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  1. 17 hours ago, JorritVD said:

    - If a new RX track will come, than I guess the most logical ones will be: CotA, Hockenheim, Spa 
    - Skoda Fabia for RX, possible as Supercar or S1600 

    EDIT: I also hope for some further things:
    - Alternative track lay-outs for some RX tracks (as was in in DR1 and D4)
    - More weather options (for both rally and rx), more like in D4 a dynamic option (although I don't think that is realistic). For RX would be cool if there were some more night options for more locations as well and also snow for Montelegre 😛 

    These things are highly awaited from my side ! 😍

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  2. 2 hours ago, tbtstt said:

    Ha, my line at the start of that Killarney race was absolutely horrific! Need to get some practice in before I race you two again! 

    (and also make sure I pick a car before the race starts: I forgot how much I don't get on with the Subaru until I got stuck in it!) 

    A good Oliver Bennett line ! 🤡

    Yeah, the default choice with the Sub is not so cool. I would prefer the VW as a standard choice.

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  3. 1 minute ago, AlexSpartan316 said:

    Bakkerud in one of his QeA videos once said something like this:

    ”if you want something that resemble the real behavior of the cars  I racing it’s the closest one to real life”

    That would explain why so many RX drivers are playing to that game. Shame that we can't have a PS4 version of it.

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  4. 7 minutes ago, JorritVD said:

    It's also feedback. If it can't be done for this game, then it might be a development/strategic point for the next DiRT.

    I have never played to Iracing (RX), but how could we qualify the driving in Iracing compared to the DR2 one? 🧐

  5. 13 hours ago, JorritVD said:

    Pretty intense episode. One detail is very interesting and that is when the stwards were checking the incident, they asked for a witness, than witness being Kevin Hansen..., which is really odd as he will always be in favor for Timmy. Next to that Niclas was at that time 3rd behind Andreas and Timmy. 

    Also awesome to see how the team works flat-out, but also have fun. My theory about the RX Cartel will have join efforts with Subaru I kinda take back. Why? Well Mattias Ekstrom was heavily involved, but also with Krisztian Szabo and also Robin Larsson being there, my guess that the plans for next year is that they want to continue with the Audi's. 


    Awesome video. Always a pleasure to watch a bakkerud life episode. This one is particuler as I was so stressed during that final.

    I know that you can say everything you want with footages and a good edit but it appears again that the Hansens are not so good loosers (that scene in the golf car). They are complaining about the move Andreas has done during the Q3 but it was nothing compared to the Timmy Hansen's move during the final.

    Really interesting to see these relationships between the different driver. The Timur's scene is really interesting to see. 

    And that scene where Andreas explains that Kevin has been choosen as a witness. Completely crazy.

  6. 2 minutes ago, AlexSpartan316 said:

    Is that a proposal?! 😮 damn guys,i’m So happy for you...love is a beautiful thing ❤️

    Nope, I was just thinking about my wife's head and my relationship if I was 100% achievement everywhere. 

    More seriously, well done PJ, it is just insane to be 100% like this 🏋️‍♂️

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  7. 28 minutes ago, koog2003 said:

    Timmy and Kevin Hansen (2000 bc):


    Looking at this picture, it reminds me that the rallycross track before Christ were full of concrete walls of concrete tires.

    It would have helped Bakkerud if we still were before Christ. 🤡

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