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  1. TheAM

    tires used in FP

    Yeah, it's annoying. It always returns two most worn sets, so just make sure you use the tyres you want to return
  2. Yeah, maybe I went a little bit too far with 136 laps around Suzuka Short, but the truth is that it is a very short circuit and it would take a lot of laps to utilise 305 km. My main point though is racing around Bahrain Short, which is the most popular short circuit used for league racing. If the change was to take place leagues would just use normal 50% race with 42 laps, rather than having to decide if they want a race that is too short (29 laps) or too long (57 laps). In my opinion the change would make sense as the Sakhir GP last year had 87 laps, rather than 57. But I understa
  3. Full race distance in Formula 1 is 305 km (apart from Monaco, which is a bit over 260 km). Race distances on short layouts in the game are way off, as the numer of laps on them is essentially a copy-paste from full circuits. My suggestion is to change number of laps on the short circuits to match 305 km race distance. Here is a list of short circuits in game with their race distance (current and what it should be): Bahrain Short (3.705 km) Race distance in game: 57 laps (211.185 km) Correct race distance: 83 laps (307.515 km) Silverstone Short (2.979 km) Race distance
  4. Actually it does not. On Steam at least. It shows that you are playing beta only to those who also have it. To others who don't it will just show you as "online" in blue colour
  5. Ahhh, okay. I thought he meant BarryBL
  6. I feel like F3 will be just a natural step for Codemasters in the future, and will be in the game sooner or later. It would be good though is until then they would expand multiplayer to at least 30 slots per lobby plus 2 for spectators. That would be epic for full grid, broadcasted F3 multiplayer acion.
  7. If you do your race strategy programme on lean mix it calculates fuel you need based on that. If you want to have realistic fuel deltas in that programme manage your fuel like you would do in the race
  8. My suggestion is to let players choose their weekend tyre allocation in more detail. For example: let's have a harder, balanced and softer presets, but add "custom" preset where player can choose each individual tyre set (apart from Q3 and race sets obviously). That will give players more freedom of strategy for an entire weekend both in single player and multiplayer.
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