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  1. you have to manually select wet or intermediate tyres using the quick menu via the D-Pad, the same as selecting brake bias or fuel mix
  2. I gave up on career mode earlier today for the same reason. It was the same in the previous games as well, it's an absolute joke. I managed to sit through this nonsense before reaching breaking point: Australia - dry quali, wet race Malaysia - wet quali, wet race Bahrain - dry obviously China - dry quali, wet race Spain - dry quali, wet race Monaco - wet quali, wet race Canada - wet quali, wet race
  3. The same problem occurs on the Logitech Driving Force GT as well. It's also very noticeable if you drive off line down the inside of the penultimate straight and start-finish straight in Bahrain but the absolute worst is Austria where it jerks the steering off to the side on the racing line just before every single braking point
  4. almost every track has this at some point in areas off line, it's bizarre. bahrain is another particularly bad one.
  5. Glad to hear it, but please whatever you do, don't try to equalise things by dumbing down the steering wheel handling to make it like the pad. Just make it so traction control on pad is actually off when set to off.
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