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  1. OMG that would be so great. And it looks do-able as we had Your Stage system... 🙏
  2. What another great weekend. I have been watching every round in english with Andrew Coley's commentaries for 3 rounds now. What a big difference of intensity compared to the French ones. It's so enjoyable and again this weekend, the spectacle was here. Such a disaster for Bakkerud. Happy to see that Eriksson won in front of the Hansen's cartel (which really begins to annoy me). This is this little issue in the Q2 that has been advanced. Bakkerud raced under rain. Hansens under dry condition. Weird, I may be paranoïac but it's something weird. Funny to see the final po
  3. Nice one JorritVD. We should try a race together one day!
  4. Off topic : I would like to thank @PJTierney for his work. I actually enjoyed Cristina’s work, but now we have much more publications or news and it’s nicely enjoyable! On topic : maybe a 206 or a Xsara ! 😁
  5. That will be the most ever online badass turn in the history of dirt games ! 😋
  6. Especially that gravel section at Montalegre 🥰
  7. You have to try more RX @Rallystu2 😉
  8. I have to confess that I often lose my time watching my RX replay in slow motion as it is so beautiful and well transcribed. 😋
  9. The driver is not so good, but the track looks insane !
  10. What an insane weekend. Wah. So mad. This is why I love RX. So disappointed for Marklund and GCK. Even if the rules are the rules, it's not fair for that team. Kevin Abbring is the real surprise for me. What a nice drive. Deception from the RX Cartel. I was waiting for a team strategy during the semi, Doran could have forced to slow cars behind him and secure a place for Bakkerud but no... and spotters were not at the highest level this weekend ! 🤔 By the way, the most fun RX weekend so far from long time. My little son was sleeping on my chest during the semis and the Fina
  11. It was a really great RX weekend. Spa is one of the greatest surprise of the RX since 2 years. What a great battle.
  12. Very good analysis @JorritVD And +1 for Bakkerud. Too much pression and he strangely seems to not resist to it.
  13. Wah.. that is not really good from him. This was not a really good weekend for him. And he started the meeting with a weird joke during the begining press conf last thursday. Really weird from Bakkerud.
  14. @RallyDriven Which comments from Bakkerud to Kevin Hansen are you refering to ? What a crazy and weird Abu Dhabi RX weekend. So much thoughts in my mind between sadness and enjoyable things. Sadness: - The track - Bennett - Bakkerud's behaviour - Gronholm vs Hansen's battle concludes with that unecessary move from Gronholm. - GCK's starts... - Those orange things in each curve. Enjoyable : - What a pleasure to see the World RX back. - Competition is here and makes me feel great for this year. - Hyundaï are here. - Baumani
  15. Ok so, this track is the worst RX track I have ever seen. Please, Rallycross God, bring me back the old school tracks in the World RX. Thank you ! 🙏
  16. OFF Topic : can someone told me how Bogani has been able to have this onboard cam ? I have this secret hope that this is not a PC Mod........ as I am on ps4 and a huge fan of this onboard cam....
  17. Hard to say. I mean, lets try something with a separate league and then, will see how it goes before thinking to replace Supercars. I like this consensus.
  18. https://www.fiaworldrallycross.com/article/10268/img-announces-projekt-e-- And here it is : a dedicated EWRX split from the supercar's one. I'm ok with this and pretty happy that they will separate it.
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