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    Not sure how much the EA takeover is going to affect a title that would have to already be in development. EA's influence(how much or how little is yet to be determined) won't likely be fully realized until 2022.
  2. It can't. He's politely giving you the dust off. They decided before this game ever released that those assets wouldn't be included. You can damn sure bet that if they had been planned to be a part of this game they would have popped up in the last six months.
  3. Alot of companies own numerous developers and allow them to remain relatively autonomous. That could be the case here.
  4. Possibly because the Halo HUD is a SkySports overlay and not an F1 or FIA overlay. It's much like watching sports on different networks where each network has its own scoreboard overlay. That would be my best guess.
  5. The F1 franchise suffers from the same issues as any other annual release. Most of the changes are cosmetic and only marginal improvements are made. Making large scale changes is very difficult with such a short window between releases.
  6. Microsoft allows logo importing in other games like the WWE/NBA 2K series.
  7. I think the Fibre Optic livery was a weekly item and I haven't seen any of the weekly items come across in the daily items(which are extremely limited) as of yet.
  8. Indeed that is a problem. IMO it's possibly the BIGGEST issue with the customization in this game. No matter how unique or interesting someone makes their livery every single person you see has the same number style and colour. Also, the ability to scale/size/skew/rotate and place the sponsor logos ourselves would be nice. There are so many things that could be done to improve the creation suite(I'd say go full 2K on it and include community creations or similar livery sharing feature and ability upload logos (real-world brands and sponsors) even if they have to be uploaded). I kno
  9. It'll probably have to rotate back through before you can grab it again.
  10. I've been trying to pin this down. Thanks. You wouldn't happen to have a ballpark on Brawn GP Green, would you? No matter what I try it comes out too yellow. Ironically enough that's the same issue I was having with the gold. This is why there should be a livery sharing(and a deeper creation suite) aspect to this(like community creations in the NBA2K series). Some people are just better at this stuff than others. But that's a topic for another thread.
  11. Sweet ride. The only thing that would make it better is if the numbers were bold and more square and also white with a red outline.
  12. Heat has become extremely utilitarian. Agreed on the soundtrack though.
  13. Recently (my last NASCAR game purchase was NASCAR Heat 3) the creation suite was awful. I'm not expecting much in the way of deep improvements this year but things I would really like to see the most from it would be the ability to edit the number colour and different fonts for them as well. It's super generic the way it is currently and little things like those would go a long way in improving that.
  14. I haven't started MyTeam as of yet but I have to say I am kind of disappointed with the lack of creativity allowed by the game in terms of the car's livery. It's all very paint by numbers and passionless. It lacks a certain soul. I was sincerely hoping for the option to DESIGN a livery myself like in older NASCAR games like 2011. There are some nice looking liveries in here especially to be sure. Keep up the good work guys. here's a link to some of the stuff I did in NASCAR 2011 using just what was available in their design suite to make them. https://imgbox
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