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  1. That was already the case in Dirt 4 with the audi EKS that we missed so much. Licensing is really annoying for fans. I saw a insta story of Niclas G. a few days ag, answering the question "i20 in DR2". He said : maybe. So, I am still thinking the Father Christmas. With a such addition, it would make DR 2.0 the real and most complete RX game and best RX game ever created.
  2. Sorry Codemasters, but this is not the Ford that Pal try drove this year ... This is the Ford Fiesta Stard that we were expecting.
  3. I feel the same. I was really happy to be able to drive the Mk7.
  4. @PJTierney Am I the only one to have Demoustier and August in the wrong livery car ? BTW, look forward to drive the Mini. #Abudhabi
  5. Agreed, sounds really violent. On the pre grid, if the Ford could talk, it could say something like "Ok guys, I'm here".
  6. The Cartel achievement would mean something like "Win the WRX 2019 Championship with Bakkerud while Doran finishes 2nd" "Team results standings" dlc confirmed ! 🐵
  7. These 2019 RX cars are really enjoyable to drive. Well done CM and thanks ! It was always a bit annoying to drive the Year N-1 cars each time. Quick question : why can't we have a team championship standing in our career or RX mode ? it could be a good add in a future patch release and I don't think it is hard to do. I might also be wrong. 😁 Edit = I was hoping more 208 WRX 2019 liveries like the Pailler's one but I am too really demanding.
  8. Good job on the AI for that track. Such a good track and happy to see it back. I've done few races yesterday, it feels so good. I have experimented the same kind of AI issues during my races, as you @JorritVD. It was really intense but I just hope it won't be the case each time.
  9. I have to confess that I have tried every thing I could on the 2020 teaser image to find an hidden car somewhere beyond the pixels. I am still trying.
  10. They have a Title to defend against Bakkerud, and I am pretty that they want a proper championship win without the last race scandal 🤔🦁
  11. @PJTierney is working as a CM for Subaru I can prove it ! Indeed, subaru and new rallies confirmed.
  12. Is there an official explanation for this blue fog, present on most of the stages/tracks while ?
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