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  1. We should be able to select the location in the career mode. I honestly love the tarmac rallys and it's hard to have all the 3 tarmac ones in the same champ in the career.

    (Maybe because I am only able to win the tarmac ones) 🤡

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  2. Hi guys,

    Sorry for this little off topic but maybe @PJTierney would be able to answer me : I am wondering why we can't sale some cars in our garage like the Corsa Super 1600 or the Lancia Fulvia.

    I am a bit perfectionnist and I like to have in my virtual garage all the cars that I really use and love. I am able to sale some of them and not the one that I have with the deluxe edition.

    Is there any way to do it now or maybe in a future update ?


  3. 51 minutes ago, PJTierney said:

    Ah yes, Coley was here.

    He was doing some voiceover work for future content 🙂 


    I didn’t get a chance to meet him (very busy day today), but did spot him walking round the halls. He’s tall! 😮 

    Any chance to have that kind of RX comments ? 😛🤓


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  4. We will desperately miss Timur and Niclas and their Hyundaïs as we missed Ekstrom and the audi’s in dirt 4.

    Thanks to licencing issues, we will never have a full RX side. That’s life.

    Btw, thanks CM for these 2 new seasons.

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  5. 11 hours ago, JorritVD said:

    For the ones who are interested in the French RX Championship. The videos of events are posted on their YouTube page.
    Very healthy Supercars grid with 8 car finals.

    Here from the 6th round.
    4:07 - Supercar Semi Final A
    9:48 - Supercar Semi Final B
    47:09 - Supercar Final


    I have always loved the 8 supercars final format. Unfortunately it’s impossible to imagine that in WRX.

    I won’t forget the sound of the final of the 2018 first event of the french Championship at Abbeville, my home town. 8 supercars, including Chicherit, just in front of me. I was at the fight corner when they came at something like 150 km/h. 


  6. 6 hours ago, JorritVD said:

    Sometimes this online RX events are so intense. In the semi-final I got spun around in the first lap and after that I was in the position i would not make the final. After I still made a few mistakes but than I drove my hearth out to catch the guy who spun me out to take third. In the end I would have made it anyway as they guy who finished first got a penalty.

    The final unfortunately was chaos. As someone was spun in the fast right hander in after went downhill. I already started my turn, so I couldn't avoid him and my car was completly crashed :classic_mellow: At least its fun online as long when people are fair. 

    Great battle. Most of the time, I have unfair guys in the race. Not always fun. But when I have fair guys, what a pleasure to play rX online 🥰

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