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  1. It looks really good. Happy to see the return of Heikkinen Unfortunately, I won't be able to go at my own country event. Such a shame.
  2. Hum, I would be interested to see what are the budget restrictions and conditions in WRX. I have no precise idea of the gap between a team like the Bennet’s one and the Hansen squad. 🧐
  3. DR1 was a blast to me. DR2 is awesome. So adding the blast DR1 locations into the awesome DR2 lets us to have a damn blast awesome game. So, I’m happy. Just add Pikes peak mode, the Hyundai and the mini RX, the f2000 cars and I can die quietly. Indeed, after many weeks of playing 🤓
  4. I can't wait anymore. I need Estering right now ! 😁
  5. nice pictures as usual. I am not fan of the titans car shapes. It lacks some personality IMO. Maybe the Audi A1 shape is a bit better.
  6. I have seen that the GCK megane are coming back to France for the Lohéac event (instagram stories). So, no Chicherit in NRX.
  7. What a brilliant weekend. We have a french expression saying : « j’ai pris un pied monstre » which means something like - it was f*****g brilliant 😃 So happy for Andreas, he deserves it. Doran style may be too agressive for that kind of tracks. Sad for Chicherit (cocoricooo ! 🇫🇷). I have the feeling that there is always something to the GCK team to avoid them from a win.
  8. I mean... Dirtfish = awesome news. Well done codies. (if someone can delete my previous comment) 🙈🙈
  9. Dirtfish = awesome news. Well done codies.
  10. I'd like to see the picture taken by this guy 😄
  11. @PJTierney This is why we need a photomod 🧐 . Awesome pictures.
  12. I vote @JorritVD for President.
  13. 😄 I will watch it online even if I have not been so impressed and interested by these 2 first rounds in France.
  14. So @PJTierney, how do you guys are able to produce these kind of angle/pictures?
  15. Actually, the pictures they use on facebook and other media are done with a photo mod. (I don't talk about the community pictures). I mean, the following one can't be done via the replay mode only. I still can't understand why they forgot to put a photo mod. I love DR 2 and I am always saying it everytime I can, but this is a mistake IMO. I know PJ said few times that it was not a high priority for the dev. But guys, come on' !
  16. Thanks ! Perfect to compare with these 2 pics. And the effect is wow, as you said.
  17. hey. [Dream machine : ON] I did this little edit’ because I would love to have Andrew Coley as commentator on my wild Dirt Rally 2.0 - World RX sessions ! I know that some part are not 100% reflecting Andrew's commentary but it's hard to force the game to do it 😄 I hope you will find this funny. Cheers Andrew and the RX community! [Dream machine : OFF]
  18. Massive shame for the "official RX game". Codemasters cannot produce a such effort to make the RX side of the game so good, intense and enjoyable and then leave it without the support it deserves as an official game. I am confident for the next seasons. 🤘
  19. I am still secretly hoping a complete dedicated and separated RX game of the Dirt franchise. Some king of "Dirt RX". That would be amazing and could stop Rally die-hard fans that don't like these RX additions in Dirt Rally. But I think it won't be a good money plan for Codemasters. As a RX and Rally die-hard fans, I'm ok to pay for two separed games ! 😄
  20. Dude, you're right. We really need these 2019 liveries and cars. I'm ready to pay a lot for them.
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