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  1. 29 minutes ago, Tranzitive said:

    the lack of Hyundai cars in this game is weird. i can understand the i20 R5 not being in the game due to licensing, since it's tied up with the WRC and Kylotonn probably wanted it as a WRC 8 exclusive.

    But no GRX Taneco i20? That's quite a big omission, especially since the team won 3/10 rounds of the 2019 Rx season. And there's no rallycross in WRC 8 at all.

    That was already the case in Dirt 4 with the audi EKS that we missed so much. 

    Licensing is really annoying for fans. 

    I saw a insta story of Niclas G. a few days ag, answering the question "i20 in DR2". He said : maybe.

    So, I am still thinking the Father Christmas.

    With a such addition, it would make DR 2.0 the real and most complete RX game and best RX game ever created. :classic_biggrin:

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  2. Sorry if a such topic already exists, I have not been able to find a proper one.

    Few suggestions for the RX that I would love to find in DR2 :


    - Turn the Time Trial into a real test mode with for example no public in that circuit.

    - ability to have our own names on the WRX liveries (might have licences problems)

    - Team results standings in WRX mode.

    - Andrew Coley commentaries on replays 😄


    Do not hesitate to add yours.

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  3. These 2019 RX cars are really enjoyable to drive. Well done CM and thanks ! It was always a bit annoying to drive the Year N-1 cars each time. 

    Quick question : why can't we have a team championship standing in our career or RX mode ? it could be a good add in a future patch release and I don't think it is hard to do. I might also be wrong. 😁

    Edit = I was hoping more 208 WRX 2019 liveries like the Pailler's one but I am too really demanding.

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