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  1. This is a thing I will try to do and then add Andrew Coley's commentaries 🤡
  2. I am pretty sure they have. Or, at least, I hope so ! 😄
  3. That would explain my feeling approach to these chicanes more easily ! 😄
  4. We should be able to select the location in the career mode. I honestly love the tarmac rallys and it's hard to have all the 3 tarmac ones in the same champ in the career. (Maybe because I am only able to win the tarmac ones) 🤡
  5. Because Codemasters is very proud of its raining system 😄
  6. it sounds so good @PJTierney ! Thanks.
  7. A Launch Control episode mixed with a bakkerud life episode has to be juicy ! 😄
  8. Thanks for your answer. Shame we have not this on PS4
  9. How are you able to have this kind of dashboard cam fixed during the replay ? Thanks 🙂
  10. Hi guys, Sorry for this little off topic but maybe @PJTierney would be able to answer me : I am wondering why we can't sale some cars in our garage like the Corsa Super 1600 or the Lancia Fulvia. I am a bit perfectionnist and I like to have in my virtual garage all the cars that I really use and love. I am able to sale some of them and not the one that I have with the deluxe edition. Is there any way to do it now or maybe in a future update ? Thanks
  11. Yessss, the Mini in DR2 ! 🥳🥳🥳
  12. Any chance to have that kind of RX comments ? 😛🤓 https://youtu.be/l9YocqG8vnE
  13. Who will comment the Erx ? I hope it is not Neil Cole alone.👀
  14. I want the Citroën BX RX 😁 🙈 It’s a joke ha. 😁
  15. We will desperately miss Timur and Niclas and their Hyundaïs as we missed Ekstrom and the audi’s in dirt 4. Thanks to licencing issues, we will never have a full RX side. That’s life. Btw, thanks CM for these 2 new seasons.
  16. I have always loved the 8 supercars final format. Unfortunately it’s impossible to imagine that in WRX. I won’t forget the sound of the final of the 2018 first event of the french Championship at Abbeville, my home town. 8 supercars, including Chicherit, just in front of me. I was at the fight corner when they came at something like 150 km/h. Amazing.
  17. Great battle. Most of the time, I have unfair guys in the race. Not always fun. But when I have fair guys, what a pleasure to play rX online 🥰
  18. It looks really rad. Can't wait to engage my 208 in that insane first corner.
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