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  1. https://www.fiaworldrallycross.com/article/10495/furazhkin-to-compete-in-cape?fbclid=IwAR1fuLDX9RaR8JZh86mS6-aAU8r48rd4V1kFuiQ4XmJBfQKgB10fzuTdJA4 This is pure shame. Abbring knows how to drive the skoda. "“It was requested by Matvey’s partners and sponsors that for more experience in rallycross he should do South Africa. Matvey’s future goal is a full season in the Championship and while he joined almost at the end of this year, we would also like to do as much development testing with him as possible in order to be able to compete next season,”" Money money money ...
  2. Don't you think that heavy rain is a bit too much @PJTierney ? 😁 PS4 Carreer mode - Masters at Lohéac
  3. Plain white or black without these numbers... 🙂
  4. But, to me, DR2 gameplay is better and could be easily compatible with this kind of view. But, it's a matter of taste. 🙂
  5. @PJTierney we need this view as a playable view ! 🙏 This is the kind of very good FOV ! #🙏
  6. Thanks @JorritVD Your explanation are always really accurate.
  7. Thanks for talking about that. Always think that colors of the Loeb's livery was wrong too.
  8. We also noticed the issue with the Citroën C3 R5 wheels that has been resolved so maybe fingers crossed, we can expect something resolved if many people agree with that issue. I am like you, I never use the fabia for that reason.
  9. I always use the lowest suspension set up on tarmac to compensate that issue. Which is an issue in my opinion. Anyway, it's a detail, but we love details 😈
  10. Ok, I have tried ! 😅 but again, that would be so nice. 😇
  11. [Off Topic] I am wondering how easable is it to add the feature that let us to choose the wheel color in the livery selection ? For instance, to have black wheel with the black plain livery. That would be a good addition for players like me and others - desperate not to have a livery editor - to customise a bit more their own cars. Thanks Codies.
  12. Great news. @PJTierney will the lap time record be reseted for everyone to avoid this kind of bad cut ?
  13. This track is really fun to drive. I mean, more fun to drive than to watch. I better understand drivers when they were saying that was a cool track bla bla bla. Well done Codies. Am I alone to have this light bug on the track when I choose the night weather ? EDIT = I have just seen your message in the bug thread @JorritVD 🧐
  14. This is a thing I will try to do and then add Andrew Coley's commentaries 🤡
  15. We should be able to select the location in the career mode. I honestly love the tarmac rallys and it's hard to have all the 3 tarmac ones in the same champ in the career. (Maybe because I am only able to win the tarmac ones) 🤡
  16. Because Codemasters is very proud of its raining system 😄
  17. it sounds so good @PJTierney ! Thanks.
  18. A Launch Control episode mixed with a bakkerud life episode has to be juicy ! 😄
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