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  1. Just an update to note that for the last few weeks RaceNet Event results have been updating with more consistency to the RaceNet website leaderboards and indeed this week all my (progressively improving) best lap times for different set-ups in both F1 2013 (Event # 3372) and F1 2014 (Event # 250) were uploaded. No idea what changed but perhaps the Codemasters team that looks after the RaceNet servers/upload systems followed up on my emails (mentioned above) ... if so: THANKS!
  2. @LXS77 Hi The "hit and miss" of uploading improved lap times for F1 2013 & F1 2014 RaceNet Events continues for me. Attached is an updated spreadsheet showing the last five (5) Racenet Events for F1 2013 and F1 2014. As you will note, of the last five RaceNet Events I had success in uploading my best lap-time for: a) F1 2013 on 2 out of 5 occasions = 40% success rate, and b) F1 2014 on 3 out of 5 occasions = 60% success rate. Some times update to the Event but not the Track (and/or in the case of F1 2014, the graph) or vice versa in a seemingly random fashion. Sometimes all is updated and other times nothing at all. I have sent another email with this updated info to Codemasters. I have not had a reply, apart from the generic one above, to my earlier email. I am still noticing the odd issue with Time Attack challenge times not updating on the RaceNet website for both F1 2013 and F1 2014, again in-game Global Leaderboards are working fine. RaceNet_Problems_Update_20190508.xls
  3. I tend to agree with your observation. I did, by the way, also reference this post in my email to Codemasters so hopefully they will get the "benefit" of our separate experiences. I'm off to do the weekly F1 2013 Event at Spa ... so I'll see how that works and then F1 2014 tomorrow night.
  4. @LXS77 Hi ... well I did get a more or less "generic" response as follows: The positive is that the concern(s) raised are in Codemasters' system. So presumably it MAY be followed up, which I suspect will be a function of other things the development team is working on and/or the desire to chase up issues with games that our now 4-5 years older than the most recent F1 20xx game. I guess we can remain hopeful. I guess an issue for me is that a "workaround" which may work for PC, where you can modify files, won't work for me on PS3. I'm curious, where are you based ... as I'm wondering if the connection from Australia (and/or other parts) to the server may be problematic? I wonder, because like you, I have observed a drop-off in numbers of weekly participants for F1 2014 and also for F1 2013 (but for this game it can be a function of whether it is Classic DLC based Event which routinely sees a drop in numbers). I play via PS3 and you via PC/Steam (I assume) so the uploading success/failure may be totally independent of the platform.
  5. Perth2008

    Classic F1 Cars

    You need to specify which game and on what platform so that people here can help you. I have (in my post, where you dropped by) provided a suggested path to navigate to the best part of the forums for you to get help. You just need to be more specific. Link back to my post with forum navigation advice: My response should be at the bottom
  6. @GimmeShelter Hi I'm "new" here too but I'll comment as follows. (1) I see you have managed to post a topic as "Classic F1 Cars". I have read your post and would suggest it is too general in heading and content. You will need to specify WHICH GAME you are having the issue with as there are multiple F1 games across multiple platrorms and I suspect multip,e mobile games as well. So firstly you need to add detail to your post(s). Many F1 20xx games since F1 2013 have classic content (2013, 2017, 2018 so far I think) some is included with the base game for other it is DLC via code or payment. I would suggest you navigate to the home page: https://forums.codemasters.com/ Then scroll down to Mobile Games at bottom of the page. Link: https://forums.codemasters.com/forum/20-mobile-games/ Then select F1 Mobile Racing. Link: https://forums.codemasters.com/forum/65-f1-mobile-racing/ Then I would suggest you select Technical Assistance. Link: https://forums.codemasters.com/forum/67-technical-assistance/ Then make your post in that forum as you did earlier as to me it seems the most logical place to ask your questions. (2) I do not play / own the F1 Mobile game(s) so have no idea how to access any specific content. You need to ask your fellow mobile gamers. Hope that helps.
  7. @LXS77 Had the same experience myself with F1 2014 for this week's Montreal/Red Bull TT Event ... none of my times uploaded to the Event or the Track, but did to the Graph (on the F1 2014 summary page). As you said above, it's like one never took part. Very frustrating. I did email Codemasters' customer service to see if they could pass on my concerns/observations to those responsible for the F1 2013 & F1 2014 RaceNet Events servers as clearly there is a problem. I forwarded the attached data of my experience of Event Time Trial (and in-game Time Attack) lap-time data uploading (or failing to) over the last two weeks. Guess it's now a wait and see if there is a response. RaceNet_Problems.pdf
  8. Well, to be honest, I'm not that competitive (versus other players, but am against the clock) and mainly run with minor variations to the default "engineer's setup" options, usually only to braking and alignment, (from higher -3 to lower +3 downforce / wet -3 to dry +3). I just wanted to see how they compare internally and also with the 1-1-11-11 & max camber & toe style setups one generally finds on the internet. I prefer TT and TA whether events or in-game as it's "purer", ie YOU against the clock. This approach probably comes from my initial foray into racing games, which was the DiRT series ... which apart from buggy races ... I really enjoyed. My experience with competitive/multiplayer racing in GRID 2 (not a favourite game in any event) and to a lesser degree GRID Auutosport (a far better game) was that a few knuckle-heads prone to "demolition derby" tactics spoil the fun in circuit racing. That said, I am competitive versus AI in the Grand Prix and Career modes ... the AI mostly do "clean" if aggressive racing depending on difficulty selected. As to PS3 controller versus a full wheel, gears & pedals rig ... for me its a question of (a) economics and (b) space ... no one wants a rig in the middle of the living room! Also I know in the back of my mind that I can probably, as you say, be 2-3 seconds better per lap, if I had such a rig so I weigh my results accordingly when contemplating my results versus others in the weekly Events ... which is why I am very pleased if I am within 5s of the weekly Event "winner" (unless it's someone with a "hacked" dodgy time). That's primarily why I now use ABS, which I never did earlier, as the PS3 brake calibration is not great across the F1 20xx titles and it alone has improved my times ... and I suspect minimises lock up even in the wet. Apparently the F1 2014 is more "biased" towards controller players .. or so I have read and it certainly feels responsive with a PS3 controller. Do you, by the way, play F1 2012? I'm just puzzled why there are weekly RaceNet Events ... just nowhere to see the results. Nice meeting you! If the setup results I've tabulated help you and/or others then no problem. For me, it is just for fun.
