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  1. ScorpioPT


    yup, bring back Touring car racing games! loved toca race driver 3, V8 supercars where fantastic! i would love to see a new toca game with the gt3 class and such, and of course the great Nurburgring!
  2. ScorpioPT

    "Next" DiRT game wishlist!

    Also from portugal (Azores) :DI agree with everything! i would love to see the Fafe rally sprint stage...Sure want the Fov ajustment (Really important), more realism guys, starting from handling of course, and tighter longer stages, and so on... oh and about the stages, like André said, don't just make a stage and slice it in half and say: "here are 3 stages for you"... -.-'I know most of the things are almost impossible  to integrate in the game, but at least a  career like André discribed could be done Codmasters ;)Cheers mates!