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  1. As in essence the speed wheel is a pad shaped differently, can anyone confirm whether 2014 treats it as a pad or wheel when it comes to device input.  Obviously I want to know due to the pad vs wheel issues 
  2. That's subjective of course and actually a good question - how much do we really need to sort us out before 2015? From online perspective perhaps:- 1) Pad getting traction control even when it's switched off. 2) Not making you put on your quali tyres. 3) The game is switching people's wheels off randomly pre-quali, pre-race or on start grid. I think the first one is giving them the resourcing headache, but I don't see how people will trust them enough to buy 2015 if that's not sorted. Wheels randomly freezing has happened since 2011 with all fanatec make, iI've never heard of it happen with
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