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  1. 33 minutes ago, tbtstt said:

    Not really Gossip, but I went to RallyLegend last weekend and wanted an excuse to say again just how awesome it is. 

    I remember you told me "I have not been able to take a lot of picture because I was there with my wife". Well. :classic_laugh: Great pictures as usual mate.

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  2. Well, I am coming back from Spa where I have been able to finally meet the legend @JorritVD and some other cool lads. 

    From the inside, except the lack of gravel :classic_ninja: apparently due to the massive floods, what a great weekend. The organisation was pretty cool except the lack of shop and the public was allowed to easily move from the different spots of the tracks and the pit lane. (I only went one time to see World RX at Loheac so forgive my lack of experience to compare)

    Great moments for the little boy that I am :classic_blush:

    On the sport side, a massive shame against the Hansen's brothers for their moves against Kevin Abbring. I know it was not intentional but it is so frustrating for Kevin Abbring. Pretty happy for Johan's win.

    On the Euro side... well. What can I say except that I have seen, with my own eyes, Bakkerud’s European champion title ! For sure, it is something I will remember all my life.

    I have been able to meet and talk with Andreas Bakkerud, Anton Marklund, Hervé Knapick, Christine GZ, Neil Cole & Molly Petit. All of them were very kind and really keen to share a moment with fans.

    @Codemasters, you really need to add the awesome SPA track in the next title.

    IMG_6464_jpg.thumb.jpg.7363f2523cd21f5b4a1d683c7ee72377.jpg IMG_6489.thumb.JPG.bb390e270f09ca8b14f63ac1d6103189.JPG

    IMG_6537.thumb.JPG.e6a4d18f1ad02f598f4fb86c43c22530.JPG IMG_6562.thumb.jpg.8bccfa363733cf7b7eaac9e28715d0ef.jpg IMG_6535.thumb.jpg.b633ac53332d89c6cc0a6b7d36bdcf66.jpg 78568336_IMG_6536(1).thumb.jpg.0546ae5246958332f78b2ac43e6fdfd6.jpg 


    IMG_6481_jpg.thumb.JPG.99bbf1cd9e157014f427b923288cb40e.JPG IMG_6436_jpg.thumb.JPG.3a1756049c11e7e570189a21fedd4fbf.JPG

    3ce89eb4-2063-4847-aa74-e0766810577e.thumb.JPG.a9eb0f8a9cad12dd0c99f957b5ef7461.JPG IMG_6440.thumb.JPG.895613dab496b484a9427cdf60c3fcbb.JPG

    I have stars in my eyes. :classic_love:

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  3. 6 hours ago, Rallywil1 said:

    My big fear is that when dirt rally is under WRC lisence it is going to be more arcade game. I think that you cant have truly a sim game that you could play with gamepad. There might be new dirt game before WRC lisence if they are trying to make new engine for dirt rally and dirt rally 3.0 is kind of test game for WRC lisenced game. But is there going to be third series of dirt? Dirt, Dirt rally, dirt WRC? Are they going to release new rally game every year after they have WRC license, i think they are because the cost of lisence. I just hope they dont abandon the idea of sim rally for the sake of money. 

    Is F1 2021 an arcade game ?

    I have never played it but it could be a start for your answer. 

  4. image.thumb.png.98377f815bc22edcd38d3be0b1dcd1a9.png

    I am happy to see that the current promoter is still promoting things with Dirt Rally 2.0.

    I know nothing about licencing and contracts stuff but that makes me feel optimistic for the next game about the Rallycross section. Maybe I am totally wrong. If it's the case, don't tell it to me, I do prefer staying optimistic. :classic_ninja:

  5. 15 hours ago, PJTierney said:

    To be fair the default livery for each car is pretty good, clearly a copycat of a licensed design.


    art of rally - Available now on Steam, GOG and Epic!

    yep, they are.

    But this is cool as well : 

    The real livery mixed with that ultra minimalist graphisms is just insane. Love it.

    Have the feeling to see a permanent tilt shift effect in the game, as when I was kid and I was playing with my Burago. You know what I mean. :classic_love:

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  6. 32 minutes ago, tbtstt said:

    Just seen that it finally has a release date on PS4: can't wait!

    I wonder if there is any livery mod in the PS4/PS5 version. With that photo mod, it could be a masterpiece.

  7. Just now, PJTierney said:

    Here's a place you can try it out: art of rally

    That game lets you control how tight the camera is when the car rotates; you can go from having it practiclly bolted to a full-on swivel motion.

    The one in WRC 10 gives also some good opportunities to set the cam as you wish. At least, it is an attempt. It is worth what is worth but it is already a good starting point.

  8. I did personally felt in love with the chase cam in Dirt Rally 1. Especially in Wales but that Polo WRC and nothing more on the screen except the car and the jumps. :classic_love:

    I was a bit disappointed with the one used in Dirt Rally 2.0. For some reasons that I can't explain, I play chase cam in RX because it has the perfect balance like it has in Dirt Rally both RX and Rally mod. But that is not the same for DR 2.0. I can't play the chase cam in rally in DR2.

    But it is a such subjective question.

    Of course, no need to tell me that playing the chase cam is not realistic and makes me not to be a true simracer etc. I am here for good fun. Nothing more. :classic_wink:

  9. And that dust - everywhere - has been a real "show" killer. I mean, 6 of the 10 guys in Final have not been able to compete fairly due to the dust of the 4th first. 

    I know dust is part of the rallycross, but it can also be killer at the same time. Reminds me the first round of Extreme E where everything was finished after the first corner because of the dust. 

    To avoid that in the French championship, they usually put a bit of water on the ground to keep the dust a bit heavier. 

    I know many will say that is part of the rallycross and you have to do a great start to avoid it but, it was, in my opinion, too much there.

    I may say this also because the Hansen's family won. :classic_ninja:

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  10. 11 hours ago, tbtstt said:

    Absolutely gutted for Johan. TQ and a chance to start gaining on Timmy, then issues in the semi and a missed final. 

    I hope JK can prove me wrong, but with a relatively short season (and low entry numbers), I think it is going to be very difficult to stop Timmy now. 

    Pity they didn't let Kevin (Hansen) joker earlier in the final: I thought he looked quicker than Timmy. 

    Disappointing result for Gronholm as well. Had the early pace, but just didn't have that edge in the second half of the weekend.

    Plenty of drama in the Euros. Real shame for JB Dubourg and Bakkerud. Both denied good finishes. Think Munnich is a deserving winner though, so pleasing result there. 

    Yeah, what a drama weekend at Lohéac. 

    I am still crying for Bakkerud. I was so sad in front of my screen. 

    Again, what a shame for Johan. Reminds me the lack of luck of Doran last year. Hopefully, he will back stronger. Audi has always a good pace at Riga, so he can make the double shot and come back in the overall standing.

    I can't imagine a double Hansen for the last thermic year. I really can't imagine that. :classic_ninja:

  11. 3 hours ago, PJTierney said:

    So Höljes happened.


    World RX Twitter only posted standings but the races themselves were on RedBull.tv.

    Production quality of the broadcast at least was good, and with Martin Haven at Le Mans they got somebody more suited to rallycross to commentate (still no Coley though).

    Really good weekend. I have enjoyed watching it !

    I think Nick Fellows made the job. It was really entertaining ! (I know this is not the opinion of everyone but I do prefer him to Martin).

  12. 17 hours ago, SRD_SimVansevenant said:

    My latest video for those that are interested...
    Definitely worth watching to the very end.

    DiRT Rally 2.0's Biggest Mistake - A Mod Designer's Perspective


    We need these replay camera's angle in the based game. Beautiful.

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