change it once before a hotlap using arrows.
  2. Nevermind, I thought you would get 4 new challenges every day because I initially had 4 challenges and it remained at 4 for couple of days without doing any of them. However, I think it is a bug that in the morning, all challenges has been refreshed to 0/1 completed (as I have this morning as well as can be seen in the screenshots below), but when i look again in the evening, 3 of the completed challenges are back in the list.
  3. 1. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. Yesterday I started for the first time with the Podium Pass with the daily challenges and I completed the following 4 challenges: - F2 Brazil (complete 2 F2 races on Interlagos) - Get in there Daniel (win with Daniel Ricciardo) - Azerbaijan Manual (complete a race on Baku with manual gears) - Australia in the rain (complete a wet race on Australia) This day I started the game again to look for the new challenges, but to my surprise i didn't have 4 new challenges but just o
  4. But why remove them from the game? You still have the models, the coded dynamics, it's not like they interfere with other classic cars or game features, it just remains an addition. I dont see any particular reason to remove these from the list of classic cars after one year.
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