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  1. 7 minutes ago, AlexSpartan316 said:

    Hmmmm...perfect...that’s not the world I would use ^^ they brake in the left turn before the jump (for no reason) leave you a big opportunity to pass them.anyway the best a.i model so far tho

    I have to say that I have only done one race. I might have to change my mind after 10 races ^^

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  2. 11 hours ago, AlexSpartan316 said:

    Found a big bug,in Cape Town the gravel section don’t make dust when the car pass on it.

    can anyone confirm?

    The a.i works well here,I’m glad to see the other cars chasing me for once...nice job (they brake too much in the left corner before the jump tho...there’s no reason to brake in that turn)

    I confirm about the dust! 

    This is the only one bug I have noticed.

    The AI looks perfect, so as the track. Well done Codies, very fun and tricky - especially the two chicanes - to drive.

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  3. 8 minutes ago, nPiipo said:

    Since we know that there will be a new car class for 2019 supercars, the next question for me is that will there be a 2019 FIA World Rallycross Championship with 2019 supercars and correct tracks in Freeplay. It would only make sense for me.

    I was wondering the exact same thing.

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  4. 13 minutes ago, AlexSpartan316 said:

    Imagine a Folkrace dlc for DR 2.0 ...that would be awesome 🤔


    Sometimes, it's already a Folkrace when you run an online RX race, I have to say. 😀

  5. 1 hour ago, JorritVD said:

    Which new car you guys looking forward the most?

    The Mini and the Clio. Just for making justice and win one race with them. :classic_blush:

    And the Audi with the Bakkerud livery just to drop off Timmy Hansen correctly in the wall of the Killarney track. Just saying. :classic_ninja:

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  6. 12 hours ago, F2CMaDMaXX said:

    I can only raise my eyes at things, it's interesting how we saw that Coley went back to CM recently, and that Stéphane Prévot is heading back there this week....

    Andrew Coley came to CM to record his voice for the 2019 World RX mode. I still dream to have Andrew Coley's commentaries during the replay but it is a huge work to do so I can still dream.

    But, if Stéphane Prévost is here too, it is for :

    - correct pace note

    - OR new rallies.

    I am ok with new rallies. :classic_ninja:

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  7. Timmy Hansen has already shown great competencies to be pushy. Remember the last turn with Ekstrom at Holjes in 2015.

    The fact that the incident investigation has been asked by Kevin Hansen, shows me how unfair the Hansen's are.

    But, again, that's a question of point of view and this story proves again how Rallycross is a beautiful and crazy sport*.

    *And Andrew Coley makes the Rallycross even better that he already is.

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  8. This final will be a infinite debate I think. I am so disappointed for Bakkerud and I think that the Hansen's behavior had to be punished because with this, Gronholm has been able to be first and won, and Bakkerud not to win the title.

    It's a question of point of view. I do think that Timmy Hansen has always been too pushy in the past and this final is another proof. I can understand Bakkerud's reaction during the podium. After all, he is human and remembering the begining of the year, he had to battle a lot to find money and be able to make the year. This was not the case for the Hansen's Cartel. But this is a question of point of view. Of course, I respect people who think that the Hansen's move was ok.

    BTW, what a great season. Looking forward to the next one, and of course, to the S4 of Dirt rally 2.0 to be able to personally take care of the Hansen's cars... 🐵

  9. 49 minutes ago, Pfei said:

    The tension began last year. Tänak made it clear he lost to Ogier because of the car breaking down. That tension moved into 2019 and reached the boiling point in Sardinia. Evidently Tänak never got on well with Tommi or his girlfriend. 

    Now besides the Ogier to Toyota rumor, the plot thickens as Neuville tweeted Happy Halloween from Toyota's HQ in Finland. The tweet was promptly deleted. 


    That's a real gossip, well done !

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  10. 3 minutes ago, PJTierney said:

    Could be a seasonal thing too, Yas Marina typically ends the F1 calendar.


    My guesses at the other 2 would be Canada for TBC in July and Silverstone for TBC in September. Latvia would be that spot but based on the last few posts in this thread it's not in a good spot financially.


    Probably fewer American events as ARX seems to be picking up steam.

    Canada has been officially deleted. :classic_unsure:

    A mix event with the ARX is highly awaited IMO.

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