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  1. Wow, I didn't know that. Then why TF can't racenet work decently?
  2. Playing the Gravel Busters club, currently 20th. I can't save the game, connection error to Racenet. If I close it I'll get DNF and all screw the whole run. I understand you are a small company, but can't you guys get help from the community? I'm surr therr are a lot of people with technical expertise, including myself, that would be willing to help making this more reliable, and who knows, maybe people who can donate cloud resources to help you cope with the demand!
  3. Jacendb

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Videos!

    Nailed it 🙂 2019_12.23-10_46.mp4
  4. Jacendb

    The game remove himself

    Not sure about the windows store version but a while ago Avast Antivirus was flagging the dr2 executable file as a virus and moving it to quarantine. I just marked it as safe by adding an exception in Avast and I never had an issue again.
  5. Jacendb

    DiRT Rally VR

    There should be a pop up menu with 3 options: game, game vr steam, game vr oculus. Make sure you have the latest version.
  6. This has been happening at least since the DR days. I remember one time racenet was down a whole long weekend 🤦. What's worse is the ZERO acknowledge of the issue.
  7. Jacendb

    Great update👍

    I also loved the dash cam. I haven't played much this week so I can't tell much about the handbrake yet. Keep the good work, codies!
  8. Jacendb

    How do you shift the Evo X NR4/R4??

    My theory is that it changed because the Subaru used in the US rally championship might be sequential.
  9. Jacendb

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    I love the DS21!
  10. Jacendb

    How do you shift the Evo X NR4/R4??

    I looked at the replay using the in cabin camera and it is sequential. It's a shame as I liked that class being manual with clutch. Oh well, I still have fun with the Evo X 🙂
  11. Jacendb

    RaceNet Server Donation

    The problem is that make everything to run on racenet but they don't have anybody monitoring it on weekends and holidays. I remember back in the DR days online racing was down during a whole long weekend! There was nobody there to even acknowledge the issue.
  12. Jacendb

    How's the Tire running distance?

    I always use soft in gravel I think up to 20k. Wet only for asphalt with rain as any other thing will slide on the road.
  13. Jacendb

    Cant add new cars

    Deluxe included seasons 1 and 2 as clearly stated way before launch. Seasobs 3 and 4 content are not included.
  14. Jacendb

    Possibility of Purchasable Skins?

    Increasing the price of DLC would mean leaving out a lot of us who can't afford it but additional income for Codies is not a bad idea. Now besides special "expensive" content like liveries they could also sell spots in the game to the highest bid so your name can be in a stage or in a car or in a plate somewhere in Codemasters' offices. It's not a bad idea to have special supporters.
  15. Not sure if it's a bug but both the Evo X and the Evo VI use sequential shifting when using "manual + sequential with clutch" in transmission options. Both were manual in D4 and so was the Evo X in DR
  16. Jacendb

    Why? Why? WHY?!

    Did you install any mods? If some files are changed your times won't be posted.
  17. Jacendb

    Dirt Rally refusing to launch correctly

    Try uninstalling SteamVR if you have it installed.
  18. Jacendb

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Screenshots!

    Got some great scenery racing today :)
  19. Jacendb

    How do you shift the Evo X NR4/R4??

    The one in the game uses a clutch. A friend of mine has an EVO, not rally though, and it's manual with clutch as well.
  20. I would love to see a stage generator but this time with lots of variety for road segments. In D4 I know what a hairpin will be like in Wales or whatever, but if the generator could change enought features of a turn that would be awesome. I know hand crafted stages are great but after a while you'll lear them all. A little variety would add tons to this great game.
  21. Jacendb


    What if you set weather to low?
  22. Jacendb

    Logitech G27 causes stuttering when plugged in

    I had that issue in DR when I had a gamepad plugged in alongside my G27. I got used to unplugging unused controllers before starting any Dirt since then. I haven't had stuttering in DR2 and that's on my good old AMD FX 8370e.