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  1. These replay angles are just insane. Reminds me the very good replay from RBR pro.
  2. That location could be a nice replacement of Dirt Fish for Dirt Rally 3. Just sayin'
  3. Hello to the Codemasters DiRT Rally Team ! This looks really exciting. I will follow this with a lot of attention. Well done Jon & CM.
  4. And I know someone who wants to take a kind of revenge on that specific track. His name starts with an A and contains a N, a D, a R, a E, another A, and then, a S.
  5. That's a shame. I would have loved seeing Oliver Bennett do a new barrel. Well, I think I will do Father&Son weekend at Spa somewhere in october. 🙂
  6. Well, 178th with 5 rallys where I was not there. Quite good and happy with that 🙂
  7. If necessary, I can make a Jennifer Aniston dance move. Of course, "L" like "Livery"
  8. https://racinggames.gg/dirt/dirt-rally-3-release-date-editions-price-trailer-news-updates-wrc-codemasters-2021-ps5-xbox-pc-steam/?fbclid=IwAR3_umstHVG5Pdy0FNe2W5oxqzfnSzBVMZyEyYOVj3HBX2nWqrhStf9k8y8
  9. So, please, Codemasters, do an update. I love these RX liveries for the Polo !
  10. I am still thinking they will release a secret I20 RX and SPA DLC on April the 1st. Yes, I am a true dreamer and so what ?
  11. Oh, I never received this email. * *Relevant tentative to receive the racenetbeta email.
  12. I am happy to see that the WRC guys have it. Not happy to see the electric things. But at least, we should be able to see our favorites drivers and cars one more year. 🙂 Now, please, Codemasters, find an arrangement with the new promoter to carry on to have the WRX licence in your future titles. Please, I am begging you. 🙂
  13. Thanks a lot. For some reasons, the link attached in the first page of that topic doesn't work. But the one you've just given me does. Thanks.
  14. Guys, I am trying to find the club in the Dirt Rally 2.0 website but can't find it. Is there anybody here that could send it to me ? Many thanks.
  15. Yeah, Replays in RBR are just 100% accurate. This is true immersion there.
  16. Yeah, we still had a intense year and hard fight between Ekstrom and Johan. Glad we were able to see that in 2020.
  17. No snow in WRX 2020. I was expecting an epic final for the championship. But no.
  18. well, it doesn't sound really good for the all rallycross world. SPA will be cancelled for sure, as the germany's round too. This is quite sad. :(
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