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  1. Mercedes I'm not thinking so. The online car seems much looser than a Mercedes in Time Trial. I was thinking more around the Lotus but wasn't sure. I suppose I would do some laps in an online lobby, note them and then go back to time trial to look for comparible times. Just though this may have been solved already. Yes, I'm also in agreement about being able to enter by yourself into online races to practice. Beside the GT series of games, NASCAR has also been able to do it so it is not a fluke and can be done.
  2. I'm running F1 2014 (xbox360) and with that you cannot create an online lobby (equal cars) and go to the race by yourself to practice. So I want to use Time Trial mode but in that the cars are rated by the 2014 performance. Which car, performance wise will be closest to the (equal setting) car used in the online lobbies?
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