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  1. Could be a really good surprise to have the Dubourg Liveries. 😍
  2. Oops. Who’s looking forward to the season 4 ? 😁😁
  3. Calm down guys, this is just the video promo for the BX group B DLC.
  4. World RX Championship 2018 - Montalegre PS4 Slim
  5. These things are highly awaited from my side ! 😍
  6. I would love to have the DS3 WRC in DR2. That has always been a real lack to me in the first Dirt Rally. At least, the Xsara.
  7. Hire a trainee, he will be happy to do it 🐵 And just for the rallycross side ? 🤡
  8. Hey @PJTierney Could we have a specific link or a post where to find all the "official pics done by Codemasters" like the following one ? I would love to see the collection for Rallycross, and of course, for Rally. Thanks.
  9. A good Oliver Bennett line ! 🤡 Yeah, the default choice with the Sub is not so cool. I would prefer the VW as a standard choice.
  10. A bit OFF topic but, here is a snip of a good battle we've done last friday night with @JorritVD and @tbtstt. Fair and good racing. @JorritVD that chicane move ! 😛
  11. I vote @JorritVD for having a job at codemasters. Always very accurate. Thanks!
  12. This is the first thing I will do once the mini is available in DR2. A kind of hommage to Oliver.
  13. That would explain why so many RX drivers are playing to that game. Shame that we can't have a PS4 version of it.
  14. I have never played to Iracing (RX), but how could we qualify the driving in Iracing compared to the DR2 one? 🧐
  15. Really interesting. Really. EDIT = If we were on the Dirt Gossip thread I would say something like : uh, is it Sebastien Loeb, is he coming back ?? But after looking the publication, this is just an old picture showing the return of Riga. Shame on me.
  16. Awesome video. Always a pleasure to watch a bakkerud life episode. This one is particuler as I was so stressed during that final. I know that you can say everything you want with footages and a good edit but it appears again that the Hansens are not so good loosers (that scene in the golf car). They are complaining about the move Andreas has done during the Q3 but it was nothing compared to the Timmy Hansen's move during the final. Really interesting to see these relationships between the different driver. The Timur's scene is really interesting to see. And that scene where And
  17. Nope, I was just thinking about my wife's head and my relationship if I was 100% achievement everywhere. More seriously, well done PJ, it is just insane to be 100% like this 🏋️‍♂️
  18. Looking at this picture, it reminds me that the rallycross track before Christ were full of concrete walls of concrete tires. It would have helped Bakkerud if we still were before Christ. 🤡
  19. The question is : are you single ?
  20. Agree. We do it without any brakes which seems to be impossible IRL. But, what a track !
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