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  1. Well, I want to trust that "the final rally car" theory and dream about the i20 RX.
  2. Me when I read this Dirt Rally 2.0 version 1.15 section :
  3. Gossip generator re-re-re-re-re-re-reactivated.
  4. So many positive points for this magic weekend : - the livestream coverage format : simply amazing. We really need this for the WRX race weekend. So immersive. - Oliver Solberg's weekend : fantastic and good fun as he says. (We need the ds3 comeback in DR2.0, just sayin' ) - Marcus G. fastest time of friday and Niclas face when I realise it : just epic - The races were pretty damn good and fun to watch. - The i20 is such a weapon (We need the i20 in DR2.0, just sayin' ). I hope the Megane will be able to have the same pace to compete. We need to see Bakkerud in the pa
  5. This car has so much charism. And with a Solberg, dad or son behind the wheel, wow. That sideways style is amazing to watch.
  6. yes, it looks a bit more massive. The white wheels make also the whole livery a massive change I must say. I like it.
  7. That is, again, a massive gossip generator.
  8. PLEASE Codies. I am begging you !
  9. Germany in December and Portugal in October. I think you guys will need to add snow in the weather system of the next Dirt games.
  10. Please do carry on to give me Rallycross games. Or I die. And I don't want to die.
  11. Round 2 of the Official Dirt Rally Championship, Wales. Good one for me, pretty happy of my rally. I had a careful run for a Top 10 in the controller standings. Fingers crossed to stay in the top 10. PSN : JamesMcAdam1987 Plateform : PS4
  12. Rare footage of @PJTierney behind his screen right now
  13. I am trying everything to make PJ feel guilty of something.
  14. My face when I see there is nothing in the patch notes about the GRX I20 :
  15. https://www.fiaworldrallycross.com/article/10609/world-rx-esports-heads-to?fbclid=IwAR17mU1IroRu0lHtK7M8Px9lsSB7PIa0qgCWny1DGpKX7Zg3HnfRplV_7CU Any chance to add the console players?
  16. Some RX action from Yas Marina ! PSN : JamesMcAdam1987 Platform : PS4 Slim
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