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  1. I'm in 4th gear when I hit the apex at turn-13, up to 5th for turn-14 and down to 2nd for turn-15.  Smooth turn in for the start of turn-13 is vital and hitting that proper apex and exit or that whole section is toast all the way through turn-15.  Got to have a super smooth flow through that whole section which is difficult to pull of time after time for me. I'm still working on getting it right every time...but I clear that section very fast most of the time, which is my problem..."most of the time" just doesn't cut it when racing that track. EDIT:  Oh yea, for some reason I
  2. I too noticed a lag with race times posting to Racenet...it should show up eventually.  My race times took a few hours to show up over the weekend. Good day! DrDetroit
  3. I just joined PRL a few weeks ago and I think they are a really good league, respectful and informative members, lots of forums and chatter...glad I joined and glad they'd have me racing tonight.  Can't wait! Check them out, a good bunch of peeps...I'm going to drive as clean and fast as possible and get a good practice race in tonight. Good day! DrDetroit
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