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  1. Me when I read this Dirt Rally 2.0 version 1.15 section :
  2. Gossip generator re-re-re-re-re-re-reactivated.
  3. So many positive points for this magic weekend : - the livestream coverage format : simply amazing. We really need this for the WRX race weekend. So immersive. - Oliver Solberg's weekend : fantastic and good fun as he says. (We need the ds3 comeback in DR2.0, just sayin' ) - Marcus G. fastest time of friday and Niclas face when I realise it : just epic - The races were pretty damn good and fun to watch. - The i20 is such a weapon (We need the i20 in DR2.0, just sayin' ). I hope the Megane will be able to have the same pace to compete. We need to see Bakkerud in the pa
  4. This car has so much charism. And with a Solberg, dad or son behind the wheel, wow. That sideways style is amazing to watch.
  5. yes, it looks a bit more massive. The white wheels make also the whole livery a massive change I must say. I like it.
  6. That is, again, a massive gossip generator.
  7. PLEASE Codies. I am begging you !
  8. Germany in December and Portugal in October. I think you guys will need to add snow in the weather system of the next Dirt games.
  9. Please do carry on to give me Rallycross games. Or I die. And I don't want to die.
  10. Round 2 of the Official Dirt Rally Championship, Wales. Good one for me, pretty happy of my rally. I had a careful run for a Top 10 in the controller standings. Fingers crossed to stay in the top 10. PSN : JamesMcAdam1987 Plateform : PS4
  11. Rare footage of @PJTierney behind his screen right now
  12. I am trying everything to make PJ feel guilty of something.
  13. My face when I see there is nothing in the patch notes about the GRX I20 :
  14. https://www.fiaworldrallycross.com/article/10609/world-rx-esports-heads-to?fbclid=IwAR17mU1IroRu0lHtK7M8Px9lsSB7PIa0qgCWny1DGpKX7Zg3HnfRplV_7CU Any chance to add the console players?
  15. Some RX action from Yas Marina ! PSN : JamesMcAdam1987 Platform : PS4 Slim
  16. Still P6 of the "Only controller" overall standing of the first round of the Official Dirt Club. To infinity, and beyond! PS4 Slim
  17. We need Andrew Coley's commentaries during our races like we can have commentaries in PES or FIFA
  18. That event was great to watch guys. Andrew Coley has made it very entertaining. I was a bit sad by some racing behaviour that were not really at the top level for real driver like they are. Sometimes, it reminds me some of the online races we can play with unfair players that think they play on Wreckfest or something. But it was again, really fun to watch. Thanks CM.
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