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  1. 11 hours ago, tbtstt said:

    Absolutely gutted for Johan. TQ and a chance to start gaining on Timmy, then issues in the semi and a missed final. 

    I hope JK can prove me wrong, but with a relatively short season (and low entry numbers), I think it is going to be very difficult to stop Timmy now. 

    Pity they didn't let Kevin (Hansen) joker earlier in the final: I thought he looked quicker than Timmy. 

    Disappointing result for Gronholm as well. Had the early pace, but just didn't have that edge in the second half of the weekend.

    Plenty of drama in the Euros. Real shame for JB Dubourg and Bakkerud. Both denied good finishes. Think Munnich is a deserving winner though, so pleasing result there. 

    Yeah, what a drama weekend at Lohéac. 

    I am still crying for Bakkerud. I was so sad in front of my screen. 

    Again, what a shame for Johan. Reminds me the lack of luck of Doran last year. Hopefully, he will back stronger. Audi has always a good pace at Riga, so he can make the double shot and come back in the overall standing.

    I can't imagine a double Hansen for the last thermic year. I really can't imagine that. :classic_ninja:

  2. 3 hours ago, PJTierney said:

    So Höljes happened.


    World RX Twitter only posted standings but the races themselves were on RedBull.tv.

    Production quality of the broadcast at least was good, and with Martin Haven at Le Mans they got somebody more suited to rallycross to commentate (still no Coley though).

    Really good weekend. I have enjoyed watching it !

    I think Nick Fellows made the job. It was really entertaining ! (I know this is not the opinion of everyone but I do prefer him to Martin).

  3. 17 hours ago, SRD_SimVansevenant said:

    My latest video for those that are interested...
    Definitely worth watching to the very end.

    DiRT Rally 2.0's Biggest Mistake - A Mod Designer's Perspective


    We need these replay camera's angle in the based game. Beautiful.

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  4. 8 minutes ago, tbtstt said:

    So first round of 2021 in the history books, what did we all think? (Assuming anyone else here watched it! 😄)

    For the most part I thought the coverage was pretty decent. Solid camera work and presentation (aside from the absence of tyre allocation graphics, hope they bring that back), weakest points had to be the feed dropping out for the first World semi and some inconsistencies from the commentary team(s). I hope that becomes less of an issue as the new (to rallycross) commentators learn the sport and drivers.

    I didn't get to watch all of the Friday races, but didn't see Neil Cole in any of the coverage I watched so that was an added bonus.

    Disappointed for Johan. That win should have been his and, although the rules were clearly broken, shame to see him put on the back foot through no fault of his own... that aside he looks to have some good speed in the Audi already. Gutted for Gronholm as well, was looking forward to seeing him in the final, definitely not the start to the Championship he wanted. Good showing from Abbring, despite (predictiably) a plethora of car issues.

    Not to sure on the noise, but actually some good action from RX2e.

    I quite agree 100% of what you've just said @tbtstt

    Neil will start his season with the Loheac event, and then the rest of the season.

    Even if I am not fan of Johan, I reckon he is one of the most greatest driver I have ever seen. His ability to adapt the car is such impressing. I feel sorry for him not to have see him winning it and really bored about the classic Hansen's overreacting moment. 

    But this adds some real good expectations for the rest of the season. I already look forward seeing Holjes. 🙂

    Quite happy overall by this new kind of coverage. The onboard section is awesome. The camera angles are so awesome.

    I carry on thinking that it would have fit 100% for Andrew Coley and Dan Rooke. But, we can't have what we always dream of.

  5. 2 hours ago, PJTierney said:

    I bet what happens though is that a 16:9 image gets stretched, whereas Kojima Productions may be developing a bespoke option for Death Stranding.

    Yeh, that's what I am thinking. It gets stretched, so it is ugly in some ways. But if Sony adds a Ultrawide update to its system, do you think DR2 would need a bespoke update too, or would it work alone ? 🧐

  6. [OFF Topic]

    I have seen that news : https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/death-stranding-could-be-the-first-ps5-game-with-ultra-wide-support/

    I am wondering how a such feature could be implemented in PS5 and would it make old games compatible with Ultrawide (like Dirt Rally 2 for instance) ? 

    I still have a little dream to have an ultra wide screen in my gaming rig for PS5.

    I am a huge noob with that kind of technology, so please, be kind with me 😄

  7. https://www.fiaworldrallycross.com/world-rx/i/registeration-proccess/

    Your thoughts on that ?

    I mean, to me, it sounds good if it lets me to have access to inside videos, interview, special contents, more live coverage, a bit like what we had during the magic weekend in 2020 with Andrew & Molly.

    The WRC app is cool. I woud love to have a WRX one.

    I don't care about paying for this if, and only if, the content is here.

    The absence of Andrew is still a pain for me. I am pretty sure that it is a cool format for him.

  8. 1 hour ago, dgeesi0 said:

    checks on steam database.....:classic_biggrin: 6 days ago something updated on champ :classic_tongue:

    Ah ! Do you have the link ? I will set up an alert on that. :classic_ninja:


    EDIT = Found it, thanks.

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  9. 4 minutes ago, PJTierney said:

    Can't say anything about any potential future titles until I'm allowed to, can't even give a date or confirm if anything does or does not exist 😄 


    When I can though, I'll do my bit to get you all as hyped up as possible 😉 


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