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  1. hippoSURF


    Not sure how much the EA takeover is going to affect a title that would have to already be in development. EA's influence(how much or how little is yet to be determined) won't likely be fully realized until 2022.
  2. hippoSURF

    Podium Pass Season 4

    It can't. He's politely giving you the dust off. They decided before this game ever released that those assets wouldn't be included. You can damn sure bet that if they had been planned to be a part of this game they would have popped up in the last six months.
  3. hippoSURF

    Ea sports it’s in the game

    Alot of companies own numerous developers and allow them to remain relatively autonomous. That could be the case here.
  4. hippoSURF

    PLEASE CODEMASTERS!! We want the Official Halo Hud

    Possibly because the Halo HUD is a SkySports overlay and not an F1 or FIA overlay. It's much like watching sports on different networks where each network has its own scoreboard overlay. That would be my best guess.
  5. hippoSURF

    Will Take Two reinvent next years game F1 2021 or?

    The F1 franchise suffers from the same issues as any other annual release. Most of the changes are cosmetic and only marginal improvements are made. Making large scale changes is very difficult with such a short window between releases.
  6. hippoSURF

    Missed store items during release pitcoin bug

    A lot of people had a similar issue unfortunately thus far it seems like if you missed out on things it's likely that you missed out on them.
  7. hippoSURF

    Podium Pass 1 Day to Go

    wouldn't that be nice. Not likely to happen but we can all dream for a few more hours or weeks depending on when/if they ever release season 2 content. This kind of transition should be seamless not two-three weeks between seasons.
  8. hippoSURF

    THIS IS WRONG IN THE GAME! (no bugs)

    Just hold a controller in your hand while you watch the races. It's not now nor has it ever been a pure simulation title there is going to be things that don't make it into the games because it's a hybrid. All "OFFICIAL" means is that it is a licensed F1 game. Putting red flag into the game would be pointless unless you like videogames where you park your car and sit around with your thumb up your butt.A red flag situation in a video game would likely be nothing more than a cut scene showing a mess on the track, but this game is already relatively devoid of incidents let alone catastrophic ones like we've seen in the last two Grands Prix. Finally, the broadcast colour issue is likely to do with the fact that Codemasters doesn't have the license for the broadcast presentation. There are probably better simulations out there
  9. hippoSURF

    New liveries and sponsors

    Do you think video game design is just a request and provide industry?
  10. hippoSURF

    Why the Ferrari's Weichai sponsor still present in the Game?

    OMG people need to stop making threads about this. It's a sticker, if it ruins the immersion for you I'm afraid videogames aren't for you.
  11. hippoSURF

    Podium Pass Season 2

    LOL, it's been delayed. They can't even release their customization content on time. Don't worry it'll be released with the Performance Update, F2 2020 content, and the livery update. It's called F1 2021.
  12. hippoSURF

    Item shop is a huge disappointment

    it has some personality that's all I'm saying it's not something I'm going to spend coins on but it is a step in a positive direction
  13. hippoSURF

    Item shop is a huge disappointment

    I wouldn't call it a brilliant helmet, it's definitely the best thing that has come from the helmet selection thus far(not high praise) but the fact that only one colour is changeable is a letdown. Not really worth the coins for IMO
  14. hippoSURF


    Microsoft allows logo importing in other games like the WWE/NBA 2K series.
  15. hippoSURF

    Item shop is a huge disappointment

    That's fine and I'm sure that there are people who are satisfied with the content that is included but it isn't desperation to spend them that causes people to complain it's wanting something worthwhile to spend them on if they choose to spend them. Codemasters can't be satisfied with hearing that the people who are interested in purchasing things don't find the options worth purchasing.