  9. Interesting observation. Unless I get an improved time for a new setup attempt (usually 10-12 laps each) when in Main Menu I tend to select Restart (ending back in the garage to make a new setup) and do another 10-12 laps rather than Continue to exit from the Event back to the in-game menus. I know you need to select Continue for the time (if better than previous in the Event) to upload to RaceNet. Based on your observation I will exit via Main Menu after each setup laps-session irrespective of time achieved and maybe the system "resets" for the next attempt(s) in case there is some "time limit" before a timeout. Anyway, attached is how I keep track of my best times per car per setup per circuit per game. It's my attempt to see my own improvement and the impact (if any) of different setups ... personally the more laps you do at a circuit the better your time will get as you get the braking and turn-in points locked into muscle (or for me PS3 button/trigger) memory. Hope you can decipher ... the important detail about setup and observations is in the comments. I do definitely AGREE with you that I prefer to see my times uploaded for each RaceNet EVENT as this shows performance versus an identical car driven by another enthusiast at the weekly circuit all the other leader boards show your best time in a specific car versus other's in their specific car which for F1 2013 can be versus 2013, 1980s or 90s cars which is no "level playing field" comparison. F1 20xx GRID & SHIFT Fastest Laps.xls
  10. Interesting. I am also doing the F1 2014 TT Event at Socchi on PS3. It's my first time trial at Socchi so I expected to see all the leaderboards record a time. On my first (lack lustre) setup attempt my time was recorded for the Event and on the Home page Graph but NOT on the Track leaderboard. My second setup attempt (still lack lustre) was recorded on the Track and Graph leaderboards but NOT for the Event! The in-game Global leaderboards recorded both times. Finally after more attempts I ended up with a time of 1:44.721, not great but it was the best I could do ... anyway the time showed up for the Event but NOT on the Graph or Track leaderboards. As I noted in my first post, this happens from time to time but perhaps more frequently of late based on the records I keep in Excel of my best circuit times per setup & comments (yes, I'm a bit of a "nerd" that way for the F1, GRID AS games). Since my above post the best F1 lap time in the F1 2013 Event is "suspiciously" ~5 seconds faster (at Monaco!) than the next best times put down by guys who regularly, based on their IDs, participate in the F1 20xx events and set very good times. I have also wondered about F1 2012 which until at least late last year (the last time I played it) still had weekly RaceNet events in-game but I could never access the F1 2012 website as all I got was the message: "You’ve not registered any game activity for this game. Play to access the RaceNet features." Which is surprising because I have undertaken numerous TT, both event and single player, and the odd single player GP. I do not have the online MP code and assumed that it was why my times were not accessible on RaceNet BUT I seem to have unlocked some RaceNet Awards (bottom left table on RaceNet "driver profile" homepage) for F1 2012. I gave up doing the F1 2012 Events late last year as I assumed despite the appearance of a new RaceNet challenge each week in-game it was no longer supported by Codemasters given the newer titles that are readily accessible from the RaceNet website. As with F1 2013 and F1 2014 the times set (if a personal best) do show up in the in-game Global leaderboards. Puzzling and frustrating. Edit: I undertook the Time Attack for Sochi after completing the RaceNet Event TT (above) and managed the Silver medal and had my time recorded in the in-game leaderboard and Time Attack summary graphic BUT not in the RaceNet website TA Track leaderboard.
  11. Somewhat frustrated as my times for this weeks F1 2013 RaceNet event #3357 (Williams FW21 time trial at Monaco/dry) are not updating with improved times. My PSN ID is Perth_2008 and RaceNet ID is Perth2008. The time recorded for Monaco on RaceNet is 1:24.082 but I worked hard putting in many many more laps with different setups and improved times (eg 1:23.139, 1:22.382 and 1:22.254) and finally my best time of 1:21.230 also not uploaded. No time apart from the 1:24.082 has been uploaded to the RaceNet event webpage despite the in-game screen saying that the better times had been uploaded, but sadly not seen when checking on webpage. Yes, all the above times are "clean", (ie not penalised) I can see my best time on the in-game Monaco global leaderboards in position 2,013 (1990s cars) so am puzzled why not showing on the Event webpage. This has happened intermittently before and also in F1 2014, GRID AS and Grid 2 but not on four successive occasions! Is there any reason for this ... is RaceNet support ending for these older Codemasters titles? I checked PSN / internet connections, etc but all seems fine. Cheers Frank