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  1. Few pictures of my own collection. Killarney. Montalegre. Riga. Holjes. Poland. Hell. All on PS4 Slim.
  2. @PJTierney will be able to answer us
  3. I was wondering the exact same thing.
  4. If Subaru comes to WRX, Scott Speed is the man they need. He showed great pace this year (with only one year with Subaru), more than Sandell and Atkinson. I also hope for a come back of Foust. That could be a really good championship with all these names.
  5. Sometimes, it's already a Folkrace when you run an online RX race, I have to say. 😀
  6. The Mini and the Clio. Just for making justice and win one race with them. And the Audi with the Bakkerud livery just to drop off Timmy Hansen correctly in the wall of the Killarney track. Just saying.
  7. The fact that @F2CMaDMaXX works for CM might help him. 🤡
  8. I know, but the stages are really cool to drive.
  9. Or the Rally Legend of San Marino 😁
  10. Andrew Coley came to CM to record his voice for the 2019 World RX mode. I still dream to have Andrew Coley's commentaries during the replay but it is a huge work to do so I can still dream. But, if Stéphane Prévost is here too, it is for : - correct pace note - OR new rallies. I am ok with new rallies.
  11. This is why I love watching the World RX and why I always have to use a VPN to watch it. Just listen the difference of intensity of the French commentators. How could he be so quiet ?😁 #LiveTheRX #FeelTheRX 😀 😁
  12. Timmy Hansen has already shown great competencies to be pushy. Remember the last turn with Ekstrom at Holjes in 2015. The fact that the incident investigation has been asked by Kevin Hansen, shows me how unfair the Hansen's are. But, again, that's a question of point of view and this story proves again how Rallycross is a beautiful and crazy sport*. *And Andrew Coley makes the Rallycross even better that he already is.
  13. This final will be a infinite debate I think. I am so disappointed for Bakkerud and I think that the Hansen's behavior had to be punished because with this, Gronholm has been able to be first and won, and Bakkerud not to win the title. It's a question of point of view. I do think that Timmy Hansen has always been too pushy in the past and this final is another proof. I can understand Bakkerud's reaction during the podium. After all, he is human and remembering the begining of the year, he had to battle a lot to find money and be able to make the year. This was not the case for the Hansen'
  14. If Bakkerud wins the title, the RX cartel will be here in 2020. If the Hansen's machina wins, I don't know about the RX Cartel.
  15. I mean a separate race during the same event, like they have already done at trois rivières in 2018 if I am right.
  16. Canada has been officially deleted. A mix event with the ARX is highly awaited IMO.
  17. Trois Rivières is OUT and it's sure : https://www.lhebdojournal.com/la-fin-du-championnat-du-monde-de-rallycross-fia-a-trois-rivieres/
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