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  1. Here is what I have via the French press : Johan Kristoffersson will benefit from a VW Polo with which he has won the World RX twice in a row in a 100% private programme supervised by Volkswagen Sverige and Bauhaus. He will get back his famous Polo still operated by VW Motorsport via technical support on the races but which will be maintained in the premises of the firm KMS Motorsport in Arvika.
  2. https://www.fiaworldrallycross.com/article/10570/grx-taneco-gear-up-for?fbclid=IwAR11_d0Tgrdl__94tmc3hPTBMQzWO0FVDgX0d7j3ykeu7T_0W99JjqdT-JM So, no more Szabo in WRX ?
  3. Round 11 of the Official Dirt Club - Spain Plateform : PS4 PSN : JamesMcAdam1987
  4. I still dream about it but I think the flat out pack is the last DLC we will have.
  5. A bit off current topic but, which version of the Fiesta is driven by Pecoy here ? I love that one and feel a bit disappointed to not be able to drive it in DR2.0.
  6. We should call this "The Wales effect" ! This rally is really tricky.
  7. May the Wales be with you ! Tricky Round 10 of The Official DiRT Club. Actually I regret I only took part into the last 2 rounds. I wish I could do all ! Very funny and attractive.
  8. @PJTierney and his "Hum interesting" gif.... you want me to have an heart attack.
  9. I don't understand OMSE strategy. With their 2019 performance, they can easily* come back to World RX with high objective. *Except the budget part and issues of course
  10. Why is the Mini so fast in the game ? Oliver B. must have put something in the Licence agreement like : "Ok, I give you rights on Xite for DR2.0 and Grid, but my car has to been faster in the games than in reality"
  11. It will be like the previous year Trophee Andros, i.e. thermique vs electric. It could be interesting but we already know how it will finish. #NoSoundNoFollow
  12. Maybe @PJTierney could give us a proper and technic explanation to this little mistake ?
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